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  1. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    we've got some new partners for Crash and Spyro merchandise (they forgot to mention Surreal for Crash too) (Press Release Link) https://twitter.com/tbox_agency/status/998969605778534403
  2. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Also, You can get these from Kidrobot's website and on Amazon United States and United Kingdom First 4 Figures is working on a Flying Jet Pack Crash Bandicoot figure that is anticipated to be available "in a couple of years". They are also working on a special edition size figure that's soon to be announced, alongside Alex wanting more Crash Team Racing votes for his Facebook Group poll. Here's what the official Crash Bandicoot social media account has posted today. On a related note: Quavo has been seen in the wild wearing the Aku Aku chain.
  3. According to JB and that video, it's not a total of 12 eggs, but 16 instead
  4. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has sold a total amount of 651,354 in the UK, according to Entertainment Retailers Association for 2017 https://eraltd.org/news-events/press-releases/2018/streaming-boom-helps-entertainment-outstrip-the-printed-word/
  5. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Kidrobot is now doing Plushies for Crash Bandicoot, there's about 4 in total from this retailer, check the other pictures from this link as well
  6. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    (EDIT: Welp, it has been taken down, retailer has been upfront about the whole thing thou) A new placeholder listing from XtraLife has been discovered
  7. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Guys, GB Eye has delisted all their Crash Bandicoot merchandise from their website and store (but still purchasable from everywhere else that they sell merch, like PS Gear) Also, a new variant of Crash Bandicoot has been revealed via NECA's Twitter header, expect to see more at the Toy Fair of New York tomorrow!
  8. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Woosh... http://necaonline.com/2018/02/crash-bandicoot-7-scale-action-figure-crash-figure/
  9. Motwera

    Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    I'm gonna try not to interrupt the conversation, since we've got some minor stuff as well: New merch of two color decals from Trends International (No poster(s) yet for some reason): White - Colo(u)red More pictures have been revealed for the Totaku figure of Crash Bandicoot over at Idle Hands

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