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  1. I believe it is called immersion. Some thing I want as well.
  2. You're not alone. Just those with negative opinions can be quite overly and over-the-top vocal. I'm excited for Forces as well. But am cautious too. What I've seen so far is good. It's showing Sega is wanting to take baby steps to what made Sonic great again whilst playing it some what safe. But the story is what intrigues me the most as well. It's been a while since we've had a good story in a Sonic game. If you're talking about the game play video with Shadow in it. I don't believe it started at the start.
  3. Pros: Shadow is back as playable Sweet Supporting Me Remix Shadow's movement effects are pleasing to the eye DLC is free Cons: Want more than just 2d Level design is pretty bare bones and bland Does that sum up the thread?
  4. Been saying for a long time that they are. Since Mania's intro. They're just normal egg robos all along. Pay careful notice to the illusion (people mistake it for chaos control that teleports) effect. Especially in the last two bosses. The two tracks playing for the last two bosses of Sonic Mania along with Infinite's theme all feature the word 'illusion' in it more or less. Gee I wonder why? Makes sense to me.
  5. Love this. Looking forward to English version.
  6. Problem with this theory lies with Sonic Mania. The clues are there in the music. The last two tracks and Infinite's theme have a common theme: illusions. Spoilers for Mania of course.
  7. Fun vs. Stagnation. Basically.
  8. And who would 'us' be?
  9. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    A thing of note about the Hard Boiled Heavies. They weren't really there to begin with. They're all just your standard looking Egg robos. Hard to bring them back in that context unless you involve the phantom ruby again. Then again. For a sequel of the same name to come about. You'd need the phantom ruby to bring back the illusions any how. Since Sonic Mania is the title of it.
  10. Infinite Theory

    I doubt it some thing as meta as treating the world as a game. But you're on the right path with illusions.
  11. So despite the delay. The PC version is not the definitive version? Good to know. May hold off on purchasing it.
  12. Not so bad. Digging the music at 1 minute mark.
  13. We really don't know what the phantom ruby really is capable of. But all the evidence is pointing towards illusions. https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/22589-sonic-forces-is-infinite-related-to-something-from-mania-heavy-mania-spoilers/?do=findComment&comment=1149846