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  1. Well... tomorrow is Thursday. We could be seeing the English version for this go up in the morning, if not early next week. SoA usually comes first with the big trailer reveals so I don't imagine they'll be sitting on this for too long.

    Not gonna lie, this made me feel much more hyped and actually made me genuinely smile today for the first time in a while, something I really needed. It's refreshing to see a Sonic story with more action and weight behind it again!

    God this game is going to be so incredibly self-indulgent with my Avatar and I'll love every minute of it.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.25.44 PM.png

  2. 4 minutes ago, GuyWithThePie said:

    Call me impatient, but remind me again why it takes forever for this kind of stuff to show up on the US App Store? <_<


    Unfortunately, there's no real guarantee it will be out immediately. For all we know, this could just be another soft-launch (albeit puzzling why it's only in the Philippines right now, could just be an early release slip-up) while they continue to refine the game in the background before an international release, with most of the bugs ironed out at that time.

    But hey, so long as I can get in on that sweet action real soon (too impatient to bother making a Philippines iTunes ID), then I'm ready for it anytime.

  3. So here's the thing:

    For the most part, I hated writing in university and pretty much loathed all the writing assignments I kept getting stuck with. Maybe it's the complete lack of interest or it's oversaturation, but I didn't look upon these times favourably as I pretty much only remember me forcing myself into doing it.

    But goddamn it, I'll write 3K+ word-long manifestos about Sonic the Hedgehog without skipping a beat or breaking a sweat.

    My review for Sonic Mania on Gamnesia is done, and it is just that lengthy. Also doesn't use the expected "Sonic games have had their ups and downs" lines! Thank me.


    Sonic Mania is a Lovingly Crafted Mega Collection of Classic Sonic's Finest Moments and More

    A true return to the bygone era of Blast Processing, spearheaded by the dream team of Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games.


    Link: https://www.gamnesia.com/reviews/sonic-mania-is-a-lovingly-crafted-mega-collection-of-classic-sonics-finest-

  4. Seeing as one of the biggest draws to Mania is the use of scrapped ideas and concepts, there are a few more I'd love to see make it into the game.

    Namely, this unused behemoth.


    Just like Dust Hill and Desert Dazzle found new life in Mirage Saloon, I'd love to see what the cancelled Final Fever could be like in Mania.

    To those who are unfamiliar, Final Fever was another stage that Christian Whitehead planned on including in his Sonic CD remaster but never made it in. It was conceived as a final zone that could only be accessed by acquiring all seven Time Stones before Metallic Madness Act 3. Its main mechanic was that it was nigh invincible and impossible to damage, but the one way Sonic could was by running fast and turning back the clock. Granted, this was a boss for a game whose main draw was a time-travelling feature, which Mania sorely lacks... The concept could still make for a neat Super Sonic showdown though.

    Alternatively, seeing as we do presumably go back to Little Planet for Stardust Speedway...




    Ever found it strange during the Sonic CD ending where it features a scene with Sonic going through an unseen area, featuring an antlion badnik? That was likely yet another stage that never saw the light of day.

    Here's the thing: there's no spoken rule where any of the new levels aren't new regions on previously established settings. Mirage Saloon could still be on West Side Island like Dust Hill was originally intended to be in Sonic 2, just like "R2" (which would have turned out to be not too unlike Aquatic Ruin) could be on Little Planet. Rainbow waterfalls over mossy ruins would make for quite the sight!

  5. Funny you guys mention Mephiles...

    ...because after I saw this face reveal fan art I honestly want Infinite to be him now.

    Besides, as Sonic Forces' producer, this is Shun Nakamura's first time in a leadership role Sonic game development-wise since '06, in which he penned the story and was the director. Who's to say he wouldn't want another crack at Mephiles' character too?

  6. For comparison's sake to the original Stardust Speedway Past?

    Still remarkably relaxed compared to the other time zones', but there's still a faster and more energetic pace to it compared to the more calming tones of Mania's Act 1.

    It's not a bad thing, really - the new version is like a Little Planet that was allowed to evolve and flourish on its own terms without Eggman's interference. I like that.

  7. Just now, FFWF said:

    Yes, I was just thinking about what this implies for other time periods - and if they avoided touching certain Sonic 3 stages because of the legal issues related to music there, they may have had similar qualms about taking a stand on the competing non-Past soundtracks of CD.

    I don't think it's Sonic 3-levels of complicated. After all, they did remix the US Bad Future theme for Generations before!

    And it's like you mentioned, Act 2 could be a real wild card if they do incorporate time travel between the two areas – maybe we could be seeing a mish-mash of sorts between the US/JP themes for its music the further we go into the Future?

    That said the boss cannot not be Metal Sonic. I need me some JP Bad Future remix goodness.

  8. 1 minute ago, Zippo said:


    Actually, the infograph is slightly out of date, as I totally forgot about the manual. The new stage shown in the concept art looks to be our new ice level. Expected, but Ice Cap is out of the running. 

    A man can still dream, Zippo.

    Though a fleeting, impossible dream it may be at this point, a man can still dream. :'D

  9. Provided that we're getting anywhere between six to eight total classic Zones, that still leaves the likelihood of some games getting the double-dip treatment. Out of the five, up to three of these games will get a second tribute, meaning it could also be just the one for all we know.

    Taking into account what significant landmark stage elements and tropes we have seen being replicated in existing Mania levels, both brand new and remixed, this is pretty much what the list of contenders is whittled down to, based on what the infographic made note of. Zones bolded are my more favoured picks.

    Sonic 1: Maybe. Maybe.

    • CONFIRMED: Green Hill Zone. 
      • Scrap Brain Zone, almost without contest, but would make for a third industrial-type Zone following CPZ and FBZ. Would need some real good reinventing in the second Act for it to stand out, seeing as certain elements are brought back in Studiopolis.
      • Some Badniks have been reused across multiple Zones in a game in the past (e.g. Crabmeat), therefore bringing the volcanic ruin stage Marble Zone to a close second.

    Sonic 2: Extremely likely.

    • CONFIRMED: Chemical Plant Zone.
      • Aquatic Ruin Zone, based on its appearance in the inaugural Sonic Mania 25th Anniversary Trailer in which GHZ (obvious pick) and FBZ (not so obvious pick) also appeared. A ruins-centric area is always welcome, plus it already transitions from CPZ.
      • Hill Top Zone for the high mountainous area with volcanic elements, but might clash stylistically with GHZ.
      • Oil Ocean Zone, while unique, would still be yet another industrial area to tack on with CPZ (a fellow S2 stage) and FBZ.
      • Mystic Cave Zone could allow for deeper exploration into the underground mining tunnels of Westside Island and (personally speaking) has the most potential as a result — Hidden Palace β and the Zone's recent appearance in one of the final Archie's Sonic Universe arcs, "Shattered", come to mind. Might clash with LRZ as underground level.


    • CONFIRMED?: Hydro City Zone, which made for arguably the better received aquatic Zone in the entire classic Sonic lineup for its comparatively not-so-claustrophobic level design (LOOKING AT YOU, LABYRINTH ZONE) and tasty, savoury jams. Elements can easily be borrowed from other underwater stages in the early series such as Tidal Tempest Zone and the aforementioned Labyrinth Zone. The stage might have been leaked earlier today as well, but there's no direct confirmation at this time.
      • Ice Cap Zone, the landmark ice trope level with a memorable (albeit automated) opening bit as Sonic, complete with snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, and ice-filled caverns. Can easily transition from FBZ as originally designed. Completely biased as this is my top favourite classic Zone. Features one of the most remixed songs in video game history, but its current legal status is completely unknown outside of fan speculation, leaving its likelihood up in the air. Concept art in the Mania manual from SDCC is also likely pointing to a possible new ice-themed stage as well, so... yeah. Hard times... :'x
      • Launch Base Zone, which marked the second launch (and subsequent second crash) of the Death Egg. Status dubious over it being another industrial trope although with underwater elements, but that could hinge on remaining stage picks and how it can be reinvented in the second Act. Points for the standout Big Arms boss. Can be used to re-establish Eggman's presence on Angel Island. Easily transitions from HCZ underwater or, like in the original, ICZ through the snow.

    Sonic & Knuckles: Likely.

    • CONFIRMED: Flying Battery Zone.
    • POSSIBLE: 
      • Sandopolis Zone: From the shifting sand lands to the inner tunnels of a pyramid, animated golems and spooky scary ghouls, there's a lot that Sandopolis could bring to the table. Already transitions from FBZ in the original game. Counterpoint… Mirage Saloon Zone.
      • Lava Reef Zone: Dive deep into the volcanic tunnels of Angel Island, leading you closer and closer to the Master Emerald in the Hidden Palace. Does what Marble Zone does with lava but better with active Act 1 and cooled Act 2, and can take notes from Hill Top Zone on rising lava hazards. Might clash with MCZ as an underground level.
      • Sky Sanctuary: Ruins way up in the heavens? Sure, but... didn't this place crumble down twice already in S3&K? What would be left of it now?

    Sonic CD: Not very likely.

    • CONFIRMED: Stardust Speedway Zone.
    • POSSIBLE: By process of elimination... Tidal Tempest. That said, if SSZ does bring in time travel as well and the foreseen Hydro City/other underwater Zone borrows elements from this Zone, TTZ could be a redundant choice, therefore possibly leaving SSZ as the only SCD-representing stage.

  10. I mean when you're stuck between Clinton and Trump, how CAN you choose, right?

    This has been an extremely concerned neighbouring Canadian's saddening attempt at levity in commenting about the seedy underbelly of American politics.

    Please don't fuck this up next week. Don't vote for the mentally deranged, 4th grade-limited vocabulary, dangerously ill-tempered, baby-hands Oompa-Loompa fuckface who was mistakenly given the privilege to breathe in the first place. He will ruin us all. The world is watching, America. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.

  11. With all the hubbub going on at home to get ready to move out next weekend, I completely freaking forgot about the Volcanion distribution SHIT DAMN IT! ...don't suppose anyone has a spare North American code lying around? :'V @JayRaR MANY THANKS, MY GOOD DUDE <3

    If not that (and on a more feasible note), I'm also looking for a Joltik – raised one in Black and White but I don't have those games on hand anymore (and I forgot to transport it onto Bank so YAY). Ideally a Timid-natured one, but if not, I'll breed one if need be!

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