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  1. Zomg! I updated my profile for the first time in years. Might even POST! :o

    Yes, hello.

    1. Failinhearts



    2. Kiah


      Hi! :) 

    3. Diz


      Welcome back aboard, Ben! ;)

  2. welcomes you to my profile... and likes this generic long-term status that I never have to update again.

  3. Actually I just meant the content, not the graphics or a complete remake of Advance. I meant I want this HD 2D brand new Sonic title to have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy playable and Dr. Robotnik as the villian with a bunch of great stages, special stages in a variety of classic styles, some big final boss as has always been the tradition since the start, and Super Sonic playable in all the stages after collecting the Chaos Emeralds would be quite nice. All this in HD 2D would be quite lovely. Oh, and Jun Senoue/Crush 40, Bentley Jones, Richard Jacques and TJ Davis all chipping in to the soundtrack please. The option for Dreams Come True and Masato Nakamura is an option but I doubt them. But a big collaboration of all these would be one sizzling Sonic soundtrack. =D
  4. You know what I want this to basically be? An HD Sonic Advance 1.
  5. I can only judge what I've seen. What I have seen is this teaser and those somewhat dodgy looking HD Green Hill Zone renders. I think though it was that classic Sonic title screen emblem that really put it into my head. That they're pretty much trying an HD Megadrive-style Sonic game. I completely understand those who don't want to get hyped up about this because of how much they've been let down before, and I understand those that do want to because it's ignited that little spark of passion you have for the Sonic series, but let me say to both sides... in the past, the first thing we've been shown of a new Sonic game has included ultra-realistic military robots, Sonic turning into a werewolf, Sonic jumping into books and experiencing two different fairytales. What we've been shown here is purely an upfront explanation that they're going back to Sonic in it's purest form. I'm not saying get hyped or wait to be proven wrong. I'm saying we've seen worse!! Before, I've had to resign to being cautiously optimistic. But at this very moment in time I can't find something to fault so consider me happy. =D
  6. Hello, it's "tube Ben" =P

  7. I love the concept and the character of Venom so this gets nothing less than two thumbs up from me.
  8. BenCG

    Silly boy. When are you back then? =P I've got no-one to talk to! >=(

  9. BenCG

    Shouldn't you be back in Norway by now? =S 30 day trip right? I was getting kinda worried.

  10. BenCG

    Fucking sick to death of the idiotic people here too. >=(

  11. BenCG

    Tbh I feel like shit. The UK is hot, stuffy and there's nothing to do except eat. I'm dying to go on holiday somewhere. When do you get back?

  12. Are you two giving me the cold shoulder or did you just forget about me? =(

  13. BenCG

    How's America? I haven't heard a peep from either you or Pelly! =(

  14. BenCG

    You dirty bastard.

  15. BenCG

    You can have me any colour you want baby! Just say the word and I'll... pack the t-shirt. XD

  16. BenCG

    *wild Rio fled*

  17. BenCG


    Lordi copycats? I don't know of any such act. Can you give an example?
  18. BenCG


    Yeah I like Eurovision. I realise there's a lot of people who side with the British public and just want Wogan's bigotry commentary but that's lost water cos' Graham Norton's doing it this year so nyaaaah! I also know there's some who only wanna watch it for the weird acts, which I don't have a problem with, although its a shame because since Lordi's 2006 win, there's been an increasing amount of variety, credible music and the show being of an overall better quality. The re-assuring thing is that as idiotic as you think the Sonic fanbase can get, the Eurovision fanbase will always prove to be moreso! XD But yeah, I advise you to check out and entries just to get an idea of the quality entries that are finally finding their place in the contest. Regardless of taste, there's surely a recognisable musical merit to them. As far as goes, it's far better than what we've been sending the last couple of years, and it's great that someone as big as Andrew Lloyd Webber stepped up to the challenge. I've had the pleasure of being in touch with our representative, Jade Ewen a couple of times and she is a really sweet, down to earth girl who I've a lot of respect for. I hope you all don't expect her to win the selection show, sing at Eurovision and disappear into obscurity. Very shortly she's gonna be all over the media with a Europe-wide single release! She's gonna be big, unlike the X Factor winners who are managed heartlessly from start to finish. Then there's the matter of the controversial voting. This year, for the first time ever, the final result will be decided by a 50-50 split of telephone votes, and juries comprised of music and entertainment industry professionals from each country, so anything can happen and anyone can win. I think we'll get a top 10 easily this year, but I think deserves to win even if it's not my favourite song in the contest because the singer has already come 3rd and 2nd in two previous attempts, for a tiiiiiny archipelago country with no immediate neighbours or significant diaspora support, and she just lost her father whose dying wish it was to see her win the contest. I know it sounds cliché but I felt so sorry for her, so spare a vote for Malta, the song's good enough to win even if it's not particularly unique. =)
  19. Hiya stinky!

  20. BenCG

    Hi schmoopsy poo.

  21. BenCG

    They all say one of the many things everyone must experience in life is to get cyber-raped by a Norwegian man.

  22. BenCG

    Whatever you want sweet'eart. ;P

  23. BenCG

    I lost my comment virginity to this guy. D=

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