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  1. Well, the title does say it all. Personally, I would like for them to learn from both how Sonic was handled in Lego Dimensions and in the Sonic DLC for Minecraft. With that, on the Lego Dimension side, I would like to see Sonic Team learn from the makers of that game and take some tips in open world areas and probably how Sonic runs in that game, and maybe some of the character writing from Sonic's sections in that game as well. For the Minecraft DLC, I would like to see Sonic Team take cues from that and use much fewer dash pads, like only in the loop areas. Speaking of loops, they could have the camera work like how it does for loops in Minecraft when Sonic or other characters run through them, minus the blocky loops and camera movement, of course. Still, this doesn't have to be about companies who worked on Sonic before. It could be those who have not worked on Sonic before, or any company, in any department such as gameplay, story, character interaction, even music. So, what games companies do you think Sonic Team should, or could learn from when making Sonic games?
  2. Boy, just played the Sonic DLC for Minecraft, and I must say, I am having a blast! I managed to unlock Shadow. I dunno who made this DLC, but I think Sonic Team could learn some things from the makers of this DLC.

  3. I see. I believe that Activision also shut down game makers under their wing before like the one who made the Prototype series, right? That may be an unrelated note, but Activision has shut down and torpedoed game makers and game series many times before. They are apparently not good at taking criticism, and are basically holding the game developers and series hostage.
  4. Shelved? What does that mean in this case? Anyway, while I am not expecting much to change from this, I do hope Activision learns from this lawsuit in some way, as unlikely as it may be, as discrimination and harassment against women is a serious no-no.
  5. Say, did anyone post this yet? Lawsuit filed against Activision Blizzard for harassment and discrimination against women | GamesIndustry.biz Crash, and by extension, Spyro, apparently deserve better.
  6. I have pain in my mouth, as I had to get a tooth extracted at the dentist today.

  7. I have been hearing things about the new Space Jam movie, and they are apparently not good. I have not seen the movie myself, but I was thinking: the first movie had its share of criticisms as well, but was still a classic, to me at least. I was wondering, was the reason the new Space Jam was not so good PARTLY because it was not in the crazy era that is called the 90s, like the first one was? I mean, things and times have changed since the 90s, and I was wondering if the being in the 90s thing was a potential factor? There are other reasons why it could be bad, but I just wanted to share a thought that focused on this.

    1. Strickerx5


      Honestly, I think a fair amount of the criticism 2 is currently getting is simply from people who were hoping for something that Space Jam never was. It's a commercial at its heart and if you're going in expecting otherwise then you will be disappointed. The first movie had that same hang up and was similarly blasted for it back then. The only reason it's considered a classic now is mostly due to people who grew up with it and remember it fondly (raises hand).

      I actually wouldn't be surprised if we see something similar happen with this one depending on how well it does. We could end up seeing a Space Jam 3 in another 2 decades with some other future NBA star lol.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Well the primary reason is that it's another "Remember ______?????" and "How do you do fellow kids" fest, the same wretched smell WB's Ready Player One had prior.


      Big Chungus is in this film for instance

      Furthermore, it appears to trade substantial writing for commercialization of HBO Max, the problem people had when Ralph Breaks the Internet had scenes committed to commercializing Disney. But with RBtI, at least those are just a few scenes. It don't sit right for people who paid/are expected to pay money to watch a whole hour of HBO kissing their own ass.


      Even if it falls into the same pitfalls as the first, it's more than just 90s thing. Everything feels more blunt, and its distracted from the story more than ever. Despite the less talented Michael Jordan, more sexualized Lola, and poor Bill Murray in the middle, the first film at least had the capacity not to shove too much down it's audience throats and give'em time to breathe and take in it's remote semblance to a story. I again must stress I've not seen it myself and this does not reflect my personal thoughts, but the general consensus is that SJ2 lacks that.

    3. CrystalMaelStorm


       @Supah Berry I know it was more than the 90s things. That was just a thought that I had some impulse to ask about. I do believe that I said that would not be the only reason. Not trying to be harsh, but maybe I should watch the movie, myself?

    4. DanJ86


      I can't even look at the movie without disgust due to some news reports some years back that I stumbled across.

      The details are a little hard for me to remember but it was basically LeBron James and the NFL bending over backwards for the Chinese Government, chasing all that money and throwing away what America stands for. At least, I thought it was, since I ain't American. If I recall correctly, the Blizzard debacle might've been around the same time.

      So I've come to associate LeBron James and Basketball with the Chinese Government. Which is basically associating them with human rights violations, encampments, racism, Disney and the damn Corona Virus to name a few.


      But please don't read this and think I also dislike the Chinese people. I consider the Chinese Government and it's people as two separate things. The people are the victims in my eyes, thought I doubt it'll be that simple.

      Anyway, this is just me and I'd be surprised if a large number of people shared my opinion. But back in the 90s, all this real world horrors were unknown to me. Plus they had Bill Murray and Wayne Knight too.

  8. I thought of something similar to your idea for the Homing Attack. And I agree on water skipping. Anyway, here are more ideas of mine. This first idea is the Parkour Flip. Using the Parkour system from Sonic Lost World, this is used when wall jumping. When Sonic jumps off a wall, just press the jump button again while in midair before landing on another wall and he will do a 180 spin, so when he lands on the wall, he can run down it instead of up it, or in the reverse direction instead of normally going forward. Tricking Panels: They are much like Jump Panels like from Sonic Adventure 1, but you can do tricks while jumping from panel to panel. If Sonic fails to land a trick as he lands on the next panel, though, he will fall. Ledge Climb Roll: When using the ledge climb, as seen in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Lost World, at the edge of a tunnel in a wall, just climb into it to roll into the tunnel at high speed. Boost Off: When running on ramps, spiral ramps or twisting pathways, Sonic can just do the boost and he will fly off such paths to other areas, possibly even newer routes! This must be done with timing, or risk falling into a bottomless pit. Winds: These appear mainly around Jump Panels, as they can be used to curve or redirect Sonic in the air, leading to alternate routes or Jump Panels. It is possible to turn these winds off by a green, nearby switch. Reverse Boost: Through an upgrade, the player can reverse Sonic's direction of boosting or running by tapping the control stick backwards. Sonic then stops quickly and reverses, which can be used to keep the flow of speed intact. Appearing Signs: Much like the Interceptor robot sections in Sonic Unleashed, these sings appear when Sonic is running in the other direction, but the camera does not rotate. If the sign says jump, the player must jump, or boost means to boost, an obstacle means it must be jumped over or quickstepped, and so on. Hyper Speed: This is in the form a power up that increases Sonic's mobility speed aside from running. He jumps and falls fast, slides and sweep kicks faster, drifts faster, etc. Speed Input: This is done on ramps and springs. Pressing the jump button speeds up Sonic, while the B button slows him down. These must be used to dodge obstacles along the way, and does not change Sonic's direction. Spin Bouncing: Combines the Spin Dash and the Bounce Attack from Sonic Adventure 2. A line that changes direction, like the one used when using the Laser Cyan Wisp in Sonic Colors, appears, changing the trajectory Sonic will go in when this move is used. This can be done side to side in 3D or up and down in 2D, and can allow Sonic to go very high into the air when the button is released, or bounce off ceiling and walls. The player must be careful for where bottomless pits are around. 2D Spin Dash Bouncing: The player can aim the Spin Dash in 2D to the side. When the button is released, Sonic bounces off nearby walls, and if there are none, he will fall into a bottomless pit or a lower level. If walls are on both sides, which are usually small enough for the player to see Sonic at, Sonic Spin Dashes off those walls, and can use this move to bounce across the path of loops. Sometimes, this move can be used to get into alternate paths the player could not access as Sonic would normally just run by them! So, what do you all think of these ideas?
  9. Hey there, it has been a while since this was last posted in. Hopefully, it won't hurt to post again since it has been a while, and that I was the last one to post in this. Anyway, here are some more ideas. Tunnel Doors: These occur in the 2D sections of modern levels, or 2D games. With that in mind, these appear on either side of the 2D path, either the front or back. They function like doors in other 2D games, and if the door is in the back of the level, and Sonic is in front of it, the player can press up to enter the tube and go to a higher level or lower level, depending on where that leads. If the door is in the front of the level, and Sonic is beside it, the player just has to press down to get up or down it. This can allow for accessing different areas easily and optionally. To make things interesting, Sonic needs to build up momentum before going through those doors, or he will move through them slowly, albeit with control of the player. If he is fast enough, he may fly out the other end of these tunnels and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Speed Meter Loops: These are loops that would appear in modern games, 2D or 3D sections, which are right next to each other. They come in different numbers, and usually don't have a dash pad. The player cannot choose which one to take. Instead, Sonic must be running at a certain speed to run through any of these loops, or similarly shaped paths, depending on the speed they require. Say there are three of such paths in front of Sonic. If Sonic is running at low speed, he will take the path on the left. If at a medium speed, he will take the one in the middle, while the highest speed lets Sonic take the path on the right. Sonic can still slow down on these paths and be controlled by the player, and even jump off of them if the player decides to do so for some reason. Jump Dashing Into Tunnels: This makes use of the Jump Dash. With this, Sonic can use his Jump Dash, or Double Jump, either way, to enter tunnels that are in walls but not on the ground. These tunnels are higher up above in the wall, so a normal jump would be insufficient in terms of getting into these areas with enough speed. But with the Jump Dash or Double Jump, Sonic can jump into these areas with enough speed to spin through them, and reach alternate areas he could not otherwise. There may be dash pads in the tunnels to help Sonic keep going, and this cannot be used with the Air Boost. Intertwining Path Jump: This works on paths that are right next to each other, or above and below the path Sonic is on. Say he is running on a corkscrew, and there are four paths on different sides of the path he is on. If Sonic jumps, he will jump to the higher path and continue running. If he is at the bottom of the middle corkscrew, he jump to the lower path. For the left and right ones, Sonic just needs to do a Quick Step to jump to either path. This could allow for access to other areas, and this does require good timing. Movable Spin Dash: This includes using the Spin Dash, of course. With this, Sonic just needs to start charging a Spin Dash. When he is charging, he can move to the left, right, backward or forward while charging, and while he does not move so fast while he is moving and charging, he can use this to avoid attacks aimed at him while he is charging. Directional Spin Dash: Another form of Spin Dash used on the ground. Kind of like the pole swinging in some 3D Sonic games, a red circle will appear when Sonic is charging a Spin Dash. Every 90 degrees of the circle will light up bright red to indicate that Sonic is aiming in that direction. The player can just hold forward to do a normal Spin Dash, but otherwise, if Sonic dashes in the direction of the red circle that is lit up. he will dash in that direction without aiming at it. He can dash backward, and if he dashes upward into the air, he can do a high Super Spin Dash Jump to reach high places. If the circle is pointed downward by the time Sonic dashes, he can break through floors or dig into the ground. If Sonic has not built enough momentum, and thus does not dig to the other side, he will have to wall jump out of the tunnel he makes! So, what do you all think?
  10. Here are two level ideas of mine. 1.Star Street Zone In this zone, Sonic and his friends go through an extradimensional space where there are loads of stars. There are many stars, but these stars make up most of the paths Sonic and friends walk on as well as most of the objects. The galaxies, which come in different shapes and sizes, are walkable and since galaxies are made of many, many stars, this is basically a zone where you run on stars, with constellations of Sonic characters in the background. Eggman is after something here, so it is up to Sonic and friends to stop him from getting it! As said before, all paths, including roads and loops, are made of stars and galaxies. There are also horizontal and vertical poles made of stars, and the heroes can swing on these as well. There are spring platforms made of stars as well, and Sonic and friends can push down on them and let go for the star springs to send them upward. There are star tunnels the heroes can spin through as well to get to other places, and there are star made vortexes that carry the heroes upward. There are also metallic trains that run on star rails. They are short, but Sonic and friends can ride on these trains to get to other places. There are black holes the heroes should watch out for, as they could suck the heroes in and they could lose a life. There are star made barriers that Sonic and friends can break, sending the stars that make them flying off into different directions. There are moving, swinging star poles with buckets that can catch the heroes so they can ride on them, and there are galaxies so big, they become star fogs that make it hard to see. In the second act, the heroes run around a star the size of our sun! 2. Kinetoscope Kicks Zone In this zone, Sonic and friends go through a kinetoscope parlor, which includes kinetoscopes, mutoscopes and raree shows, which are described here. All three are objects in the early half of the 20th century which people pay a coin to view short movies in a small box through binocular like viewers attached to that box, or pictures and objects in terms of a raree show. With that, Sonic and friends can view and interact with many of these objects, which can change the level some. These gadgets come with all shapes and sizes for the heroes to interact with. Not having been used for a while, Eggman has come and taken over this place to make these into hypnotizing machines to take over the world, so the heroes have to stop him! In this zone, there are many Kinetoscopes, Mutoscopes and Raree Shows. In terms of Kinetoscopes and Mutoscopes, the heroes can look into them to enter them, which leads to a short section based on a short movie that the heroes have to go through. They have many collectibles in them, but dangerous hazards too. When finished, the heroes are back in the parlor with elements from the film present in the place. The heroes can't view all movies, though. There are reels with platforms in giant kinetoscopes and mutoscopes the heroes can ride on, and there are gear wheels the heroes can traverse as well. In terms of the raree shows, the heroes can effectively view them to enter them. Some raree shows are numbered, and just show pictures and objects, but must be viewed in the correct order, and if done right, the heroes can earn a prize. Some raree shows, kinetoscopes and mutoscopes may need one ring to be activated. In the second act, the heroes come across an area where the movies for the viewing objects are made. There are red reels of film that Sonic and friends can run on like any path, and blue ones to bounce on. There are cameras that film things that the heroes can run past, and if they do a pose, and it is good, rings will be rewarded to them. Also in both acts are kinetoscopes, mutoscopes and raree shows that can be broken, sometimes revealing hidden areas. There are also kinetophones, which produce sounds for the kinetoscopes, that can be moved and be directed to a phone like object and activated so that they can open doors to alternate routes. What do you all think?
  11. Is it me, or does Yuji Naka like NiGHTS more than Sonic, as games?

    Not that I am complaining, for I am not, but I was just noticing. I mean, when he made NiGHTS back then, he said the ending even made him cry, and he wouldn't let the engine for that game be used for Sonic X-Treme. He was involved in Sonic games from Sonic Adventure through Sonic 06, and he had reasons (which I forgot) about not making a sequel to NiGHTS: Into Dreams. Still, it doesn't help that he left Sega during Sonic 06's development, and that he never finished the Sonic-like game he was making during the days of Prope. Also, possibly biggest of all, he made Rodea during the days of Prope and Balan Wonderworld while at Square Enix, which were notably very much like NiGHTS. I could be wrong, but I believe he was more into NiGHTS than Sonic, even though he was involved in the creation of both.

    You see where I am coming from? What do you think? I might be wrong, but hey; this was just a thought I wanted to share.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I honestly think that to be honest. Balan might as well be a sequel to NiGHTS and Rodea is very similar to it too. He hasn't done anything similar to Sonic like at all ever since.

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      No definitely not. 

      Trust me on this. Sonic is ALWAYS on his mind.

    3. Ferno


      ^ the way you said it makes me imagine Naka always plottin an schemin a heist to get his hedgehog son outta the sega headquarters with a ragtag group of misfits


    4. CrystalMaelStorm


      @Badnik Mechanic I mean, I knew something was wrong about this, but it did seem that what I thought was the case, with the reasons I gave (which didn't make it true, of course) and all.

    5. Wraith


      So do I

    6. Jango


      Naka actually hates Sonic

  12. Thanks for your input, @Iko . By the way, here are some more ideas: Tricking Redirection: This is an extension of Tricking Cling, the idea I mentioned earlier. This allows the character to reorient themselves in the air after going off a ramp, and then boosting to boost in the direction they are facing, which can allow for access to alternate routes, on the side or even behind the character while in the air. The next is Momentum Sliding: This basically lets the character not only slide under tight spaces, but after building momentum, slide under them for longer without slowing down, as well as go through loops or slopes in such tight spaces, with Sonic curling as he goes through the tightly spaced loops. The next is Directional Pole Swinging. This allows the character to change the direction they are facing when swinging on a horizontal or even a vertical pole, making it so that they can jump in a different direction other than the one they were originally going to jump in. This can allow for going in different directions, or even areas behind the character easier. On short, horizontal poles, this can be used while swinging around the pole in a cartwheel like fashion (much like Sonic Unleashed Wii's Werehog on short poles on walls), changing the direction the character swings in overall. The next is Tunnel Jumping. This is basically jumping up to an above tunnel or pipe that the character spins through, making it so that they can reach alternate areas more easily. The player may need to build up momentum for the character to be able to make their way through the above tunnel or pipe they want to go through, though. The next is Midair Loops and Ramps. After going off a ramp, if the character has enough momentum, they can run onto a loop or curving ramp in midair to change their direction or reach alternate areas. This seems automatic and scripted, but the player can cause the character to move or even jump off of them if they wish. Edge Rolling is the next one. When on the edge of a surface, excluding rails, the character can roll on them and move along them as long as they have momentum, much like a basketball going around the edge of a basketball hoop. This may be used for changing direction, and the player can jump off the edge at anytime that they wish to do so, or they can boost to go down the edge. Effect Outrunning is the next one. This works with any character, but is mostly a Sonic thing. When Sonic is boosting or in Boost Mode, he is moving so fast that things such as springs, tilting platforms, quickly changing surfaces and the like are unable to keep up, allowing Sonic to step on and off them without being affected by them in anyway, which could help clear them if they rather act as obstacles. The last one is called Directional Bouncing. This is for Sonic only, if he is using the Bounce move. The player can tilt the control stick as Sonic begins to bounce before he hits the ground to make him bounce off at a different direction. This even works on walls. This also works with the Stomp move, if a bit differently. When this us used with the Stomp, Sonic leans forward in the direction the player tilts the control stick, and then when the player presses the jump button, Sonic jumps in that direction instead of straight upward. So, what do you think of these?
  13. By the way, clear your inbox.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      OH SORRY




    2. CrystalMaelStorm


      Understood. By the way, what do you think of my ideas I sent you?

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      1 SEC

    4. CrystalMaelStorm
    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      OK SORRY

      It sounds like an interesting idea, kind of like an evolution of Lost World's parkour in a sense but with more control. I kind of didn't like how that mechanic felt a bit slippery and maybe too straightforward but maybe this could help out. I'm not a game designer though so I'm probably not the best person to ask. lol

    2. CrystalMaelStorm


      Understood. Otherwise, thanks! I am glad you found these ideas interesting!

  14. Here are two more ideas from me. Trick Clinging: With this, Sonic, or any other character, can run off a ramp from any direction, whether automated or manual, and when they are in the air, they can not only use the control stick to perform tricks, similar to the first Sonic Riders game, but the character can alter their orientation to land on a wall, or even parts of a loop to run along those walls or loop parts in the direction they end up reorienting themselves in. The player can tilt the c-stick up and down for forward and backwards flipping motions, left and right for vertical axis spinning motions, or maybe use the X (for shuffling forward) or Y buttons (for shuffling backward) to shuffle between three combinations of axis, with the forward and backward flipping, the vertical spinning, and the sideways cartwheel-like rotation; just any of the two per press of the X or Y button. Left and right remains for vertical spinning when in use and up and down c-stick controls remain for flipping when in use. Either way, if the player can reorient the character using any of these combinations and land on a wall or part of a loop, they can not only change direction on that surface, but be able to use that to reach potential alternate routes. There may be some panels for the character to step on before going on the ramp so that the proper combination of axial rotations is accessed and the player does not have to use the X or Y buttons to change axial combinations. When the character is near the surface they want to run on, they just have to press the B button to cling to them. This other idea is called the Revolving Drift. When there is a yellow circle of any size around a large, round object, the character just has to step onto the circle and begin drifting. Here, they will automatically drift around the object easily as long as they are running. Also, the player can use Quick Step or stop running to get out of the circle. However, when there is a nearby object that is round and has a yellow circle around it, the character just has to be next to it when moving around the current object and use Quick Step. They will then switch to moving around the nearby object if it is reachable, but be reached with a further distance than the normal Quick Step achieves. While moving around a round object, the player can still move left or right some while revolving around such objects. So, what do you all think? EDIT: One more idea: The Wall Swivel: Kinda like a drift on a wall, the character can effectively make short turns on walls, maybe very small ones, while on walls. With that said, the character can effectively use this to change direction while wall running, possibly shorter than with a normal Drift on the ground. This allows for accessing alternate routes on walls much easier than before.
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