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  1. lol TSS got status updates?

  2. I love the original. Haven't played the sequel. It it was good, they should make another.
  3. Turbohog

    Post Your Desktop

    Easy. I download stuff. And a lot.
  4. Turbohog

    Post Your Desktop

    Yes...Today I just ran out of harddrive space...It is a sad day.
  5. Turbohog

    Post Your Desktop

    Someone call the desktop police...
  6. I remember playing this. It's just a simple coin roll game. Too bad the place that had it has been destroyed for over 3 years.
  7. I'm just looking forward to the epic Beatles game.
  8. Hey! I'm Turbohog! I have a really lame username! I'm not really new...I joined over 3 years ago, but what the heck!
  9. Now I feel like a newbie. Oh noes! But yeah, good luck putting the place back together and stuff. Glad to see that it's even up this much. btw, I joined in 04 or 06, not 09.
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