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  1. TSR is an absolute blast online, you team up with strangers feeling like total besties xD They really dropped the ball on adding more of a leaderboard/rank system however, otherwise the game could've a much longer online life than the All-Stars titles.

  2. (Fanboy talk) I really like how they portrayed Vector in this, he's not around for much chatter but he uses his well-known money obsession to hide him snooping around - though he also definitely participated for the small chance there is a prize. Shadow, Rouge and especially Omega could have gotten a bit more to do for all the Big cutscenes there are, but otherwise everyone got some nice moments. And I know I complained about Big's portrayal, but I just noticed Zavok's started referring to himself in the third person in some lines ("Zavok is mighty")...so I immediately apologize to Big. Keeping Dodon Pa around is also a good decision, there's some things that don't add up about him and he has an interesting character motivation, won't go into details right now for spoilers. Between Cubot complaining that he's not playable and the Chaotix mentions, I think they're already looking into the future of the Sumo racers, and I'm interested if it could lead to another great game like Transformed. Depends a lot on how this will perform sales-wise, of course, but I think from critics they have reasons to be happy considering how limited the game had to be.
  3. Really enjoyed this issue overall! I haven't followed IDW much and despite appearing in Year 1, the Chaotix didn't leave much of an impression there since they were kind of crammed into other's storylines, but Ian has improved writing them quite a bit over the years. Just like other characters (if not more so), they're more interesting when allowed to do their own thing rather than tag along Sonic.
  4. Why are people saying the Power characters are bad? I'm having a lot of success using them. I do notice not many are using them online but I figured that's because they're not used to their handling yet, but it's 80% Speed types so far anyway because they seem like the obvious choice. It's a bit early for that but I'd even argue they're the best class. Whenever they break something you're awarded rings increasing your top speed, as Blue Blood says you can clear the power shortcuts for your team mates to follow your slipstream before they respawn, and their boost power is actually insane. I modded Vector to get near-max speed and boost stats (with non-existent acceleration/handling as a consequence) and he shoots to the front of the pack from the starting boost alone. They also have the most exclusive Wisps, including Void. If anything I stand by my claim that the Technique racers are the least useful for team races because using their shortcuts messes up your team mates trying to slingshot off you, unless you're partnered with two other Technique types. Plus their exclusive Wisp is the Bloop..er, Magenta Rhythm, the worst one in there. Handling and Acceleration is something that's mostly important for new players in my eyes, but regardless their stats are a bit higher in average than the others, so I think all three are nicely balanced.
  5. Finished the Team Adventure mode today, it took me two evenings and was quite the challenge jumping right into Hard mode. There's definitely a lot to get out of it by doing the secret challenges and Expert mode just like World tour, though it's sorely missing a post-campaign chapter. And while there's not much to spoil, I have a few thoughts about the story. Also on the topic of the Type spotlight, after playing a lot I must say that the Technique characters are probably the weakest of the bunch. They're easy to get into, but they struggle the most in the team gameplay because using their shortcuts will sabotage your Speed/Power characters who won't be able to follow your slipstreams, which is crucial for winning. Somehow their AIs are also the ones failing the most in your CPU team.
  6. I'm pretty happy with the scores. Haven't read any reviews in detail yet, but it generally seems to be what we all expected, a fun game that could have been more if Sega had had more confidence in it. Sumo did their best as usual, but at the same time I wouldn't want Sega to feel too rewarded for forcing them to take so many shortcuts in terms of content (though as expected, barely anyone noticed the reused tracks). I hope they'll keep cooperating, regardless if for more All-Stars or Sonic! Also weird how that Japanese Amazon pre-order with the trailer music listed the "Game Mode spotlight" which they never ended up releasing. Guess the Adventure mode isn't quite the selling point here!
  7. You better apologize to Lost Palace right this instant : P The Casino Park remix is really addictive as well, it's all just that good. Nothing on the Final Fortress tracks yet..there's some tracks that would fit Egg Hangar, but they could as well be used for "boss" races or Turbine Loop, I guess. At this point I'll probably just wait to find out myself, which should be very soon. It's weird how those tracks seemingly aren't part of Grand Prix though. I think you wouldn't have liked the Google translation.
  8. In other news (before it leaks anyway), the latest of the team interviews they've been doing may actually have dropped a hint towards Do Donpa's true nature: http://sonicjpnews.blogspot.com/2019/05/ndws-direct-interview-with-tsr-teams-4.html
  9. As usual, I don't expect them to make any additions to the main roster (despite characters like Rouge having animations for like..5 events at this point). Instead they will probably continue on the path they've taken in Rio, either switching out a few guest characters for new ones, adding a second one for each event and/or allowing each guest in two events this time. Who the new ones may be is a different question. I'd say another Deadly Six member such as Zeena is very possible, same for the Koopalings. Big has a chance of joining this time, also Omega (who wasn't in Rio Wii U) since they've both made a comeback recently, though Big is generally more ignored in the eastern branch of the franchise. Charmy and Storm are still question marks considering how neglected they usually are, same for Cream (right now at least) but she might take Sticks' place this time. The Mario side has a lot of notable options left with Pauline, Toadette, Birdo, Koopa Troopa and others including Boom Boom, whom the intro promoted as playable but then just ended up as part of the Rugby event along the Egg Pawns, while Dry Bowser took the real last spot. Rio had a lot of surprises in store with the guests, so I'm sure it will be no different here.
  10. What I will say about Galactic Parade is that it's not only the flying section that would have been removed, even the road changed to something slightly different every lap, and taking that away would have made it less special. I guess Ocean View gave us some wrong expectations here, but I hope we can have another racer with dynamic track design eventually. Though I'm really wondering about Egg Hangar vs Turbine Loop as the final track now. The Death Egg track is far more interesting and also much easier for them to port, but it technically isn't part of Final Fortress and wouldn't the zone have a different name in that case?
  11. Nice to have both Follow Me and Team Chaotix back, even if only playing for 5 seconds. I bet This Machine is in there too, I always liked the cheesy Heroes themes. The game looks pretty crazy on higher difficulty, I could barely follow their moves at times, this will be insane on Expert mode just like Transformed! Galactic Parade is officially dead, and Whale Lagoon is somehow the final track of the Seaside zone?? In that case the classic tracks are definitely not ordered by difficulty, which means Turbine Loop may well be back over Egg Hangar. The Death Egg is not part of Final Fortress after all, though that track was basically ready to be ported.
  12. I don't think anyone outside the fanbase will notice the retro tracks, including reviewers; ASR was quickly forgotten once Transformed rolled around the corner two years later. That doesn't make it okay though, they grabbed everything Sonic from All-Stars and built half a game around it, and it's showing how limited the budget for this project must be. I'm sure Sumo would include a lot more fanservice if they could, and with the downward spiral the franchise's fallen into after Transformed's release I'm happy we're even getting a spin-off in 2019 that doesn't have the name Mario written next to it, so I want to support this for what it is, which looks enjoyable - even though we should be able to expect better. I'm mainly hoping this finds some success so Sumo Digital can do bigger things again in the future, maybe even bring back S0L and the others for another All-Stars. This looks so pale in comparison to Transformed because Transformed was fantastic, but that game only got to happen in the first place because of ASR's success. Sega were stupid for declining their offers on making another title for so many years, until Sonic basically became a budget series.
  13. Egg Hangar is as good as confirmed, Final Fortress wouldn't start off with Thunder Deck otherwise and they can pretty much reuse the track 1:1 from Transformed. I want to say yes on Galactic Parade, but at this point (sadly) it's 90% just gonna be Pinball Highway. Starlight Carnival just doesn't fit too well with two Casino Park tracks and the other zones are all very cohesive in their theme.
  14. Ah, thanks, finally the Ultimate Theme for the detective you want on your side no one could have seen coming. I hope we get some longer versions of the remixes somewhere in the game, or as part of the OST, because they're wasted on the boost moves. You're right about Hidden Volcano, the lava looks really plastic when it was fine in Transformed's Adder's Lair. I love how King Boom Boo stalks you through Boo's House! The other tracks still must be under NDA, we have nothing from Sand Road and the inevitable Pinball Highway/Casino Park 3. Bonus:
  15. Love love love the track playing for Lost Palace, it reminds me of something else from the series I can't name right now, but probably my favourite so far! There's a lot of footage and impressions swirling around and most of it seems to be quite positive, though I found two mentions of disconnection problems during online races - hopefully they'll be able to maintain the servers before launch. The wide track design is most likely for the slipstream mechanic not becoming too aggravating. I found some footage with bits from Thunder Deck, Boo's House, Doctor's Mine and story dialogue from Amy. I suggest turning off the sound though unless you're into some bland German commentary: https://www.4players.de/4players.php/tvplayer/4PlayersTV/Alle/39521/135160/Team_Sonic_Racing/Video-Vorschau.html Also some Chao gameplay including their Ultimate if anyone's interested. It's Omochao's first speaking role since Free Riders(?) and it sounds even higher-pitched than before:
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