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  1. I understand that people would think that having Mobian-like NPCs in future games would just lead to more Mary Sue/Gary Stu nonsense (saying this despite the fact that I have a Sonic fancharacter (#hypocrite)), but I think it wouldn't be a bad idea. I have no problems with the art direction in Unleashed in terms of the human NPCs. It was a refreshing change of pace from the realistic designs of the NPCs in 2006 (which not only looked out-of-place in my opinion, but the character models themselves were terrible and horribly generic--even more so than in SA1). But I think Sonic's world in the games--Earth, Mobius, Planet Freedom, whatever you prefer to call it--are oversaturated with humans. Ever since I got back into the Dragon Ball series, I started to think that maybe Sonic's world should be like the world of DBZ--yeah, there are humans, but there are also other anthro characters into the mix. I think this would make Sonic and his friends' existence in this society feel less awkward in my opinion, since there are others like Sonic--not necessarily in species, but in... er, being. I guess I would describe it like the co-existence of humans and Reploids in Megaman X, except the Mavericks are Badniks instead of Mobians coming down with the Sigma virus. I understand and sympathize with those who'd rather not start even more deviantArt recolor shenanigans, but I think it would fit the series.
  2. You're entitled to your opinion on the gameplay (though personally I find ShTH a slippery mess with a retarded mission structure), but the story in Shadow is a mess. For one thing, that whole "choose your path" gimmick is bull since only the Last Way is canon, and I don't know how to piece together the events leading up to it. Which parts of the plot are canon? Did Shadow kill the Black Arms in Westopolis, or did he kill the GUN soldiers? I know trying to make sense of continuity in modern games is a futile effort (especially in THIS game), but still. Anyways, unpopular opinions. I find CD to be one of the most overrated titles in the series. Even more so than Sonic Adventure 2 (then again, I have a lot of nostalgia for that game). The music is fantastic and I love how the levels look, but the level structures themselves are kind of clusterfuck-ish, for lack of a better term. It doesn't help that the physics and collision detection in the Gems Collection version (I never played the original Sega CD version, but I'm sure the Gems Collection emulation is pretty close to the original) is kind of iffy. Though, I have the 2011 port downloaded on Xbox Live, and I think it's definitely an improvement. In fact, it's an excellent port. But I still find the game overrated, because of the level layout. For example, in the 2011 port I still have trouble trekking through Collision Chaos because the level design is too... well, chaotic (no pun intended). I understand that's the point, because the level is called "Collision Chaos", but I still find the level a chore to play. And besides, this port's very existence and just how well it handles compared to the original just further add to why I think CD is overrated. Sega contacted Christian Whitehead for permission to use his Retro Engine to make the Sonic CD port, so the game had to be taken apart and remade in the Retro Engine (if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me). If a game needs an entire overhaul just to live up to its high praise, then I don't think it deserved all that praise to begin with. That's how I feel about Sonic CD. It needed a completely different engine for me to consider it a great game. I'm not saying I ever thought CD was a broken piece of garbage, but I didn't feel like it deserved all the praise people gave it until the updated port back in 2011. Until the re-release, I just thought it was "okay", not bad by any means, but nothing too special other than apparently being the only game worth owning a Sega CD for. ...and, that's all I have for now.
  3. Personally, I think the only one who should be in Smash 4 representing the Sonic series should be Sonic. Smash Bros. is a Nintendo fighter, and I don't think Nintendo should oversaturate the character roster with Sonic characters (or Sega characters in general for that matter) unless it was intentional (Nintendo vs. Sega, anyone?). And I'm going to contradict myself right now by saying that the suggestion of putting Dr. Eggman in sounds like a good idea. It wasn't until Melee where you got to fight as heroes AND villains rather than being restricted to just a handful of Nintendo's most popular heroes. Smash Bros. only has like two or three playable villains that people actually care about, it would be cool to see one more. Especially if it's a villain as over-the-top as Eggman. Besides, there's quite a number of possibilities for Eggman's moveset. From his weapons in boss battles, to his skill set from Chronicles, there's a lot to draw from. Not to mention the choices in alternative costumes. Eggman Nega, AoSTH Robotnik, hell even the EggRobo would be a cool skin to give Eggman (provided Nintendo doesn't do what they did in Brawl and only give Wario an actual alternate costume). And, I do like Shadow, but his appearance in Brawl was pretty lame. I agree that his Assist Trophy was rather crap.
  4. I know that this "Volume 8" was actually Sonic Shits 2, but I still didn't enjoy it to be perfectly honest. I know it was a joke, and I'm sure the collaborators had fun making this, but I still didn't like it. Mainly because it was really disgusting. I know that was intentional, but still. Then again, I never watched Sonic Shits 1, so when I saw this I was scratching my head going "..what the fuck?" Then I got back on the TSS Forums (after friggin forever), saw this topic and just went "Ohhhhhhhh." But the animators had fun, so I guess that's all that counts. Besides, when something gets delayed, chances are it'll end up being a better product (does that logic apply to a collab animation? ), so I'm content with waiting.
  5. Sonic Adventure 2 is the first 3D Sonic game I ever played, and while there are still some problems that I have with the game (those goddamn treasure hunting segments UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH), it's still one of my personal favorite games in the series. I can sympathize with people who say this game is overrated to an extent, but it's still a great game IMO. And it's the last 3D game in the series where Sonic's control is still tight and doesn't feel slippery (I'm not counting 2006 since that game is bogged down with too much bullcrap for me to remotely like the core gameplay). I still have the Gamecube port of the game, but I'm gonna download this port anyway, since I still love this game, even with its problems. I doubt they'll do much to improve the voice acting. Wouldn't they have to re-record the lines with the new voice cast and then re-edit all the sound effects and such? The sfx probably wouldn't be too hard to find, but I still doubt they'll re-record the lines. I am kinda disappointed that there's no online multiplayer though. :/
  6. Oh, and I forgot one other song from SA2: Supporting Me. Especially the Generations remix. <3
  7. I loved Unleashed as a whole, and I find the Werehog horribly underrated. Then again, when I was a kid, I would wonder what Sonic would be like as a werewolf, so come to your own conclusions. (inb4 YOU CURSED US ALL!!!!!!!!11one) I found the original version of CD vastly overrated. I recently downloaded the Xbox Live version, and while it's really good (miles better than the wonky physics of the original game), I still find CD as it is really overrated. It's good, I just like 3&K more. I have a Sonic fan-character. ...I think that statement speaks for itself. Although, I haven't pulled the "my character is the brother/sister/father/son/clone of ______" yet, so I think I'm a slightly better writer than most Sonic fan-fiction writers. ...my character also isn't overpowered as hell, so I guess there's that.
  8. Going in order from main Genesis era to main Modern era... Sonic 1: Green Hill Sonic 2: Chemical Plant Sonic 3: Hydrocity, Launch Base Sonic Adventure: Open Your Heart, Emerald Coast, Lost World's Tricky Maze Sonic Adventure 2: Escape from the City, Live and Learn, It Doesn't Matter, Unknown from M.E., E.G.G.M.A.N. Sonic Heroes: What I'm Made Of, Egg Fleet (bad-ass), Frog Jungle, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant Sonic 2006: His World, Wave Ocean, Kingdom Valley, Crisis City, Radical Train, Aquatic Base Sonic Unleashed: Endless Possibility, Windmill Isle (day), Rooftop Run (both), Jungle Joyride (day), Savannah Citadel (day) Sonic Colors: Reach for the Stars, Tropical Resort, Aquarium Park, Planet Wisp, Sweet Mountain (how can anyone hate this song?), Terminal Velocity Sonic Generations: THE ENTIRE DAMN SOUNDTRACK. (minus Planet Wisp Classic)
  9. I like both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic, though my preference leans toward Modern, but if I were to change him, I'd shorten him a bit, make him look a bit more like Classic (or rather that bitchin' Nendoroid figurine which I'm getting in June ), and make his eyes a bit more... I dunno, lively. I'm not saying that I hate green eyes, I actually like them, but that light reflection you see in Sonic's eye is always at the bottom in CGI artwork. If not always, then most of the time. I know that's a small detail to be pointing out, but it always puts me off for some reason. That, and I'd shade the upper part of the green eye to look more alive. I'm not sure if my description makes sense (it did in my head ), but hopefully someone out there gets what I'm trying to say. Oh, and I'd give him the Soap shoes from SA2. Because they're Soap shoes. And they rock. EDIT: I actually have a conceptual redesign of my own for Sonic, but I did it like a year ago. It's up on my deviantArt page. I can link it later if anyone's interested.
  10. I'm pretty hyped for this Episode. I've finally gotten Ep. I on my 360 after not touching the WiiWare edition since I got that version. I found the first Episode to be sort of underrated, physics issues aside, but this installment just looks like a massive upgrade. Although, one disappointment I have with it so far is actually concerning Episode Metal, with it's presentation anyway. From what I've seen in footage, we've regressed back to the plastic-y art style of Episode I, rather than using Episode II's graphics engine, which is light-years more impressive. Just seems really weird to me, but ehh. All the same, I can't wait for Ep. II. And here's to hoping we'll get an Episode III with a playable Knuckles.
  11. What's up, y'all? The name's Amuro. I've been with Sonic since I was young. My first Sonic games were Adventure 2: Battle and Advance, and I've been practically obsessed with Sonic ever since. I hope to get along with you all!
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