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  1. Oh wow! Look at all this drama about exclusivity, it's fucking nothing! Seriously though, I have been flip-flopping about this (and have been wrong before, don't take every word I say figuratively about predictions) for a while and it seemed uncertain that the remakes would come to other platforms but I did had this suspicion assuming it's a timed exclusive, this even goes all the way back in E3 where someone discussed the very same thing, take a look (Part 1 - Part 2) I am still awaiting further comments from Activision's PR comment if they even bother stepping in to remedy this ordeal (which I think they won't, as always)... ----- Speaking of Special Edition... There's this Special Limited Posting on Amazon Italy AND The remakes are playable at GDC 2017, so we might get some news there
  2. Mmmm, what do we have here? A new screenshot? You never say?
  3. PLOT TWIST: Eric Rogers (Showrunner/Writer) has confirmed in an interview with GameSpot that he voices Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders Academy! Some parts from the interview: Also, a minor update to CrashBandicoot.com website, typing www.crashbandicoot.com now works but still nothing there just yet, just ahead of PSX tomorrow...
  4. LOOK! The official website is finally being revitalized outside of DNS/Domain updates, very likely getting ready for the PSX reveal!
  5. Well, I liked the episode and its prologue in the previous episode, although some have mixed feelings about Crash's personality and voice, I have more of mixed feelings towards Crash's voice although it doesn't take away from the homage they did for Crash and Spyro. Yes, I realize how bad Spyro still looks like compared to his previous designs. I think it would be really cool to have a Crash Bandicoot TV Series (especially if Aku Aku talks instead of Crash).
  6. This is not the real box, its a fanmade one, I don't know why people assumed its the real one, it does look convincing thou
  7. For those who were more sure that Josh Mancell would join Vicarious Visions to compose the remastered soundtracks for Crash Bandicoot Remastered trilogy, I have bad news unfortunately (which also saddens me but not concerned over VV figuring this out):
  8. https://ebgames.com.au/ps3-217431-Skylanders-Imaginators---Thumpin-Wumpa-Islands-Adventure-Pack-PlayStation-3 Currently only listed for preorder in Australia, this is if you don't plan on getting the expensive Crash Edition for PS3/PS4 to play the new Crash-themed level, or you just want the figurines
  9. Hey this one is for you, @Failinhearts! https://ebgames.com.au/ps3-217431-Skylanders-Imaginators---Thumpin-Wumpa-Islands-Adventure-Pack-PlayStation-3 Currently only listed for preorder in Australia, this is if you don't plan on getting the expensive Crash Edition for PS3/PS4 to play the new Crash-themed level, or you just want the figurines.
  10. Have some Wumpa Island goodness in this trailer in Skylanders Imaginators Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  11. Further proof that Crash Bandicoot Remastered is a remake from the ground up, straight from VV:


    (In response to someone hyped about Crash/Cortex in Skylanders

  12. What was the #Sonic25th Party like to me (BZZZZZZZZZ)


    1. Forte-Metallix


      So you don't approve of Charmy's new spinoff?

  13. Although I have been a Sonic fan while being a Crash fan (Crash was dormant at the time in 2011) at the same time, I joined SSMB because I was hyped for Generations and wanted to express it here alongside getting to know the fanbase in this forum.

    1. Motwera


      But I did come across SSMB and TSS a couple of times before I joined in 2011

  14. FINALLY A NEW (REMAKE) GAME, and well, Skylanders for him as well.

    BUT I'M HAPPY, we are getting a new game!

  15. At the time, I used to have a less notable nickname with my first email ever (Yahoo!) back in 2006, started playing Club Penguin by the name of 2007moh, and then I thought, mmm, why not literally spell out a native word into English with some changes, the gimmick that every company does, and so came Motwera, as in Advanced in Arabic (مطورة) Till this day, it is one of the most notable nicknames that I ever have, aside from everchanging nicknames of my own site, currently named 3WIREL...
  16. Yee

    Changed my avatar pic to this awesome traced Crash Landed character icon, what do you think?



  17. Certainly not an April Fools joke (Like Cresh), which is an awesome thing to have on April Fools day itself!
  18. You mean, in UAE, the city of Dubai Also, Newboy isn't anything special when it comes to merch making, they have a monopoly on merch for kid and family friendly cartoon brands
  19. That fake Nintendo NX Controller looks identical to my concept controller from few years ago except for:

    - Sharp Deformed display (its round!!!) and 2 physical analogs

    here both for comparison:



    NX Controller (fake pic, related to patent which is real):


    Maxon controller from few yrs ago:




  20. wYsiYNX.png

    Okay, let me see how this goes..

    Which one is better or worse (Not "THE WORST REDESIGN EVER") and optionally explain why :v

    I am just curious about what people think

    1. TheOcelot


      Crash is worse because he appears a bit too tall. His neck also looks wrong.

    2. Motwera


      Dunno, Sonic's Bandages are a bit of an overkill and they made him even taller, at least Crash's a little taller than his Titans look, personally my 2nd favorite look aside from Classic look, Twinsanity's 3rd because it is a little overused by so many

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Sonic's is better, because it still largely resembles the old design yet looks distinct enough to stand out on its own.

      Crash's looks like he's trying too hard to be "hardcore", by losing his gloves and getting tattoos. But, at the same time, he now looks even goofier than his old self. (Old Crash had a face that says, "I'm crazy, but I can still be cool." This one screams, "I'm a complete idiot.", which is only made stronger by his incomprehensible babbling.)

    4. Diogenes


      i don't have strong opinions either way on either of them, to be honest. they're just ok.

      @Forte-Metallix Losing fingerless gloves is trying to be hardcore, now?

  21. Welp, there's no announcement for today, guys :P

    Its okay, March is tomorrow and we may have something waiting for us

  22. And the M is there, but the M is where.



  23. Worst case scenario: Fire and Ice gets cancelled.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      worst case to about, like, 1 percent of the entirety of this fanbase

    2. FriendBot


      b-but muh preorder. 


    3. Wittymations


      I keep forgetting it's even a thing. So, I guess I wouldn't really notice.

    4. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      no tears will be shed and the tumbleweeds will continue to roll

    5. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I want it but at the same time I dont want it to cost me playing the anniversary title on the 3ds if there was suppose to be one

  24. Cool, I was actually not expecting it fully to have Gene change from Retro into SEGA Social Intern, but I was kinda guessing that a change in Retro will happen, cool beans
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