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  1. While I enjoyed the issue just like the last one, the comic has always felt very formulaic for something with only 18 issues so far. I love seeing the cast handle this dark storyline though, but this one could have taken a bigger risk by infecting Sonic handling his own infection and being unable to help already feels old to me since it was the exact same as in #17, but Gemerl raised a good point about him being dangerous. Now we're getting two more parts of this with Team Dark, and I'm going to be really annoyed if there's no pay-off and Sonic won't end up turning by the end of it. I'm sure the comic can survive one mini-arc with him as an antagonist. The three-parter starting with Tails will hopefully shake things up, I'd like to see the story used to its full potential rather than "just fighting off Zombots". For example, have Charmy infiltrate the shuttle and force Vector and Espio to face and capture him. This causes panic to break out among the survivors while Amy, Rouge(?) and Cream try to keep things in control. If you wanna get Knuckles involved, have them evacuate everyone to Angel Island and give us a reason why he supposedly worked as Resistance leader. Heck, let Eggman fall to the virus and have Orbot and Cubot lead Tails to the source of it. With this ending at either #23 or #24, I doubt there will be much place for any of it.
  2. Looking back I don't think development for this title went smoothly at all. When the game's existence was first confirmed by the person who also leaked the Avatar for Forces, he mentioned it was scheduled for early 2018 but was pushed to the holidays...yet it ended up releasing half a year later on top of that. Around the delay, Sumo even started hiring for a racing game, allegedly for their next project but I think we know it wasn't only that. Now, the core game ended up pretty decent despite light on content, but the part that was really hit by this was the online mode. There's tons of complaints about it and while it works for the most part on the PS4, yesterday I noticed something weird: A player left and rejoined in the middle of the race, probably due to connection problems, and somehow this triggered a bug that allowed other players to join the lobby while the race was still going, and it was filled up with 12 players when I got back, and even said "Game in Progress" instead of showing the usual timer. This must be an intended feature for the mode that is disabled for whatever reason, and something that should be a given for any online game, since it allows lobbies to actually fill up instead of throwing you an into empty one while ten others lobbies are going with maybe two, three people. It's how it works with Transformed or any Mario Kart, for that matter, and is crucial later in a game's life span if you don't want the online community to just drop it. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the online mode is still unfinished. Steam users aren't even able to join a lobby with their friends from what I've heard, and that's probably the reason why there wasn't any pre-order or pre-load for the game at all, because they were working on it until the last minute. Apparently patches for PC and Switch are still on the way, but I'm unsure if they will actually finish the online experience or just let it die and move on to the next project/sequel - which is a shame because the team races online are so much fun when it does work.
  3. The thing is CTR deserved a much higher sales debut than TSR, I won't compare budgets since it's different companies but it's obvious how much passion and care went into the former, while Sumo were forced to take several shortcuts with the game to the point it ended up as a Sonic compilation of All-Stars content with half a new game built around it. If TSR was moving just as many copies Sega would get the wrong message from, getting away with not putting any effort into their titles. However it wasn't "murdered by CTR" either the way some made it out to be. The game rose six places up to #12 on the UK charts this week after a full month, so if it won't continue doing well in the long run then that's not because kart racers are unable to coexist but because Sega are unwilling to patch and support it at all. The online mode is still awful despite potentially being a blast thanks to the team gameplay, but my guess is they'll move on to a sequel instead for 2022/23, just like the jump from All-Stars Racing to Transformed. Iizuka talking about Dodon Pa returning for future racing competitions pretty much confirms this.
  4. This may actually be the most exciting part of the game. There's a mystery ??? toggle on the event selection screen with Classic Mario and Sonic, so seemingly there will be "1964" events for when the Olympics were last held in Tokyo. Knowing Sega this will only feature the classic cast even though none of them existed that year, but that's pretty much the whole Mario cast except for Jr, Waluigi and Daisy..it would be fun to see them come up with "classic" sprites for characters like Blaze, but doubtful since even the Chao are excluded from the audience.
  5. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks SO GOOD and cinematic, it has everything you could want of the series - huge surprise after Dark Moon

    1. PublicEnemy1


      It looks pretty good. The enemies, however, look mostly the same, except with slightly different hats. Still wish we had Portrait Ghosts again...

      Though, with that security officer ghost at the end, maybe that wish might still come true.

    2. LukA8


      They actually promised more ghost characters in the style of the Gamecube game, so it seems to take inspiration from both games. You should check out the gameplay from Treehouse, there's a ghost who's a film director there.

    3. shdowhunt60


      We might be getting that actually. There's that one night guard ghost that we saw briefly.

      Personally I'm just happy that Luigi adopted poulterpup.

    4. Cayenne



      Fortunately, Nintendo and Next Level Games heard the criticism about the generic designs:


      Tanabe and Ikebata said they’re aware of the criticism that Dark Moon’s ghosts were generic compared to the more specific, named cast of boss ghosts in the GameCube original

      They promise more of the GameCube-style ghosts for this one, though the generic green/blue/gold ghosts are plenty present as you play through each room


    5. SupahBerry



      I love how King Boo seems much more savvy in planning his trap for Luigi and Co. Instead of clearly being haunted, the hotel looks beautiful and inviting, and they're lured in clear, sunny daylight. It looks as cool as it does in the pictures they read.

      How can we get a game that looks nothing like Dark Moon HD after we got Sticker Star HD?


      One boss ghost that was featured has a full blown name and personality. Already a massive improvment from 2's bosses.

    6. LukA8


      King Boo looks like he's absolutely done with Luigi, I expect some great chase sequences through the hotel since I doubt that scene was the final boss

  6. The full roster's already shown in the E3 demo, it's the usual 20 but there's some free space that will likely be used for the Guest button. Kind of funny that the website acts all secretive like it hasn't been the same cast for 5 games. Also, three dream events is a bit of an insult but still better than none, plus something seems to be up with that Retro teaser in the trailer. It would be fun to see the modern cast as Sonic 1 sprites, but somehow I don't see that happening. Since Rio had 14 guest characters and this one seemingly has 24 events, we could potentially see new faces. Some of the Rio 3DS cast will likely turn up (Dry Bones, Ludwig, Roy, Omega, Nega), but not sure who else would join on the Sonic side if not even Cream made it. Big or Zeena, I guess?
  7. The official website updated, but I picked out the only screenshot worth seeing... https://www.olympicvideogames.com/marioandsonic/ The different outfits depending on event are a really nice touch, and the new events look fun, but otherwise it's rather lacklustre as expected. Dream events are nowhere to be seen, Cream and Charmy are both referees again (so much for the "tremendous" cast) and Zavok was the only guest character shown, in the exact same event he had in Rio 2016. I'm sure the guest/boss characters will have some new additions revealed in the future, but there seems to be a lot of recycling going on. Hopefully events like football will be available online this time.
  8. I must say I barely have any interest in this outside of seeing the character outfits, and maybe getting small new playable roles for characters like Charmy, Pauline or Zeena. The wacky dream events and modes with some depth like Adventure Tours or London Party have kept the first two sequels fresh and interesting, but Sochi and Rio were both really lacking in this regard. I wish they jumped more into the Dream Olympics part which have so much potential, gave us another mode with an explorable hub world and most of all, gave fun Dream events like Dream Bobsled at Sweet Mountain more courses, difficulties and online multiplayer, so they stay interesting for more than 20 minutes..but I guess that's a minigame collection for ya. Sochi was still a joke with the 3 events you could play online. With the Olympic events, it just feels like we've had this very game three times before already, in Beijing, London, Rio and now Tokyo. There's only so much you can do to make 100m Sprint more interesting.
  9. Most of Sonic's Steam ports have done rather poorly lately, this doen't seem much different. Lost World PC (keep forgetting that's a thing), Mania and Forces are all still stuck at 100,000-200,000, and part of that is definitely thanks to Denuvo. Even Bayonetta 1's PC port, an 8 year old game at the time, has reached 500,000+. Transformed did as well, but I remember the game had loads of discounts and wasn't it even free for a while?
  10. It seems to be doing alright on Amazon around the world (better than Forces following release), topped the weekly charts in Germany (#2 on Xbox, #3 on PS4 but only #8 for Switch) and ""charted"" in Japan selling hilarious 5,000 copies in a dead week, continuing the Japanese Sonic joke where Forces bombed with 10,000 copies even during the holiday season (I wonder how Transformed debuted there). The low budget says a lot about the expectations they had for this game, and even if it's not exactly setting records it seems to be doing surprisingly well considering that (not so sure on PC). The UK seems the most interested in this game and I think an eventual sequel/follow-up is not unlikely at all, however the scope of which will depend a lot on how badly CTR will murder this sales-wise in the long run. Until then, I'll be carefully expecting 21 characters + classic Starlight Carnival, Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill and Death Egg zones : P On an entirely different note, has anyone dumped the voice lines yet? There's so much dialogue in there it's kind of crazy, and I don't think I can discover all of it anytime soon. There's reactions for hitting and being hit by a specific character, lines where cast member X encourages Y to do better which only seem to pop up online for me, and the cast's reaction to the race tracks which I can't seem to get at all. I heard of Tails being banned from Casino Park and Amy commenting on Rooftop Run shops or cafés, but all I ever got was team mate Silver saying Planet Wisp would be nice to live in. Not really sure how to trigger them and if every character has those.
  11. Sonic Runners of all things touched upon some more interesting points for him. He manipulated Zazz and used him as a pawn to monitor his fights with Sonic to find his weakness while plotting his revenge with Master Zik, and that story was likely going to continue in the scrapped Zomom boss event (never forget Hunk of Meat companion).Them being based on the Japanese Oni/guardian spirits could actually be really interesting, but then you see how he's being used..Completely brushed aside by the cast in the story and being talked to like he was their old buddy in races, and still no one knows what the hell a Lost Hex is.
  12. Oh dear, Zavok is already dominating the Time Trial leaderboards, why does it not feel like a coincidence that he's the fastest in the game? : P I mean, other characters were pushed similarly in the past until they had enough fans, but the difference is that they were mostly liked or had at least one starring role when the story was more of a focus. Zavok was the stereotypical evil Bowser, then returned in Forces where his role made absolutely no sense, and now the character's suddenly a loyal minion to the point where you can't be sure the Deadly 6 are still a thing. He does gain fans from those appearances, but the side that dislikes him will only do more with such inconsistent portrayals. He's already a lock for M&S Tokyo at this point. I'm pretty sure I saw some spooky figure or skeleton show up at the side of the track for a split second as well, though I'm not sure if they were part of that short. It's a really cool reference regardless!
  13. Ironically, I have to say I say enjoy Seaside Hill the most out of the returning zones. I was most excited for Final Fortress, and both it and Casino Park look stunning, but they're really not a good fit for this gameplay style. Ocean View always had broader track design so it didn't need any changes, but both Whale Lagoon and Lost Palace feel larger and better to race on. The other returning tracks however are really narrow and chaotic, and the fun stops when you get by every single rocket, Team Ultimate, Quake and other items online because there's simply no place to avoid any of it. Even Turbine Loop feels better to race on as bland as it may be. But they also really stick out compared to the new tracks, which just have more life in them - even if it's just in the form of hot-air balloon bouncing, King Boom Boo taunting you or Caterkillers rising from the sand. Keep in mind a third All-Stars Racing instead of TSR likely wouldn't have had much more content either (in 2019, at least), and the downgrade from Transformed would've been just as clear if not more. Since Iizuka expressed interest in making more Sonic racers, it might be best to pull a Riders and start including the All-Stars as bonus teams (such as Ulala, Beat and Vyse for Dreamcast) and bringing back Sega Carnival as a zone. No fanbase would have to miss out in that case and let's be honest, even if we get a TSR 2 and 3 I doubt they'd have much interest in including many Sonic characters beyond Espio, Charmy, Cream, Orbot/Cubot, Zazz, the Babylon Rogues and maybe Chaos.
  14. TSR is an absolute blast online, you team up with strangers feeling like total besties xD They really dropped the ball on adding more of a leaderboard/rank system however, otherwise the game could've a much longer online life than the All-Stars titles.

  15. (Fanboy talk) I really like how they portrayed Vector in this, he's not around for much chatter but he uses his well-known money obsession to hide him snooping around - though he also definitely participated for the small chance there is a prize. Shadow, Rouge and especially Omega could have gotten a bit more to do for all the Big cutscenes there are, but otherwise everyone got some nice moments. And I know I complained about Big's portrayal, but I just noticed Zavok's started referring to himself in the third person in some lines ("Zavok is mighty")...so I immediately apologize to Big. Keeping Dodon Pa around is also a good decision, there's some things that don't add up about him and he has an interesting character motivation, won't go into details right now for spoilers. Between Cubot complaining that he's not playable and the Chaotix mentions, I think they're already looking into the future of the Sumo racers, and I'm interested if it could lead to another great game like Transformed. Depends a lot on how this will perform sales-wise, of course, but I think from critics they have reasons to be happy considering how limited the game had to be.
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