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    Place reacted to Cyrus in "I need questions! Questions for the 30 Days of Sonic!... Mk.II! Exclamation mark! (Full stop.)"   
    Oooh, yes, I forgot about this thing! How about "Favorite game that is generally disliked"? We all have that one guilty-pleasure (or non-guilty) Sonic game that's been given negative reception but holds a special place in our heart.
    If that's too negative, how about "Favorite alternate outfit of any Sonic character"? This could range from the Riders designs, Smash alts, Rivals costumes and the Sonic Boom designs.
    If not that, maybe "Favorite art style"? The series has so many art shifts in the games and cartoons. From the whimsy of the first three games, to the realism of Sonic '06 and Unleashed and then to the stylistic simplistic design of the Lost Hex.
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    Place reacted to w00tkins in Sonic Channel   
    all I can think of is

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    Place reacted to Tara in "I need questions! Questions for the 30 Days of Sonic!... Mk.II! Exclamation mark! (Full stop.)"   
    Playing games your way:  It's always fun to play through the game as it was meant to be played, but sometimes we like to do other things.  Sometimes, it's fun to just explore the levels or examine things within the cutscenes or the like.  What is your favorite thing to do in Sonic that is not an attempt to achieve a gameplay goal? (Meaning, things like clearing stages or raising Chao are out)  This can be as interesting, silly, or boring as you want.  Just fun little things you like to do that aren't inherent to the intended gameplay formula.
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    Place reacted to The KKM in The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP   
    I think the point is more "I thought by 2015 it was common netiquette to not use gimmicks at all when using forums"

    I mean, there's a reason people are generally frowned upon when they start going wild with their colours and fonts, and it's been like this since i've ever first seen forums till nowadays
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    Place reacted to The KKM in The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP   
    yes uh

    is it raining in your parade if I tell you this shtick's gotten old a couple pages ago already
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    Place reacted to Sami in The Hedgehog live action short   
    Hobbies and passions are valuable, but not a valid substitute for genuine and worthwhile human interaction. I think certain posters in this thread acting overly defensive about the value of video game culture or the corellation between loneliness and investment in gaming as a hobby are doing some hardcore projecting, too. 
    If I were to suggest a change to the film, I'd say it would have worked better had the kid been younger and more energetic. There's nothing wrong with devoting all of your passion and energy towards some kind of media you feel strongly about when you're young and don't know better. It's a thing children do - they're defined by what they like because their personalities have yet to fully develop. It's a part of growing up, and it only becomes a problem when arrested development prevents people from growing out of their shell and forming connections with other human beings. Creating that dichotomy between the boy and the old man would have strengthened the theme I assume you were going for and given the viewer a bit more room to breathe before getting hit by the meloncholy tone you get from the old man.
    It's a simple message, and it's been done before, but bar that one complaint I thought you did a good job. I'm definitely not offended by it like some people seem to be because I think it's pretty obvious you're not trying to paint all Sonic fans as lonely hermits or whatever. Good work on the cinematography in particular.
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    Place reacted to Brad in The Hedgehog live action short   
    Wow. Asshole much?
    Enjoyed the film, thought it was very well filmed with an interesting idea explored. Visually it was lovely and I liked the contrast between the two leads and the stories it could imply. I could imagine somebody could get so caught up in a world of collecting and cutting themselves off from people with the world of video games they forget to live for themselves - however video games have moved to become much more sociable nowadays, so I'm not sure it would be an issue affecting today's generation. For what it was though, I enjoyed it.
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    Place reacted to Badnik Mechanic in The Hedgehog live action short   
    It's currently 1:38am... I'm not going to get into a huge analysis of the film or what's been said, I'll save that for an instalment of 'The Spin' when I get chance.
    Also I don't mean to sound offensive with this, but based on your statement just now, I think your understanding of gamer addiction and obsession is very misguided and your film does very little to suggest otherwise.
    Here's the problem, Your main character is a boy, dressed as Sonic, looking for adventure like Sonic, wanting to be Sonic, yeah so what? Kids do this all the time, it's called pretending and playing.
    Now granted, the boy is older that what people would normally assume is the age for boys to do what that kid does in the film... however a strong counter argument would be both Cosplay and people who do this stuff at that age just because they want to entertain others, themselves as well as have fun.
    Now your film gives the impression that these obsessions are unhealthy and can lead to depression, loneliness and suicide. 
    If this is the case that is a wrong view which does nothing but cater to a misguided stereotype for someone who hates a specific media or subject.
    I don't doubt that maybe that has happened, that maybe someone has become obsessed with something to the point where they have become lonely and depressed, but that is certainly the minority to the point where it barely registers, otherwise, given the size of gaming fandoms worldwide, the age of the average gamer, this would be major problem that was very well noticed and commented upon.
    How you choose to deal with an obsession determines if it's healthy or not. With the Eggman character here, he deals with it badly, he becomes overweight, confined to a wheelchair (though we don't know if this is due to age or lack of exercise), depressed, lonely, no sign of family and he kills himself... he's taken it badly, to an extreme case. 
    The film ends on a bit of an ambiguous note, is Eggman and the boy two different characters? Are they the same? Regardless, the implication is that the boy is doomed. Maybe if he took his head piece off, that would have been a subtle hint that he wasn't going to let his obsession ruin him?
    Or if it were the same character just aged, why didn't we see some other kids who were not alone playing pretend? Something to suggest 'hey obsession and not wanting to group up can be bad if you let it control you, but it's not your fate to wind up like Eggman did'
    One interpretation that I thought you were going to go down which would have been a lot better, yet you would have kept your original message and intention yet not ended on shock value, was if the boy sees Eggman and realises if he keeps being alone or letting his obsession take over him, he'll become the villain of the game he loves and not the hero.
    Because most kids when they play want to be the hero, this boy did, yet we see a possible older or representation of his future self as the villain, as fun as it is to do impressions of Eggman, I can't imagine many kids would want to grow up to be the Eggman we saw in your film. 
    Moving onto what you're now asking us, do we think games are more or less adictive? The answer is simple, they're the same, but they do it in different ways, games use Skinner Box techniques to hook the player, they keep giving just a little reward at precisely timed moments to entice them to keep playing.
    This is not a new, in the time of the arcade this was true, only it was level progression, now with home systems it's a reward based system of something tangible within the game. 
    Now the issue here, why have you brought this up when addiction and obsession are different things? I can be addicted to something, but that doesn't mean I'm obsessed with it. 
    For example, a lot of games now have daily challenges, many people play these games daily for rewards. Is that addiction or obsession? Is it both? Is it neither. 
    Is someone who goes to work, comes home, logs into a game every day for 365 days just to do the daily challenge the same as someone who goes to work, plays it every single spare second of the day because they like it? These are two very different kinds of people, one is clearly obsessed, the other is probably addicted.
    So... which one has the problem? Is it a problem? They're both going to work, they're not letting their habit interfere with their work, so long as it doesn't impact their life in a negative way, is it a problem?
    I have no doubt that some fans have mis-interpreted the film, and some fans are deliberately trying to sex up their dislike of it, however, you've really not done yourself many favours with how you handled these issues, it honestly feels like you didn't research this subject very well and were just catering to the anti videogame stereotype here. 
    Edit: Ok there's something else I need to say here because... if you seriously mean this the way I think you do, frankly this is highly insulting and would suggest you were highly selective in your evidence just to support a stereotype and just for shock value in order to appeal to a certain type of person.
    An exaggeration on the impact of game culture...

    This is Neil Light
    On Saturday 25th April 2015 (last Saturday if you were wondering), he ran 26 miles through London in order to raise money for Bipolar UK, a charity dedicated to helping people who suffer from Bipolar disorder, whilst dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, a character who he apparently likes. Before anyone asks, no I do not know who he is, I have never met the guy nor have I had any conversation with him, I just read about him in a London Marathon article.
    Not only did he raise over £500 for the charity, he also broke the world record for the fastest person to complete the London Marathon in a video game costume. From what I can tell, he has friends, a family, a good job, is a respected colleague and has done a lot of events like this before. 
    Here he is dressed up as one of his favourite game characters running for the benefit of complete strangers...
    ... ... Is it just me or does he look a lot like the boy in your film? 
    He's older yes, but does he or does he not show that gamer culture is a positive thing? You want more evidence? How about his pledge page which shows that the people who pushed him over his target goal were not friends or family, but strangers, Sonic fans and other gamers. 
    This was gamer culture in action, supporting a stranger who in turn was supporting strangers. 
    Anyone remember the guy who had his PSP stolen during the London riots? And how gamers raised money to allow his family to fly to the UK to visit him in hospital? That's pretty good gamer culture if you ask me? 
    Or how about when I've and many others I know to go conventions full of gamers, I've been made to feel welcome and usually made friends when I've gone?
    Gaming is an inclusive hobby, sure I could find examples of where people have tried to turn it into something nasty, but the vast majority of the time it's inclusive and from my experience, hanging around with gamers is just as nice and enjoyable as hanging around with non gamers. 
    Yes there are some who have done stupid shit and it's been linked to gaming, though I bet I could find equally compelling cases of that with other media. However I'm not naive enough to then make a film saying it's an exaggeration of the impact of that culture and focus only on a negative when I know full well that any hobby has those who could be considered Superfans who don't let it take over or ruin their lives, and that minority who have.
    Whilst I've defended gaming culture here, I will not finish by saying it's free from problems, of course it's not, look at the size and impact of it, there is no way it's a problem free hobby, You wanna debate those, make a new topic I'll be more than happy to debate the negatives as well as the positives. 
    But to insinuate as your comments and film does that gaming culture and children who are obsessed or addicted with a character will grow up to be a guaranteed social outcast, have depression and then commit suicide is the norm or a near guaranteed life progression is so fundamentally wrong unless you deliberately looked at extreme negative examples
    And the sad irony with all of this is, you guys clearly have talent, technically the film is great, can't fault how you shot the film and I probably would want to see more of your work. 
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    Place reacted to Sami in Why are we left completely in the dark regarding bans?   
    So there was some discussion in the status about this today, regarding KKM's sudden ban earlier this afternoon. I'm not here to dispute the reasoning behind his ban - the decision has been made and I don't think fighting the mods over any particular banning helps anyone. What I and many other members are bothered by though is the complete secrecy with which bannings tend to be treated on this site. 
    It's been made clear that a lot of people are bothered by this, and apparently some people are counting on me to make a thread about it I guess, so here goes.
    The rules have been made clear - we're not allowed to talk about banned members, and this includes asking why they were banned. Why is this though? I'm confused as to how it's beneficial to the community as a whole, as many other forums I've been to (including Sonic Retro) are very open with bannings without actually disputing them with members. I don't know why we can't have this, and I think it'd help a lot in making people feel more comfortable as members of the community when they know why certain problematic members are removed and are able to see with their own eyes, very openly, a constant and slow flow of examples of what kind of behavior will warrant what degree of punishment by the mod team. 
    What I personally think is particularly problematic is that this creates some doubt on what's allowed and what's not, because nobody actually knows what people are getting banned for. I've never seen this on any other forum I've been to. Without the ability to even look at a banned member's profile (which I think is completely unnecessary tbh) there's no way to see what their last posts were before getting banned. 
    I've been told in a status that it's "literally none of my business". I disagree. Many others do too. I don't think it's fair to the community at large to be kept in the dark and prohibited from even asking why some of our potential friends are being kicked off the site. 
    And to be clear, I'm not asking to be able to debate bannings with mods after they happen. That's ridiculous and it doesn't help anyone. I just think that as members of the community, people who contribute to the site on a daily basis and are the people that make this site what it is, a little more transparency regarding bannings is not an unreasonable concern.
    And if nobody else posts here in agreement than whatever, I'll drop it and move on. So if you're one of those people who were bothered about this earlier today please don't just shut up about it now that we have a thread.
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    Place got a reaction from Jay Karbomb in Kunoi demo release, featuring Sonic as a hidden character!   
    You seem relatively informed, so it really shouldn't come off as a surprise to you that using someone else's licensed property in a personal project (and especially one that you plan to charge hard cash for) is absolutely not a wise idea and can lead to a C&D. I understand that you have removed the character from play in the potential retail version, but you should definitely consider pulling Sonic altogether. If this were a free online game, no problem, but the difference here is money.
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    Place reacted to Carbo in Share your latest music discoveries and obsessions!   
    Oh my kind of topic.

    Not a lot of new bands I've had the interest in checking out as of late but a lot of existing bands I like have been coming out with some new albums so here are some recommendations based on that.

    Steven Wilson

    Possibly my favorite musician/multi-instrumentalist. Known widely as the frontman of Porcupine Tree, but nowadays has crafted his solo escapades as his main focus. His focus is mainly on progressive rock and art rock, with the occasional metal influences (which is more prevalent in Porcupine Tree). He recently came out with a new album called Hand. Cannot. Erase. which is a concept album inspired by the Joyce Carol Vincent case. I quite love the new album as it's an unusually non-vintage styled prog that Wilson approaches in this, with a more pop approach. Wilson has had a long fascination with prog of old and has emulated that sound in a lot of previous records, including The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories). The new album approaches a more modern take on prog though. This is someone who values his craft immensely, has all of the tools and gets down these things to a science. While my love for him still stems the most from the Porcupine Tree days, his talents as a production virtuoso makes the solo projects come alive in so many ways. I suggest checking out HCE and Raven as those are his two best solo albums, and if you want some quite frankly legendary albums, be sure to check out Fear of a Blank Planet and Deadwing from his Porcupine Tree discography. The former is my favorite album of all time.


    This Danish self-described "only indie-stadium rock band in the world" is another of my all time favorites. If I'd have to describe their sound it's an array of cerebral, visceral, optimistic, and nostalgic emotions all at once. It's an optimistic exterior with a very dreamy and introspective vibe as far as songwriting goes. Not a lot of bands come along like that these days. They're one of the few bands I listen to when I feel like I need something with a level of genuine optimism imbued into it. It makes me think of better times. Frengers and No More Stories are among my favorite from this particular band's catalog, and they recently came out with a new album, + -, which is another enjoyable listen.

    Dance With The Dead

    Now for something a bit more intense and slightly less commercially known. Dance With The Dead is an 80's style synthwave/cyberpunk band. If you've ever had experiences with the likes of Perturbator, you know what to expect. But Dance With The Dead also evoke a lot of electro rock from their tracks with blistering guitar leads and some more progressive signatures. They're one of few bands of this genre who visibly evoke that kind of rock sensibility with their tracks. Having only recently discovered them they've already elevated themselves into the holy trinity of that particular subgenre, alongside Perturbator and Carpenter Brut. Which, speaking of,

    Carpenter Brut

    If you've played Hotline Miami 2, chances are you've already heard the tracks this French horror-inspired synthwave band have wrought into the table with the infamous Roller Mobster and Le Perv setting the stage for two of the best levels that the games have ever seen. But I think their versatility extends beyond that as well, they're another progressively inclined band with some quite varied touches with each and every one of their tracks. Not every one of them is necessarily a Hotline Miami shoe-in that way; it's all a crazy amount of electronics that come in unexpected forms and sizes.

    Going to have a lot of other bands to go through soon I imagine but class is on the up and up so these are the only ones I can think of at this present time.
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    Place reacted to azoo in Share your latest music discoveries and obsessions!   
    Oh, man. Too many to count properly. But let's try!
    I've always been a fan of them, but just recently I really got into The Apples in Stereo. Particularly their newest album, "Travellers of Space and Time", which came out around 2010.

    I've been jamming to their music since about 2012 whenever I decided to dig into their discography after remembering their song they did for the Powerpuff Girls, 'Signal in the Sky'. You may remember it..

    I've always dug their nice, 60s-esque sound, the singer's awesome voice (man he's got a cool one to listen to), and how raw and energetic all their songs are, but their new album surprised me. It was very ELO-esque, especially the song I posted above. And of course, being like ELO can't be a bad thing.
    The entire album 'Dance Floor' comes from is very much based on an atomic-age view of the future, with all the worbly sci-fi textures and sounds of the 1950s and 1960s played up, and coated in a bunch of awesome grooves. It's so good. This band has def crawled into my top 10 favorites.
    Oh yeah, and there's another one I have to mention..
    The Talking Heads.

    Dang have I not known much about this band besides their song "Once in a Lifetime" ("THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE... THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE"), but man am I glad I looked them up. David Byrne's entire on-stage personality is something I absolutely adore and aspire to be.
    The guy's bonkers, and that's great. Plus, the band's got this eccentric life to them that's just.. it's just really fun to take in. Oh yeah, the lyrics are hilarious too.
    Both bands I rate 8/8, would recommend. Check 'em out!
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    Place reacted to Gregzilla in The Worst TV Series Episodes (Warning: Please place any videos/pictures of disgusting or cringe worthy scenes in spoiler tags)   
    Considering this topic is about worst EPISODES and not worst SHOWS, I'll go with an episode from a show that's otherwise pretty damn good.
    "Things Change" from Teen Titans.

    Fuck this episode.
    Aside from Trouble in Tokyo, the TV movie that acted as the show's finale, this was the last main episode of the series.  And it is the complete embodiment of unnecessary.  Not only was the previous episode a big climactic mashup of a ton of heroes and villains from the series that could have been a good way to bow out, this episode actively shits on a previously established (and COMPLETE) story arc.
    The basic gist of the episode is that Beast Boy meets a girl that he's convinced is his friend Terra, but she has no memory of him and a completely different life.  So he tries to rekindle their friendship while the girl is just confused.  In the end she tells BB that things change, that the past he remembers about her didn't happen, and she leaves.
    Where the hell do I begin?
    First off, Terra's arc was a really good story.  It was exciting, fun, and dramatic when it needed to be.  And her story was conclusive, so pretty much ANY attempt to put her back in the story would have been questionable unless handled very well.  And it wasn't.  This whole episode is very vague with its plot points.  The girl looks exactly like Terra and sounds exactly like Terra, but doesn't act like her.  The entire episode has BB laboring under the impression that she is Terra, and one of the biggest problems is that SHE NEVER SAYS WHAT HER NAME IS.  So BB keeps calling her Terra, she says he has the wrong girl, but doesn't tell him her actual name?  Since that is the case, we're expected to assume she's Terra, aren't we?
    But the way it's handled, no matter what the actual answer is, the story is sloppy either way.  If she isn't Terra, why does she look and sound just like her but not state her name?  And if she IS Terra, then

     Another bit (that I had to look up because I actually haven't seen this episode since it aired) is that BB encounters Slade, who tells him that Terra "chooses not to remember."  And IF that's the case.....why?  Why bring Terra in this one time and then have this all be a complete downer for no reason?  Why add unneeded questions and negativity to an already well-done story arc?  And if they were going to do this, why didn't they set time for a new story arc with more answers instead of a crappy one-off?
    I just found this highly disrespectful to a good character.  This episode has no reason to exist, and it especially shouldn't have been the last one.
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    Place reacted to Solkia in Steam Allows Paid Mods   
    It's not their game to make money off of.
    I'm not paying $2.99 so Witches in L4D2 will say "Onii-chan"
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    Place reacted to Klinsy in Marvel has something to Telltale you in 2017   
    Marvel and Telltale games are teaming up to bring you a project in 2017.

    No word on what Marvel property they're taking on yet, but I think there is a lot of ones Telltale can make a fun game out of, The Fantastic Four, Howard The Duck, Squirrel Girl, Daredevil and The Guardians Of The Galaxy come to my mind.
    Whatever it is, Telltale and Marvel working together sounds like something that would be pretty exciting.
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    Place reacted to Yoko/葉子 in Favorite Composers   
    I will not say favorite, but I love Frederic Francois Chopin's music.
    Here is a piece you must have heard at some point or another.


    You might have heard this one of his works at funerals.  

    A lovely piece that I believe was inspired by watching a playful dog.  
    There's also Yui Makino. A seiyuu. singer and also a pianist. She plays the piano in such a beautiful way that it melts the heart into raw joy.
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    Place reacted to Autosaver in Marvel has something to Telltale you in 2017   
    I can't be the only one seeing the hilarious irony in this?
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    Place got a reaction from Milo in Xbox One Discussion   
    I think the Xbox One is the best thing that ever happened to the Internet.
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    Place reacted to Solkia in Guitar Hero Live (PS4, One, PS3, 360, Wii U / Autumn 2015)   
    lol @ people who still think guitar hero is relevent
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    Place reacted to pppp in The Snack World (A new CG series from the creators of Yo-Kai Watch)   
    The Snack World is the new Cross Media project by Level-5 that will encompass a TV animated series, Manga and a 3DS game. There's one main difference from their other animes though. It's animated in CGI emulating stop motion animation.
    The show is gonna be a parody of traditional JRPGs with the typical character driven humor Level-5 excels at combined with lampooning JRPG cliches:
    I love it already, the animation looks great, the jokes like the princess sending them on a cliche quest just cause she's petty and the protagonist winning his weapons at a raffle.
    The characters are all funny and likable and from the flashback scene there's probably gonna be some more dramatic moments.
    The only problem is the English Dub is not the best, the voice direction is not great and the lip synching is a bit off, but it will be probably better in the actual episodes.
    Here's the japanese version if you want to compare:
    So thoughts?
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    Place reacted to The KKM in General Furry Fandom Thread   
    Dude. You literally came here saying "You. You there. You're a Sonic fan, right? You're a furry, then. Why are you refusing it, there's no shame, why you hating man"
    I'm just doing the same thing- you seem to like animated stuff. Kancolle's animated, you're a Kancolle fan. Come on, poi and all!
    Join me now in the traditional poiening so we may break the awful stereotypes surrounding our shared culture
    Anyways, so there's a bit more of an on-topic meat in this post. Since I happen to have Show by Rock icons on me now, would this show be considered furry material, the cgi scenes in particular?
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    Place reacted to Sami in General Furry Fandom Thread   
    Wow you've really opened my eyes man
    it's ok to be a furry
    I've been running away from the truth my whole life
    from this day forward I will be known by my fursona Sameow 

    this is who I am
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    Place reacted to Sami in Sonic Stadium April Fools   
    its too early for this kind of stress man
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    Place reacted to The KKM in You are all so FUCKED.   
    is this le funny maymay thread
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