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    Place reacted to Blue Wisp in David Bowie Dies at 69   
    He released his final album a few days ago. It's really good. 
    Fantastic artist. 69 is really an early age to pass away. Cancer is an asshole. 
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    Place reacted to Wolfy in Draw Sonics Badly: A chill thread for bad art   
    Behold my steady mouse hand

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    Place reacted to Clewis in Draw Sonics Badly: A chill thread for bad art   
    Cool thread.
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    Place reacted to Siobhan in Future developer(s) of future Sonic games.   
    Sonic Team if they could decide on anything related to the franchise for more than a game. But ideally I'd just throw it at Nintendo, or Arcane Kids (Dreams Collection aside.) Arcane has the Dreamcast/Saturn presentation/aesthetic down and they made Zineth, which was essentially Jet Set Adventure 2 pushed to it's logical extreme with it's momentum and skating mechanics; and speedy physics-based games being something the team excels at.


    I can't imagine they'd ever take on such a straight-forward commercialized project based on a property who's internet community they roasted the shit out of, but it is a pretty perfect match, at the very least in terms of programming the core gameplay.
    Edit: aw jeez does this place not embed videos
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    Place reacted to Soniman in 2014 is The Year Of Sonic "& Sports tape" *see post 1*   
    Im looking forward to this for completely the wrong reasons
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    Place reacted to azoo in Sonic Deserves to Die?   
    Jiminy Christmas, how do you even get by knowing you can and will make an argument off of literally everything you read.
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    Place reacted to family guy in General Furry Fandom Thread   
    But also per the SSMB Rules:
    To me it feels as if you're just embarrassed that a user corrected your simple mistake and I believe it shouldn't be punished for that. While, yes, Red Cap could have fleshed out his post a tad more, I believe he was just being helpful. If you refuse to admit your mistakes and punish people who correct them, how can you grow as a person and know to fix it in the future? It's pretty counter-productive if you ask me.

    I'd also like to remind you that previously a mod has literally just posted "No" in a topic before and it got a popular star and the mod was not warned, seems pretty hypocritical to me.
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    Place reacted to Maddnsk in Music Plant level Showcase   
    Hi guys! Don't been in a long time here. So i decided to show a little project i made 1 year ago. This is my version of what could be a music plant if it was made for Sonic Generations. Since the overall structure is shiiiit, i decide don't put this level in generations. i try to remade it so many times, ended up not liking overall result, so i just gave up. Maybe some of you would find something interesting here.
    Level is 10 km long, somewhat playable. polycount is about 1.5million.
    99% of textures was stolen borrowed from unleashed, genetation and o6.
    Trees and flowers was also "borrowed" from these games. Everything else i made myself.
    Under spoiler tags you will find 28 pics, 1920x1080 resolution.
    (sorry for my bad engrish, comrades)
     Overall structure of the level:

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    Place reacted to Legendary Emerald in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    I think Sonic Pocket Adventure is nearly perfect. I even like it better than the actual Sonic 2. Wish I brought my Neo Geo Pocket Color to college with me...

    Wait, I'm back at home for winter break. POCKET ADVENTURE, HERE I COME!
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    Place reacted to Miragnarok in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    I.have a collection of Blaze bondage/inflation art.
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    Place reacted to catlvr222 in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    I'm ashamed of liking anything to do with this. I have not discussed the subject with anyone for quite a few years now. Sonic itself is my  secret.
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    Place reacted to Phos in Sonic Dreams Collection   
    This is a thing I've been made aware of via twitter.
    The password is "grandpa".
    Part of it is oculus rift compatible, none of it is "safe for work", though it's not pornographic...  unless you're into that sort of thing.  
    You remember that browser based bubsy 3D remake for a while back?  That's who made this, I think the best term would be, interactive fanfic, with everything that implies.  
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    Place reacted to Klinsy in .The Namco Museum AKA the classic Namco games topic   
    So, Namco is a pretty big name in the gaming industry, having series such as Tales, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Klonoa, Katamari, Soul Caliber, Dig Dug/Mr Driller, Galaga. Xevious and Taiko Drum Maser.
    But Namco is company with a long history, so I made this topic to discuss some classics.
    Mappy is a pretty charming game but it's really difficult and you have to smart about it, use the doors to the advantages, collect stuff and avoid evil cats.
    But I like the most about it is the character designs, take a look:

    They're so cute, especially the Meowkies.
    Bravoman and Wonder Momo:
    These two are brother and sister game respectively, they are both beat em ups with a superhero theme.
    If I have to say which was the better of the two games, I say Bravoman, better gameplay and more unique bizarre tone, still like Momo though.
    Sky Kid:
    Now, this is a cool game, you're birds but you're flying a plane, how cool is that?
    Gameplay is a blast too though a bit difficult, I really like the characters in it and their designs, they got the pilot feel nailed down :

    The Legend of Valkyrie
    Now, this is something I wished became more of a big name series.
    The gameplay is fun with nice combat and challenges, the world has a creative feel to it and use of mythology is nice.
    I'm glad Val is still showing up in places, looking forward to seeing her in PXZ2.
    There is more I didn't get to like Galixain, Rally-X and Splatterhouse, but there is just so much to talk about, Namco has an interesting history, so do you have any classic Namco game to talk about?
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    Place reacted to JonoD in Forgotten gems in Sonic soundtracks?   
    Oh boy. Time to dust this thread off once again.
    Let's just take a moment to talk about Sonic Mega Collection. I don't think I've seen the music for this compilation listed anywhere in this thread.
    Whilst every song in the game is pleasant, 3 songs in this are simply sublime. They are as follows:
    and finally, this piece of audio-gasmicness.
    This last piece... This last piece of music just gives me a true warmth every time I listen to it. I even remember when I first got 'Mega Collection Plus' on the PS2 and went to the game select screen for the first time and heard this. It was somehow the most nostalgic song I'd ever listened to even though I'd never heard it before.
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    Place reacted to Penny in Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   
    Here's my tribute to Iwata (from my thread in the Showcase. Seemed appropriate to post it here as well):
    RIP Mr. Iwata. The world won't be the same without you.
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    Place reacted to krazystitch in Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has passed away   
    I went on his Wikipedia page just to look around and noticed this:

    I'm not sure who did this, but I'm sure it must have been recent. In any case, I suppose they aren't entirely wrong. Iwata's affect on Nintendo and all of gaming in general is something you don't get everyday and will leave an everlasting mark on just how much he was able to bring with innovative and fresh ideas for an audience he cared so deeply about as much as they cared about him.
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    Place reacted to T-Min in [WRITING] T-Min's Massive Reviews: Sonic Lost World   
    Hey all! Happy June 23rd! And what better way to celebrate than with a college thesis-length analysis of a two-year-old video game?!!?
    I used to post massive reviews like these in individual topics on the Sonic Discussion forum, but I always felt a little "eh" about doing that because it seemed like I was just trying to boost my popularity and get attention. So I figured it would probably be better to just collect them all in an easy-to-ignore Showcase topic, especially since that's the sort of place people usually put these kinds of personal works. In the unlikely event that your hopelessly ambitious friendly neighborhood T-Min ever develops the video editing prowess and/or patience to move onto YouTube and become the next JonTron, you'll be seeing those as well.
    In any case, just in time for Sonic's birthday, I have finished a massive review of Sonic Lost World for the Wii U, going into gratuitous detail on almost everything. I'm serious, this was almost, like, twelve pages in Microsoft Word Document by the time I was done with it. If you choose to read it, beware, but this is basically my will and testament on this game. If you do read it all the way through (and wow thank you), I'd appreciate it if you have any suggestions for improvement! Anyway, without further ado, here's the massive text dump. Enjoy!

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    Place reacted to Gregzilla in Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Best Disney Princess   
    Back when this show first made itself known, I checked out the first few episodes on YouTube.
    It's not perfect, nor the most ambitious cartoon out there, but it is fucking hilarious.
    Star Butterfly is easily one of the funniest protagonists to grace a cartoon in a long time.  Surprising, since her personality could definitely have been obnoxious if put in the wrong hands, but she is just a blast to watch.  Just the way she bounces around is full of a ridiculous amount of energy - you can tell from the very first episode just how crazy it's gonna be, just by watching her do her thing.
    I also really love how the show cuts out the bullshit.  A girl from another dimension is going to normal school? ...And everybody in their world just immediately accepts it.  Done.  I love it.  It dodges potential annoyances many cartoons run into, and it just lets the show focus on jokes.  And the jokes are very, VERY funny.
    The Flash animation also puts a lot of other Flash shows to shame just in the sheer amount of movement going on.  Tons of bouncing, running, flailing around, it just has such an enjoyable amount of energetic flow to it.  It's irresistible, and I definitely recommend giving it a watch.
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    Place reacted to Chili Dawg in Metroid Prime: Federation Force...?   
    Yes, but gorillas > Samus.
    Actually, nah, monkeys > Samus too.
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    Place reacted to Pawn in South Park: The Fractured But Whole   
    Well holy shit, I did not expect this. A sequel to the well-received South Park: The Stick of Truth will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year and is being developed by Ubisoft's San Francisco division rather than Obsidian. The story continues on as the kids play superheroes this time around. Get ready to join the Coon, Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite and Mosquito Mint Berry Crunch in the struggle against Professor Chaos.
    The trailer pokes fun at the previous game's battle mechanics, suggesting that we're in for a bit of an upgrade. Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves came on stage at Ubisoft's E3 conference, expletives and all and pointed out that, in true superhero fashion, this is an origin story for the New Kid. They also mentioned plenty of fractured buttholes...
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    Place reacted to spinny in Shenmue 3 (PS4/PC) - November 19, 2019   
    Yeah, you're not having a pipe dream tonight. This is for real now.
    A video and further details about the game can be seen in the above Kickstarter (which is apparently going through some shaky moments regarding stability right now but lol that's kinda to be expected) mentioned in IGN's article. It's finally happening, what are your thoughts?
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    Place reacted to Hero of Legend in Donkey Kong Country TV series OFFICIALLY on YouTube via Nelvana Retro!   
    Expand dongs like it's the 90's again! That's right, YTV and Nelvana (they're sister companies) confirmed that they have created an official YouTube page called Nelvana Retro, and ALL 40 episodes of Donkey Kong Country are up to freely watch officially!
    Season 1 (26 episodes):

    Season 2 (14 episodes):

    Also included at the moment is Season 1 of Dumb Bunnies!

    Looks like more shows will be added on a regular basis, as shown in the trailer above.
    And just in time for E3, hmm...
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    Place reacted to Cyrus in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   
    This gon' be a good game.
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    Place reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   
    They literally have no fucking idea why most people disliked the game. And they barely know the show either. "We're keeping the adventure and exploration?" The show is a freaking sitcom with a mandatory battle here and there.

    Ugh, I physically cannot.
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    Place reacted to azoo in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   
    The reason people are reacting the way they are is because there's basically no reason for this to exist.
    The Boom games weren't critically acclaimed, weren't financially successful, and weren't well made. To think that we have to now put up with not one year, but TWO years of almost exclusively Boom stuff is just kinda.. well, it's pretty funny, actually. 
    The only reasonable answer why it's being done is because the TV show is a success. Which makes sense, but you think that their alley for doing TV tie-ins at this point would be something like mobile phone games. But whatever!
    I'll be over here enjoying everything not-Sonic until 2016, I guess. Whoopee!
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