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  1. Jesus that was fast!


    1. Fusion Ellipsis
    2. Yeow


      ....i don't hear the mania theme

  2. tumblr_ogprmuJAjl1vkzl08o6_250.png

    Merry early Christmas!

  3. Hey man, just been wanting to get an update on the WinterFest thing. KC said he sent you a PM about it not too long ago?

    1. Jeffhog


      I think it was about a community voted best song of the year for RadioSEGA what he sent me ‚Äď won't be able to speak with him in earnest until Thursday as I'm without Internet at the mo'!

    2. TCB


      Ah ok. Wel in any case, if you try to squeeze a message to him over Twitter or something today to let him know of your current situation he'll appreciate it

  4. I mean when you're stuck between Clinton and Trump, how CAN you choose, right? This has been an extremely concerned neighbouring Canadian's saddening attempt at levity in commenting about the seedy underbelly of American politics. Please don't fuck this up next week. Don't vote for the mentally deranged, 4th grade-limited vocabulary, dangerously ill-tempered, baby-hands Oompa-Loompa fuckface who was mistakenly given the privilege to breathe in the first place. He will ruin us all. The world is watching, America. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.
  5. Hey nerd! Mark your calendar for more fan games and ROM hacks THIS COMING MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY!!

    1. FriendBot



      ...i'm so lonely.....

  6. Playing a Gen 1 game with Pok√©mon Blue for the first time tonight ‚Äď almost feels a bit surreal tbh. PICKING SQUIRTLE.

    1. Dejimon11


      Boy i know u gonna choose Bulbasaur.

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I started a new playthrough of my original pokemon yellow. I think this is my best playthrough yet.

      I started with a revolving team until after the vermillion gym. My main team now is pikachu, pidgeotto, ivysaur, charmelon, wartortle, and a rotating sixth member. Though i may just stick with my level 40 cloyster that a just evolved from shellder.

      My other strong and great members are golbat, primeape, dugtrio, dodrio,exeggutor, nidoking and magneton

      I now have 70 pokemon and have 5 badges.

    3. Jeffhog


      @Dejimon11 you do not disrespect my child in this house SIR

    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Lol. It's pretty hard to pick a favorite kanto starter cuz I love them all.

      Though I have to admit that I chose pokemon red over pokemon blue cuz I loved how charizard looked so I guess I'd chose charmander over the others 

    5. Diogenes


      it's obvious that bulbous sore is the best starter

  7. Theophany covered "Song of Healing" and I am spellbound by it.

  8. For today's Mash-Up Monday: Halloween Edition, it's Final Fantasy IX & Knuckles!

  9. With all the hubbub going on at home to get ready to move out next weekend, I completely freaking forgot about the Volcanion distribution SHIT DAMN IT! ...don't suppose anyone has a spare North American code lying around? :'V @JayRaR MANY THANKS, MY GOOD DUDE <3 If not that (and on a more feasible note), I'm also looking for a Joltik ‚Äď raised one in Black and White but I don't have those games on hand anymore (and I forgot to transport it onto Bank so YAY). Ideally a Timid-natured one, but if not, I'll breed one if need be!
  10. I can't think of any long words in particular that are causing it, but it typically happens whenever URLs are posted in the statuses that stretch the status box out, from what I'm noticing. Tried sharing the new STS for myself and then suddenly it went all Statuses Without Borders!
  11. There is no high quality rip grander than the final rip. ;A;