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  1. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Whats up guys! So I did a Smooth4Lyfe rap remix to “Can You Feel the Sunshine” from Sonic R! Figured I give it a new style, and yes, I CAN RAP ON ANYTHING! Lyrics are still inspirational. Enjoy!
  2. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Sup guys! I haven't been on here in a while, but I wanted to share this! I did a an EDM remix of Uganda Knuckles’ popular “Do You Know De Way” saying, which was originally started by some players on a game called VRChat. Enjoy!
  3. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Sonic The Hedgehog fans! So I did freestyle on “Deeper (Death Chamber)” from Sonic Adventure 2! This is a message to SEGA to FIX SONIC GAMES because it seems they need some direction, so I’m just trying to help them out! I list out the problems I see in Sonic games and give my suggestions. SEGA LISTEN! and everyone enjoy! Maybe some of you will agree with me?
  4. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Nothing is wrong with it, you can hate all u want lol
  5. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Yeah thanks! I honestly liked mine better too lol had more energy Haha I'm glad you liked it!
  6. smooth4lyfe's Music

    I'm pretty good! Thanks! Thanks bro!!!
  7. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Sonic the Hedgehog fans! So I did a freestyle on "Stardust Speedway" from Sonic Mania! The lyrics are about the people who lost hope in Sonic but now they back on since Sonic Mania was announced...a lil' message for the Sonic haters! Enjoy!
  8. Hey I just started a sonic YouTube channel

    Keep on promoting and I'll definitely check it out as well!
  9. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Soooo I added more vocals to Park Avenue from Sonic Forces! The original was good but it needed a bit more Enjoy!
  10. 14 Crazy Things Sonic Fans Say (VIDEO)

    Sonic the Hedgehog fans! So I'm sure we all can agree some Sonic fans say the craziest things. So I came up with a list of 14 things I've heard Sonic fans say and what I think about it. I know you all must have heard some of these things before. Do y'all agree??
  11. How many types of Sonic's are there? (VIDEO)

    I do agree with this, but SEGA started the distinction between Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, so now people are creating that distinction
  12. How many types of Sonic's are there? (VIDEO)

    I agree, I think fans just look way into these things and makes these arguments even more sad and funny tbh lol. I mean Mario has changed over the years but HE IS STILL MARIO! Yes Thank you!! See if we bring Archie an comic book Sonics then its gonna get way too complicated lol
  13. Wassup yall! Sooo I'm wondering why do some Sonic fans say there are more than 2 types of Sonic (for the games). To me there are only two: CLASSIC and MODERN (Boom doesn't count). I hear people say there is Adventure Sonic, Dreamcast Sonic, Colors Sonic....but THATS STILL MODERN SONIC...yall agree?
  14. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Sup guys! Soooo I did a Sonic Adventure 2 track! I added vocals to Security Hall and made a new theme song for Rouge called "Treasure Hunter". Enjoy!
  15. smooth4lyfe's Music

    Sup guys!!! So in anticipation of Sonic Forces! (and until Crush 40 makes their real version), I did a vocal remix of my own for the Sonic Forces main theme! Hope you enjoy!!

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