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  1. Good point. I almost thought of something like that. Almost. I would love more platforming and alternate routes to explore. With that said, I do hope the levels are nothing like Forces. But I can imagine you are right about adjusting the controls between the open world and boost levels. That could be a bit challenging. Just saying. Also, I'd love the boost mode from Sonic Advance 2 to be in the 3D games. I even thought of some ideas on how it could work before.
  2. Okay then, thanks for telling me. I wonder how the open world would work gameplay wise if that is the case, aside from what the play tester or whatever said?
  3. Not sure about tasks. I am not sure if I would want to do tasks in the open world. Maybe if they involve using speed and actual momentum physics, but otherwise, not only could it be boring, but many games have done it before, so it would not be something new. I do love the idea of running fast in the open world, though.
  4. I don't know about you guys, but that guy who leaked what he playtested on 4Chan on Sonic Rangers, the open world, cyberspace and all; he said there would be Unleashed/Generations styled levels, right? I hope he does mean that, and did not mean just boost levels like those two games but covering Forces as well, which had different level design. In other words, I hope he knows the difference between Unleashed/Generations and Forces and is not just unintentionally grouping them together because they use the boost gameplay.
  5. I would love to see other open area maps based on other zones, ones that are so large. I'd love to see a theme park or, as you said, a technological area. Maybe even space with some gravity gimmicks would work. Also, I think having all the emeralds in that area won't be what happens in the final game, since it was a demo. I would rather the emeralds be hidden, one in each alternate open map that may only be accessed after doing some required in the Unleashed like levels like the leak said there would be.
  6. I made some joke lyrics for a them of Sonic Rangers. Here they are if you don't mind. What do you all think? I bet you know what this is based on, right? Anyway, speaking of the theme song, I wonder what it will be? Will it be even done by Crush 40 or some other band?
  7. Sonic Team taking inspiration from Mania? I bet that they would have to from back then if they wanted to make good future games. Still, you never know if there are some things that they are unwilling to change or if there are some things they'll stubbornly stick with. Either way, Sonic Team has to learn to some degree. But yeah, the open world thing is new for Sonic. Maybe not too new, but they are taking a risk by trying this new thing.
  8. I heard that Sonic will be at the Summer Games Festival in some form. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?

    1. PublicEnemy1


      A sneak preview of the orchestra will appear there

    2. CrystalMaelStorm


      @PublicEnemy1 Oh, okay then. Thanks.

    3. PickleBrows


      Yeah they said this a couple days ago but I think the Orchestra might have been what they meant after all.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


      Unless the tweeter was confused in what he was posting.



      I betcha it's just gonna be a repeat of the same exact teaser shown then

  9. I find it unlikely, since the new Sonic game was just revealed, close to E3.
  10. So, this game takes place in some kind of cyberspace? If so, I think the ghost girl that was mentioned is some kind of hologram.
  11. If there are any loops/corkscrews/etc. in this open world, I wonder if they are going to function the same or function differently?
  12. While I am betting this is another Sonic solo game, I would love to see more playable characters here, since the game is supposedly called Rangers, which means more than one character with the s at the end. Also, I think more playable characters could work in an open world setting, as it would be good for adding areas other characters can reach that Sonic can't.
  13. Yeah, the game does look bad, graphically. I would say this could improve, but I am not sure how that could even change in the future. I just hope this doesn't become another Sonic 06 or something.
  14. Maybe it was not clear, but either way... I was just kidding around. Nothing more, okay?
  15. I am so going to buy this! Loved Sonic Colors. Though now that Metal Sonic can be raced against, they should include Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD in this. Why? So we can recreate the famous Sonic CD race with Metal Sonic.
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