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  1. Quick question. What issue numbers did the two Archie Sonic series end with? I've fallen behind with my comic guy. Last issue I have of SotH is 288 and SU is 92.
  2. I wish the Sonic comics could work in Ristar somehow.
  3. So, if we go by the photo that Silver is holding at the end of Sonic Universe #44, Sally is the traitor? How has nobody commented on this? Too busy arguing about toes, I guess.
  4. I don't understand why, if you're going to go to all this trouble to make a Sonic game, you wouldn't just make your own story. Something original.
  5. Haha. This thread title made me laugh.
  6. ^^ Hahaha. Yeah, you're probably right. I need to stop posting on Saturdays when my kids are over (otherwise known as NO SLEEP day).
  7. I am so heading down to Zellers tomorrow to see if they have this. Chances are they won't, for the 360 anyway, but you never know. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ppl. What's the price on it, btw? Is it a 49.95 game, or a 69.95 game?
  8. I always assumed Sonic used a car in the racing games so he'd be on a level playing field with everybody else. I mean, we all know he can run faster than the race cars, right? So it's hardly fair to the other racers if he doesn't use a car like everyone else.
  9. Haha there he is. Cool. And thanks. How come when I do google searches I never find what I'm looking for?
  10. I've been thinking of getting the Metal Sonic/Death Egg DLC recently. I read somewhere that Ristar has a cameo in that DLC. Does anyone have a screen capture or video of this cameo?
  11. I have a question concerning the Sonic X comics. I'm watching the Tv series for the first time, and I heard that certain story arcs in the comics take place in between episodes of the show. Can anyone tell me which issues fall between which episodes? Or point me somewhere where somebody has already done the research?
  12. I mean finished as in "never made it to the end". If I had meant "never got 100% of everything everywhere" then I can safely say I've never finished any game in any franchise. lol
  13. Sadly, with me it's pretty much all of them. Yeah, much as I love the games, I am pretty bad at them, or find certain gameplay elements that just annoy the heck out of me and I walk away from the game never to return. The latest I've put aside (although I intend to go back) is Sonic Unleashed. I don't like the fact that after playing all the way through to the end of a level, I hit the boss, and die multiple times and CAN'T save at a point where I can hang it up for a bit and just start right before the boss battle later. No, I have to start the whole level from the beginning. Ugh. I don't have the patience for that. And then I try Sonic 06 for the first time, and I can save during levels there? wha?
  14. Well I'm 5 episodes in and so far, I'm enjoying it.
  15. Weird. Nobody has ever had a negative thing to say about me being a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, online or in real life, and I don't really understand why anyone ever would. Guess we have less assclowns in Canada.
  16. Why do I having this sneaking suspicion that I'm gonna love Sonic X when I start watching it?
  17. Just got UNleashed, and I pretty much sucks nuts at it. lol
  18. I hate the flipping cards you have to jump across in the third level of the Casino stages. Otherwise, I'm loving S4 so far.
  19. Bah. Not getting them then. Thanks for the info, you just saved me a few bucks. I'll just start collecting back issues. (I guess you didn't REALLY save me any money lol)
  20. I have a question about the trades that collect the series 4 issues at a time. I was wondering, are they actual trades that are the size of a comic book, or are they the size of an Archie Digest?
  21. Listened to some Destroy All Slackers today. Love it. very funny.
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