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    Globetrotting YouTuber, game designer & lifelong Sonic fan.

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    Apart from the obvious?

    I'm a big fan of music in general, I'm quite open-minded and listen to a lot of chillout, singer/songwriter and world music such as Zero 7, Nitin Sawhney, José Gonzalez, Imogen Heap and Sigur Rós to name some more famous examples. I also love soul and funk (Jamiroquai, Lighthouse Family, Miho Fukuhara) electronica, techno and trance, and some pop music from around the world, (Genki Rockets, Lovebugs, The Common Linnets, Basement Jaxx, Michael Jackson) and I have to include people like Crush 40, Dreams Come True, and Bentley Jones (Lee Brotherton) as well of course!

    I'm an avid traveller. I've been to Japan 6 times, Norway 3 times, several other places in the USA and western Europe and I'm working on seeing the smaller, lesser known corners of Europe. In 2015 I went to Slovenia, (formerly part of Yugoslavia.) My dream destination is Iceland. Farthest I've been from home is Guam, an island between Japan and Hawaii.

    My favourite game franchises besides Sonic are OutRun, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Super Hang-On, Road Rash, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Mario, Mortal Kombat (the classics) and Super Smash Bros.
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    Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

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  1. Diz

    Happy birthday, Rio! 22? You're a big boy now. =O

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