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  1. Calm down, Sean. There was no harm intended. Plus, I wasn't trying to sound condescending. I had my own reason for saying the things the way I said it, but nothing harmful. Plus, I I am sure that EA thing was just a little thing. I only said that because I heard EA was evil. Not much other than that.
  2. Whether or not anger was the right word (though I did sense some anger in some posts in the other topic), it wasn’t the only thing. There was a lot of overreaction and WTF levels of complaining and people not acting reasonable, and I often associate those things with anger, and whether or not that is the case, which it might not be for some, those other things were there on that other topic. It is definitely not a good way to spend energy. Like I said, there are better ways of handling it. That is all I am saying. Now, some people were being reasonable on that other topic, but from what I saw, not everyone was.
  3. Me, generalize? Sounds like you have that backwards, Tracker. I know angry posts when I see them. You don’t apparently don’t since you don’t see it. But that is just text. Text can only say so much, but just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it is not there. To say no one is doing it is a misconception. Enough with trying to speak for everyone, by the way. It just won’t help.
  4. Heh heh. Maybe not on this topic, but I have seen people cussing Sega out on another topic. Perhaps you are reading it the wrong way, or that you have different definitions on what is hostile. Either way, you seem to be trying to defend and speak for such fans, the latter in which you just can’t do because not all fans think the same, and you are kind of generalizing those fans if you think no one was doing that.
  5. Now, what makes you think I said that? I didn't. On one hand, this is still a small, minor thing that getting angry about is wasting energy over. On the other hand, if anyone feels they should challenge or point out something they don't like, well, they can feel upset at least, and go ahead and challenge it. It's not wrong. I just think there are better ways of dealing with this, and to me, upset and angry are two levels of the same emotion. Upset is just lower than angry, in my opinion. And yeah, not everyone sees this as a small thing, and I acknowledge that. But anyway, if it is a problem, mouth shutting may not be the best thing to do, provided it leads to the same thing for other, future DLC as some have said.
  6. On the first part you quoted, impressive, you are actually quite wrong with what I was thinking. I never said it was fine for Super Sonic to be charged. I even agree it would have been better if it were in the game and not DLC. I can see why it wasn't a good idea. My main beef is not towards people having a problem with that, but how they do it is the thing. Plus, I said some people were acting like that, not all. I don't think I am making mountains out of molehills out of anything. Plus, just because you didn't see it, doesn't mean it wasn't there. Plus, I don't believe I was implying they were acting that hostile. There is a limit to what I was implying. Homing attack? Game saving? Music? I think you are overreacting a bit here. Sega is not that dumb to do that. Plus, I never said small things had to be allowed to pass. I said that there are better ways of getting their attention. Note that I am not defending Super Sonic being charged, no I never did. I was just annoyed how some people overreacted to the whole thing, key word, some. I realize not all people did the same thing, though. I think it is possible for people to control their own emotions and themselves, which I think should be done when dealing with things like this.
  7. *chuckles* Jez, I am sure there is more than one way to get people's voices heard, and I believe the constructive, reasonable way is the best. Now, I know it is not true that all fans were unreasonable and bad as others when making their voices heard, but being overly angry when expressing criticism wastes a lot of energy, that is the thing. And what of those extra stages of Sonic Unleashed HD that were DLC? They were to be paid for, and I am not sure if I remember many complaining about those being payable. Of course, that does not mean Super Sonic DLC for Forces should have been paid, for many people did not want that, but you can't get everything for free, and I am sure extra stages would have been paid for, since the team worked on them, so they shouldn't come off as free if they took much effort (surely you knew that, though). Considering Super Sonic could have been in game, that is another story there. I would have paid for extra stages, personally, or special stages, but that is a maybe.
  8. And it could have been handled better, and I wasn't saying people were doing that stuff to a Sega rep like wild, hateful animals. Never did. Either way, whether handling people or doing something like that to Sega reps, people should learn to be in more control.
  9. I will leave that up to you to decide. But, one thing I forgot to say that I think needs to be said, while all forms of criticism can be listened to, and while that has been done before, I still believe constructive, not destructive criticism is the best way to handle things. And while Sega is not the best company in the world, it surely isn't EA.
  10. Now this is the kind of behavior we all should avoid, no matter what the situation. Expressing anger and frustration (especially overblown) without being civil, calm and reasonable? If that's how you think things should be done, allow me to disagree with that notion.
  11. Don't be silly! Like I said, it's not unnatural, or should I add that is not even bad to be upset to some extent if there is a concern, and this was a concern for many. I am sure there were those who were reasonable. Getting too angry and overblown, like some of us did, that is what we should not do.
  12. You do realize that EA is evil, right? Like they listen to anything, and to any possible thing they did listen to, it probably wasn't because they were thinking of/cared for the fans, but more so of being annoyed or just couldn't take the criticism anymore. BUT, regardless, I am sure EA has done worse than what Sega has done, and with that said, getting worked up over something that wasn't that big of a deal is a waste of energy better spent on better things, simple as that.
  13. That's what I said, it might take a more consistent, as in ongoing effort to make things happen. I suppose it's not unnatural to be disappointed or upset to some degree, but overly angry as some people I have seen were, that is another story. You can be reasonable, calm, polite and civil even when angry. It is not that hard. Plus, even as bad as it possibly was, it was still nothing to get THAT worked up over. It was still a simple, small thing regardless.
  14. I am gonna have to agree with Fries here. It was just a simple decision. Good or bad, it was not worth getting worked up over like some people did. Plus, getting worked up and lashing out at Sega for something little is not the only way to get their attention and get them to change their minds. Being polite, calm, civil and reasonable is another way, and I believe it to be more effective than being angry and lashing out if anything, especially over something not that big of a deal. It might have needed more consistent effort in comparison to being angry, but it would have been worth it more than just being negative and angry. Sure, the charged Super Sonic DLC may not have been the best thing to many, but in the end, it was still a minor thing that would not ruin lives in any way whatsoever.
  15. So, what are the odds of a Nintendo Direct being announced in the next few weeks? Personally, I am doubting that will happen since that Labo thing was announced, but what do you guys think?

    1. Strickerx5


      We probably won't get one for a while. We just had a mini and that Labo announcement so they're probably done for another two to three months.

      Honestly, I'm not too sure we'll get another one before E3 at this point.

    2. Nix


      I can see an indie direct or something similar happening, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    3. CrystalStorm51


      @Strickerx5 I know about the Labo thing. That's why I said I was doubtful about a new Direct because of it. We'll see, though.

    4. Diogenes


      a direct every week, from now until we die

    5. CrystalStorm51


      @Diogenes Very funny, wise guy!

    6. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      There's almost always a Direct of some kind in February, so I'm expecting one then.

      But I'm not expecting anything big to be revealed until E3 or close to it.

    7. Zaysho


      I wouldn't expect another until Spring. I can maybe see a Pokémon one happening before E3, but even then I'm a little skeptical to hear anything about the next game before then.

  16. I decided to share my ideas on how to improve the boost gameplay, which I love personally, by the way. Now I know some people don't like the boost at all, and would prefer it not to be in the series, and I don't think these ideas will change those people's minds about the boost. Regardless, I would like to share these ideas with you all, whether or not you are a fan of the boost. So, without further ado, here we go. I have three ideas, by the way. 1. You know how you accelerate to top speed with the boost by a press of a button? Well, this idea makes it so that you don't need to hold down the boost button to maintain momentum. Just press the boost button, let go, keep holding forward and you'll still have momentum and speed as you go along. This allows for running through loops and on walls or down hills (provided they aren't scripted), all without the boost. It would also be possible to gather and maintain momentum without the boost altogether, but should you press the boost button, you don't need to constantly hold it down to keep your momentum, thus you can do momentum based stuff like in the classics without constant boost. You might go faster without the boost even if you are skilled and able to maintain momentum while avoiding obstacles. You obviously don't get the invincibility with the boost, by the way. 2. In terms of having the boost mode from Sonic Advance 2, Sonic can have boost mode while boosting, but only when the boost button is held down. When not held down, whether the boost button is tapped or not pressed at all, the player will just need to hold forward for a certain time, and after that, the player enters boost mode and continues until an obstacle is hit or when an enemy hits Sonic, or if Sonic slows himself down. Sonic still gains momentum, whether by just holding forward or by tapping the boost button once, but it will take some time either way to achieve boost mode. 3. Now, with the boost, Sonic would accelerate to a high speed. Not a maximum speed, but high enough. Sonic would accelerate instantly when using the boost, and he'd maintain the same speed as long as he is boosting. He could also reach that high speed by hitting a dash pad. However, for running to build up speed, and rolling, and perhaps spin dashing, that is a different story. The following applies to building speed or even rolling, especially down hills in the case of the rolling. When Sonic builds up speed, the player will notice accelerating effects seen as Sonic runs forward through the level. This acceleration would not be noticed when the boost is used. When Sonic reaches max speed, he can run as fast as he can in boost mode. But when running or rolling down ramps and hills, either way, Sonic would accelerate quickly as he runs down them, like how the rolling worked in the classic games. Sonic will not only accelerate faster, but when he is going down those ramps and hills, he can even speed up to a speed faster than the speed Sonic goes while boosting! So, basically, while the boost is still fast, the accelerating and speed done when NOT boosting would feel more rewarding, and perhaps more thrilling. Unlike when not using the boost, Sonic goes the same speed, even when going down hills. I know this may seem complex to some, but I figured, in regards to these ideas, that with the boost being tap-able and not needed to maintain speed, and mixing some momentum based mechanics from the classic games, those who want one of both, everyone wins. Well, almost everyone, maybe. This doesn't cover scripted/automatic sections altogether, but that is a different story for another time in terms of ideas of how to fix them. So, what do you guys think?
  17. You know, not saying I want Modern Sonic in Mania, BUT given how some people are not so keen about how Sonic Team even does the boost stages in Sonic games nowadays, I think it would be interesting, if Modern Sonic was added into Sonic Mania, to see how Christian Whitehead do Modern Sonic in a game like Mania. I would like to see his take on Modern Sonic, and see how it compares to Sonic Team's version. Not saying it should happen, but I think it would be interesting to see, don't you think?
  18. Clear your inbox, please.

  19. What do you guys think of this? (Nintendo related, about a possible announcement)


  20. Death Battle Season 5 premiere revealed 18 minutes into this video.
  21. Well, remember the news before the Mini Direct saying Amazon had 18 Switch game placeholders to be revealed at a Switch event? I don’t think the Mini Direct covered all 18 games that were yet to be revealed. It was only around 15 minutes after all, if I recall correctly.
  22. http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/01/12/another-nintendo-direct-coming-soon-/ Well, if this is anything to go by, we could still get a bigger Direct sometime soon. Just read it and see what I mean. I have been thinking we would get a bigger Direct sometime soon, anyway, and maybe it could happen.
  23. Hopefully not because of the leaks that predicted that the Direct would come this week.
  24. I thought so. So it looks like there will not be a Direct this week, huh? Fine by me. At least I am not whining about that.
  25. Did anyone catch this, or is this old news?
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