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  1. I'd say my favorite is Sonic Unleashed/Generations style, Sonic and his friends look both cute and cool at the same time, which is a great as it reminds me of the classics, since you know classic Sonic and Co were fluffy cute (even classic Eggman, lol)
  2. What I'd want to see, it's to see a canonical explanation as to where Eggman gets his budget and supplies to built an nearly infinite bunch of robots. While I'm convinced Eggman is his villain persona and that he has a civilian identity (possibly a CEO owner of a multimillionaire enterprise, this is vaguely hinted by one of the Sonic Riders games... I don't remember which) but then again this idea is pretty much my fanon/headcanon. Anyone ever wonder about this or am I the only one? Another thing I wish we could get, it's Amy subtly maturing into a better person overall, I don't mean that she should get over Sonic but that she stops being so clingy and whatnot.
  3. I've been into the franchise since early 2003, Sonic X was the fuel for the little building flame of being a Sonic fan (although I grew to dislike Sonic X) and became a big time fan from 2003-2007, I drew Sonic fan art non stop... XD But Sonic X ended, Sonic 06 disappointed me and the crazyness of DA made me leave the Sonic fanbase for a while, I was mildly interested and kept buying the games for the sake of collection. But Sonic Colors came out and I am back in.
  4. I would like to see a combination of Anthrope and Human characters, you know... that you move around a city and you get to see several anthropes walking in the main street along with some humans in the mix. It would give some sense to the idea of "Anthropes are so common that humans don't raise an eyebrow when they see Sonic"
  5. A Sonic show? I'd prefer to see it in 2d animation, CGI is very expensive and unpractical for a TV series. Also TV-made CGI is very stiff and lacks detail, Sonic is supposed to be a fluid, seeing him running in lower frame rates would be crude. I think it would be better if the show was american made, since we all know how big the Japanese budget of Sonic X was. The Storylines could be like Sonic Unleashed, comedic and adventurous... with a tiny flavor of darkness but not too dark. having a few story arcs would be nice specially for seasons finales. Also have a few monster of the week episodes. And create some exclusive villains, because Eggman being the ONLY villain in the show would be tiresome. If I were in charge of the show, I'd bring back Fang the sniper, for him to be a villain instead of Eggman in some episodes. I wouldn't want the developers to follow the game storylines, Shadow can be in the show without going back to explain or show how SA2 happened, maybe a couple of flashbacks so newer viewers could get what is Shadow. If I were in charge of the show, I would ensure the show was treated as an AU of the SegaSonic continuity, and universe very similar yet different at the same time. My biggest unlikely to come true dream is: to be in charge in an american made Sonic TV show/Movie. Sounds retarded... doesn't it?
  6. Falling apart? no offense but the Sonic community has always been the divided fanbase you see, maybe its more divided than before due all the different continuities and different types of fans (SegaSonic fans, Archie fans, Fleetway fans, SatAm fans, SA1/2 only fans, etc) But its always been this way, and nothing wrong with it as it adds diversity of topics among fans and thus in a way makes the Sonic universe far more interesting. Why the drama? usually drama is made by people who take their hobbies too seriously. That's my two cents.
  7. I agree, I think I might be part of a minority, but I would love to see Amy in different clothes each game, that would reflect her "love for fashion" aspect of her hobbies and personal taste, not to mention with slightly different haircuts.
  8. Sonic Adventure 2 battle was the first Sonic I owned, I did played the classics in my dad's laptop, and my brother owned Sonic Advance 2, but other than that... no. In early 2005 I got my GC and came with SA2 battle, I played it and It got me hooked, the speed, the music and the "cool" story and character lead me to be obsessed with that game for years, I still remember that one Saturday that I spent playing SA2 all the damn day because I didn't have a memory card, it didn't bother me at all... XD. But to day, I am 17 and to be honest I can see why people regard it as "the best thing evah", it was a pretty nice game + Nostalgia = OMG BEST THING EVAH FOREVAH!" It was a pretty nice game... but not the best.
  9. Soma means that Eggman looking too realistic makes the cartoon animal characters look out of place or worse... very creepy. Being insane and comical doesn't stop a character from being a threatening villain, look at the joker, his name... his looks and his wardrobe are that of a silly clown, yet he does the most outrageous things.
  10. I only support this: Eggmanxrandomrobotlady Lol, just kidding (can't believe I drew this for the sake of some laughs)
  11. Well, to me Sonic Heroes never happened... I think Sonic Heroes should be retconned with another game just to do some justice for Shadow. Shadow isn't a bad character or concept at all, he was just misused since 2003 to 2006... specially in 2005, XD. The main problem was SEGA trying to cash from his angst and identity crisis, which were clearly resolved in SA2. That's my two cents.
  12. Cool idea, but how would that work? I am not sure if the Nocturnus clan is still Loyal to Lord Ix, or if he still has Marauders to work for him. Also, how would he be an antagonist to Knuckles beside being the man who tried to kill Knuckles' ancestors?
  13. Well, I was made fun of in 4th grade for liking Sonic games, anytime they saw me drawing a sonic character they yelled "Sonic is UR boyfriend", saying BS like that is just gross. They eventually stopped, when I started to ignore them. I guess it has to do with Sonic looking more cute than awesome in Sonic X, yep, Sonic X was airing when I was 9.
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