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  1. My new favorite song, despite it being a bit of a slow burn for Cut Copy
  2. Ok, here's a brief tweet about what I thought of the Sonic Movie 

    I liked it!
    Now, granted it wasn't some masterpiece or anything but I laughed and liked some of the jokes, story's a little generic although the chemistry worked and Jim Carrey's performance was great.spacer.png

  3. Has been a while since I posted something...


    How are you, everyone?

    1. blueblur98


      i'm fine

    2. Jango


      Great :) Don't worry, I bet you'll post a lot when the next Crash game is announced.

  4. New screenshot for Out Of Time ft. N. Tropy
  5. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/06/11/beenox-introduces-post-launch-grand-prix-content-for-ctr-nitro-fueled/ https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/06/11/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-is-getting-a-nitro-tour-grand-prix-as-post-launch-dlc/
  6. Switch footage in a new trailer for Electron Avenue and skins Also now available for prepurchase/preorder on the eShop
  7. BTW, the game is now available for preorder in Japan via Chara-ani and Rakuten on the PS4 and Switch. Preorder bonuses are the Electron Skins and the PS4 exclusive stickers (not sure why they're not the retro content) Here's how the box cover art looks like for both platforms, thanks to a tip by Japanese Nintendo
  8. N. Tropy's Racer Card has been revealed, wonder why Out of Time was chosen as the home track...
  9. Zem and Zam characters trailer, more tracks from CNK are also shown
  10. Standalone cutscene intro if you don't want to watch the whole 20 min video
  11. A better look at Inferno Island with Zem and Zam
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