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  1. Just goes to show how fractured the fan base is and doesn't know what it wants. I can't say I mind playing as Sonic's numberous friends with their different play styles. Big and Amy are the exception to that though. It was that kind of thing that drew me into the Sonic series to begin since that variety is what made Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) great. The games before that were meh. Tails especially needs to come back as playable in the 3d games. Not just sitting in his plane or a mech either. I'm just wondering how this tag team is going to work. Is it ala Sonic Heroes style? Sonic Advance 3 style? Classic Sonic and Tails style?
  2. This needs more attention. Just seems odd that even the male custom avatars get clothes and the Sonic crew are running around naked. Though I suppose giving Sonic clothes will piss off classic Sonic fans for some reason or another. Because change and modernization is bad.
  3. Good pick up there. I hadn't thought about that. The eggrobos didn't actually teleport or even transform. Leading to more evidence that it was all a dream an illusion. It certainly does muddy a lot of things as we can't tell what is real and what is fake.
  4. Alright. This thread is specifically about the Phantom Ruby, what it is, what it is capable of and how it is driving the plot in both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. All three of these are tracks relating to the ruby and all three have a common theme. Illusions. Not to mention the ruby itself being referred to as a 'phantom' ruby. Strongly suggesting that some/many things we see in both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces are not really there and/or didn't really happen. Certainly further muddying the whole dimensional explanation. There is possibility for things such as Mania (or most of it) not really happening at all or Infinite simply being a manifested phantom due to the ruby's power. Though with Eggman behind all this. He could be the one pulling all the strings like a marionette with the use of the ruby. Why he may have complete control over Infinite. All speculation so far of course. All could just be a phantom of one's own imagination. Imagination is fun. Fun is Infinite.
  5. Speculating here. I believe these tag team stages are stages that happen automatically through out the story campaign. Not a separate story campaign mode in themselves. Perhaps Sonic and classic Sonic also tag-team up? Because the majority of the fan base chucked a fit and pronounced 'we only want to play as Sonic and not his stupid friends' all the way up to Sonic '06. Fans got their wish starting with Sonic Unleashed and has been that way ever since.
  6. Do you want a long, drawn-out game?

    Awkward controls. Quick time events galore. Sun and moon medals that are like Knuckles' treasure hunting levels only if you go super fast and can't back track unless you restart the stage. to be able to get the actual game part of the damn game. A mediocre story that has a one time character that takes Tails' role and side lines him for the entire game. Yeah. I rather not have Unleashed again. It's bad enough we have classic Sonic still. Just like Sonic the Hogwolf being an unnecessary gimmick for fighter/brawler stages when we have Knuckles.
  7. I do love the polar reactions going on here compared to Mania getting. But yes. There are people excited and don't think Sonic Forces is 'complete shit' (quoting some one) outside of the echo chamber. It really is pointless discussing Sonic Forces here until we get more information at this time.
  8. Two types? Two?! Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, Time Stones? Also didn't Chaos Emeralds do that before with the whole teleporting and time travel shtick? There has to be some thing more to the Phantom Ruby.
  9. Sonic Forces OST: Theme of Infinite

    Seems a bunch of people have been doing Infinite theme covers since it came out.
  10. You know I just noticed that in the final super fight. The Phantom Ruby is so meta, it fucks with the UI timer in the upper left as the fight goes on.
  11. Mania Glitch Thread

    Never mind. Thought I found another glitch.
  12. Sonic Mashup is just 2D Sonic Generations for the classic era though. That's kind of a bad example.
  13. This is the issue lately. People want Sonic to devolve to what they liked at specific points in the franchise rather than wanting Sonic to evolve. Granted SEGA hasn't been handling Sonic's evolution well and thus sinks back onto this crutch of the past many cling to. Although Mania was wanted by many and well received. I don't consider it a success for the Sonic franchise. Because it promotes stagnation and constant recycling of old ideas and assets. Although Forces is not some thing that 100% appeases me with its clinging to classic Sonic, green hill zone's return and boost game play. I give it credit for trying some thing different and attempting to add to the evolution of Sonic. As much as I like the adventure era the best out of the three choices given. I don't want a Sonic adventure 3. We already got Sonic adventure 3 and it was called Sonic '06. Let's not do that again.
  14. You really can't. I like 3d games more than 2d. But you know what my most treasured Sonic game is?