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  1. Just because you don't use explicitly "angry" language doesn't mean there wasn't malice or negative connotations behind what you said. It was a snide, unwarranted comment and it made you look like an asshole. Period. Because you are. When did post count even get brought up here as a factor? Do you even know what this argument is about? Post count has nothing to do with it! It was referencing seniority in the community as a whole in a relevant matter. Unlike most cases, seniority was important here because it gave her perspective that helped her look at this entire debate more objectively. This is not hard to understand. Again, style over substance. If you're more concerned about the tone of somebody's speech than the actual content or validity of their argument, you need to reconsider arguing on the internet as a hobby. We banned discussion because we decided we didn't want to read it anymore. Sonic Stadium decided they didn't mind reading it. That's the only difference. Also, if you're really trying to make a point that Retro is somehow worse in this situation because we decided to make a fun little contest where people point out glitches in a game, you're more inane than I thought you were. People have had contests to find glitches in games from the original Sonic 1 to Sonic Adventure before; it's nothing new, and the people involved had fun with it. It's baseless and completely uncalled for to try and devalue the website as a whole because of something that brought our members together that they enjoyed being a part of. Get the fuck over yourself. I agree with you! That's... kind of why we decided we wanted to close discussion in the first place! People should be able to express their opinions on a game without getting attacked for it. I don't really see how that's relevant, though; people getting attacked for their opinions on video games has happened on every forum I've ever been on. It sucks, but that's life. Not much you can do about it. Oh man, I just got burned! How will I ever live with myself now?! :( :3c Making blanket statements about an entire community in a way you know would piss them off isn't my idea of not being a douche.
  2. I'm not acting superior to Inferno in any way nor presenting myself as such. That seems to be your interpretation of what I said, which I can't change, but that doesn't mean I was being condescending. Rash and insulting, absolutely, but not condescending. I only acted rash and insulting because that's how his comment appeared to me and to other people I was discussing this thread with privately. I replied on that basis. He hasn't shown through further conversation that he has any intentions of acting differently, so there's not much else I can do about that. Style over substance. It's not my fault if people deny themselves crucial information in a conversation just because they don't like how I say it. That's not my problem--it's yours. You can hinge on fallacies all you want, but it doesn't make your position as informed or valid as it could be. Think rationally. Don't ignore somebody's point just because you don't like how they say it. What I like to do is acknowledge their words and then send them back with the same tone and disrespect so they get a little bit of perspective about how the way they act reflects towards other people. It's entirely reactionary. Maybe based on how you define them. From what you've said so far, your criteria for separating the two seems rather confusing. I interpreted it as arrogant and replied as such. If he didn't mean to be arrogant, he probably should have worded his comment in a way that didn't generalize and insult a large group of people based on nothing other than some half-assed observation. Kind of hard to not come across as arrogant and dickish when you're butting in on a conversation just to make bold statements about a website just because a few people who are staff there decide to enter the thread with their own two cents.
  3. "Exact same thing"? You mean... talk to someone? It's not Brad's problem and certainly not my own if someone perceives a firm, no-bullshit tone as "condescending." It also doesn't make his point even remotely valid. The only thing "extreme" about my post was taking his snarky, arrogant attitude and slapping him right back in the face with it. Even then, I wouldn't call it "extreme" as much as "well-deserved." The only reason I had to snap at you was because I didn't like your ridiculous, douchey attitude and generalizations of an entire community based on whatever arbitrary, elitist guidelines you pulled out of your ass. You're not exempt to being called out as a douche just because you think other people are being douchey. Nobody called anyone an idiot until they started acting like one. Trying to refute an extremely valid point about the community as a whole to combat the rampant, blatantly incorrect claims otherwise on the basis of it being a "strawman"--something that did absolutely nothing to actually devalue the validity of the point whatsoever--was overwhelmingly ignorant and the main cause for most of us putting our two cents into this thread. The number of people trying to claim that the community is somehow majorly different than it was nearly 20 years ago based on completely arbitrary factors is ridiculous; we wanted to clear the air here with some trufax, but people seem more interested in being "right" than actually observing the facts and getting a bit of perspective. It's embarrassing. My ass! I read the topics--it was just as bad here, if not worse, in terms of how people conducted themselves. Not like any of that matters--it's just people expressing their opinions about a game and other people, for some reason, being unable to respect other peoples' completely subjective views about a game, good or bad, and separate that from their own opinions and objective fact. That's a problem with discussion forums on the whole. It's not limited to Sonic Retro, Sonic Stadium or any other Sonic-based community. There is no objective point to which complaints are either "good" or "bad"--they are what they are. Again, the only issue is that people cannot separate their own subjective views from objective fact, nor can they respect other peoples' opinions for whatever reason. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah This trend of people making hard correlations between "dirty" language and the validity of a post's content is getting really, really old. You know what that is? It's called ad hominem. The way I express my point and your dislike of it does not affect my point in any way whatsoever. Your laughable attacks on my credibility based on the fact that I don't sugar-coat my language hold absolutely no water. Try again, bro. EDIT: MORE STUFF I GUESS Ain't no shit, brah. Except you're completely ignoring that the 05/09 confusion isn't important--the point is, SS has been around since what is widely considered to be the very early, early origins of the online Sonic scene; as such, she has seen this same exact behavior over the years with the release of no specific game affecting the extent to which people rage or do not rage. It is a completely irrelevant factor; her seniority in the scene gives her the advantage of having seen this behavior exist firsthand for years, and public record of years in the scene even before that concretely support this. In most cases, you'd be right--join date or post count has nothing to do with a person's intelligence or ability to make a point. It is a factor when you're trying to argue that Shadow the Hedgehog had some sort of polarizing effect on peoples attitudes in the community (it didn't). I'd try and tackle the rest of your point, but it seems to be based very strongly on your perception and emotional response to events you were directly involved in at whatever point in time that lead you to the impression that certain games have had a more significant effect than others in terms of how people act on the whole in the community. I can understand that position--it's easy to look at things objectively when you've been involved in them--but in terms of the big picture, it simply isn't true. People have acted this way since the very first posts on alt.fan.sonic-hedgehog in 1990--quite literally the beginning of the Sonic online fandom as a whole. Time and the quality of the games--something that will always be completely subjective--has not and shows no indication of changing that. bzzzzzzzt wrong try again please
  4. Are you retarded? You're the one acting like a high and mighty douche here. I don't know what makes you think you're better than everyone else here and somehow exempt to your own flawed and ignorant judgement, but come the fuck off it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what Scarred Sun said--join dates were absolutely relevant in the point being made--and the only reason Brad replied the way he did is because despite "understanding the point," people were still throwing around words like "strawman" in reference to the basis for the argument. The only misrepresentation of his position in that case was a join date of 09 as opposed to his alleged 2005 join date, which despite being wrong does not invalidate the point being made--that she has been around a lot longer and has more perspective with which to accurately judge the actions of the community over the years. Pointing out that it was a strawman was completely pointless because it didn't change that fact; if anything, it appeared pretentious. But you... you're a piece of work, sticking your nose into issues that don't concern you with blanket statements about an entire forum. That makes you look super fucking cool. I wish I could be just like you when I grow up!
  5. You're missing the point, bro. Scarred Sun is a community veteran; she has seen and experienced way more of the Sonic scene and its workings than you could ever pretend to. Her perspective is a little broader than yours, bro. All of this crap is overblown; Shadow didn't do anything more to the fanbase as a whole than any other game did. It's just a game. People express their opinions on them. There's no reason to look further into it because you're just looking for patterns or temporal shifts that don't exist. The only problem with the perception of the Sonic fanbase as of late is that Jim Sterling whined and cried and for some inane reason people listened. Otherwise, the community is more or less just the same as it's been since its origins in alt.fan.sonic-hedgehog. The only difference is that it's more accessible now and encompasses newer generations of kids who get introduced to the series with later games. That's it. Shadow has nothing to do with that.
  6. Here's some stuff I did for DM Ashura: Oil Tower - Act 1 Act 2 EDIT: Fixed the second link. My bad.
  7. Break Up! lol digimon EDIT: Have some Leaf Storm Beta while you're at it.
  8. Sonic Battle Credits I wonder how many people actually liked Sonic Battle. I did. :B EDIT: Oh shit what is this Chemical Plant Act 2 Did not expect to do two songs in one day! More of that Act 2 goodness.
  9. Oh hey! Speaking of Sonic 4, I forgot I made this: Mad Gear Act 3 Was reminded of this when I heard that the Wii version of the game totally butchered it. One of my favorite songs in the game by far.
  10. Emerald Hill Act 2 Expect more dumb things like this in the coming weeks/months/whenever. =P
  11. SPOILER ZONE: ACT 3 (in more ways than one)
  12. Right, so I finished another commission. Get ready to ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT
  13. OKAY SO. Empyreal Scrimmage A bit different for me (maybe?) but I like how it turned out.
  14. Oink! Oink! Zoo Pals! Buzz! Buzz!! Zoo Pals! Quack! Quack! Zoo Pals! Zoo Pals make eating fun! When you clean your plate, then you see their face! Hoot! Hoot! Zoo Pals! Ribbit! Ribbit! Zoo Pals! Woof! Woof! Zoo Pals! Zoo Pals make eating fun! Comprendo, amigo! THAT'S MY PURSE, I DON'T KNOW YOU
  15. I'mma try and shell out at least one of these a day for the tunes I've done so far. Here's the boss music from the demo, though you should probably know it will not be the boss music in the final version of the game.
  16. Yeah, I think I'll definitely tackle that tune at some point. And thanks! Decided I'm gonna work on high quality renders of the music I did for Triple Threat. Here's the first one—Zaiakuman's Stage.
  17. So hey! Some of you may remember this. Well, get a load of this! Very much liking how this turned out. EDIT: Finished another. I'm on a roll. :3 Nylon Pylons Playing with some acoustic guitar sounds. Pretty chill shit.
  18. I got them from this guy on FA, actually. Not sure where he got them, but it's quite literally every voice from every Mega Drive song to ever have a VGM rip. Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with it. =P As for Senoue, I've been made aware of the situation and if I can I'll see what I can do about informing him about VOPM and the like. I kind of doubt it'll make a difference, but here's hoping, anyway. In other news! Finally posting my entry for SAGE 2010's Sonic music contest. Senoue Sea Zone Apparently I won! Cool shit.
  19. Thanks! Glad you like them. So! If you've been following SAGE, you've probably checked out Retro Channel. Well, I did the Boss Attack music! Shit is pretty cash.
  20. Have some Man with the Machine Gun. No trollface this time around. =P
  21. Remember the Sonic 2 credits concept I did? Well, have some Sonic 1 Credits Concept. VOPM is awesome.
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