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  1. ..So how 'bout that Sonic Boom movie now?

  2. Crash Team Racing is simply my favourite racing game of all time. It is so easy to get into, but so challenging to master. Everyone I knew was able to play this game with me simply by picking it up. It was really accessible compared to titles like Transformed, and I think that's where it will score. However, even Crash Nitro Kart, which as a sequel did nothing wrong per se, just didn't feel right in comparison, so I'm interested if this one can live up to the original.
  3. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Crash Team Racing was a huge part of my childhood, so it's definitely a must-have title for me sooner or later (even if I'm a bit iffy on the N-Sane art style). That being said, I hope Sega doesn't do anything stupid with TSR now. While I didn't expect CTR so soon, it's not like they couldn't see it coming, especially with the 20th anniversary. Both delaying the game to fall or rushing it out for early spring will kill it off completely. If TSR turns out decent, it still has a whole month of sales before Crash, and may have some legs over the year. And let's be honest, no one is expecting this game to move millions of units. If they delay it again, it will just collide with some new Mario Kart 8 expansion.
  4. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Takashi Iizuka: "Team Sonic Racing is not All-Stars Racing 3!!" *includes car designs music and retro tracks from All-Stars* I have no problems with retro tracks a la Mario Kart, it depends on how reimagined they are. Whale Lagoon is a very basic track, and how is it even gonna provide interesting possibilities for the team mechanic? I can see the flower fields becoming off-road terrain for Technique types, but the track didn't have any alternate routes that could be redesigned for Power types. What this means for the track selection is another topic.. - It could be a "retro" zone, consisting of three tracks chosen from Seaside Hill, Casino Park and Final Fortress - A tropical zone, made of something like Emerald Coast, Green Hill and Seaside Hill - All three Seaside Hill tracks return Anyway, Aaron hinted at the next reveal being something from Adventure (2), so I look forward to what they chose. I'm already happy with getting both Sandopolis/Pyramid Cave and likely Pumpkin Hill, and when the mandatory Casino Park reveal comes, we may also have a chance for Carnival Night or Twinkle Park.
  5. Oh, if it isn't Boob's House! (Rest in peace, Sonic Runners) I am thrilled to have the haunted trope back at last. I've always been clinging to Mystic Mansion as a comeback, but Sandopolis and Pyramid Base are two other vastly underused locations and they make a LOT of sense together. And I am down for them remaking any classic zone not featured in Generations. This looks like a really good choice.
  6. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I really welcome this decision, but I just wonder with such a far push back, how are they even going to promote the game in half a year? 12 of 15 characters are revealed, the other three are confirmed through not-quite-official means, but the character reveals kept the interest in the game going at least somewhat. The story's also been written so they won't alter the teams to bring in the missing Team Rose/Chaotix characters, so the only trio I could see being added are the Babylon Rogues. It's definitely in the realm of possibilities since a recent interview had "no comment at the moment" on the number of characters. That being said, 18 instead of 15 won't solve the game's problems, so I hope they mainly use that time to create a better product, and also breathe more life into the game, its characters and locations. I'm getting a little wary though since I keep thinking back to the comment that said the game was initially planned for Spring 2018, and Sumo Digital having other games stuck in development hell..
  7. As said above, in the Gamescom interview they revealed that the earliest stage they pulled from Sonic's history comes from Sonic 3, and they're probably referring to Death Egg or Sky Sanctuary. For the lava stage, you can see a volcano in the background of Ice Mountain, and similarly you can see Ice Mountain in the far distance of the Market Street track, so it seems the locations are connected. It is possible the volcano will be part of the Ice zone, but since that one was said to be inspired by several past ice stages in last month's panel, I find a Fire&Ice zone unlikely. It might be Lava Mountain, for some Lost World/Runners representation.
  8. It is Seaside Hill. You can see Ocean Palace's stone pattern on the ground. That being said, the developers confirmed the first Sonic game with stage representation is Sonic 3, and I think Seaside Hill is where Sonic gets his invitation to Dodonpa's grand prix (since Planet Wisp seems to be the beginning/poster child stage here), but of course they might pull a good old Sonic Team and go "Green Hill is SoNiC FaRceS representation". I wouldn't be surprised if both stages are in the game, but I really hope we get Aquarium Park, Twinkle Park, Mystic Mansion, at least ONE uncommon pick instead. There's not many locales left after all since out of seven, we have: - Planet Wisp - Rooftop Run - Ice Whatever - Lava Something - Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) stage Oh, and while I'm here, I've read in an interview that the customization system will reference the respective character's history, so expect some Tornado/Cyclone parts for Tails.
  9. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It's not really a delay, Sega have been screaming "WINTER!!" for the last several months. They probably were targeting December, but they never really had a chance of making an impact even with the holidays. At least that means they will have another month to polish it up a bit. It will definitely end up releasing sometime in January or February, with 14 of 15 characters revealed there's not that much left to promote especially considering who No. 15 is, so delaying it further into 2019 would kill the interest in the game even more. On top of that Sega have the license for the 2020 Olympics, so Mario&Sonic's next uninspired spin-off is just around the corner. What's weird is that the insider who confirmed TSR (and who initially gave details on Forces such as the Avatar) also mentioned it was scheduled for an early 2018 release, before being pushed back to become a holiday title. And now they couldn't even make that deadline? Almost sounds like it's gone through development hell.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    From the scans you can see that Eggman's presumed team is apparently not selectable in Adventure Mode since there's only 12 slots, so the stage is all set for the Tanooki guy to end up being a badnik, illusion or the good doctor himself, who'll end up a post-campaign unlockable. Invincibility is apparently also a hard-to-get item in the game, which is kinda surprising since this is exactly what the Team Ultimate does. Watch it end up being an Invincibility Wisp. The adventure map looks like something out of a mobile game, sadly. Famitsu mentions the mode being "quite long", which wouldn't surprise me considering how challenging Transformed's World Tour got, but I shouldn't trust Google Translate since it translated the text next to an Amy screenshot to "She is in a cool lunch box!". Finally we know what that car is. So with seven zones, we have: - Planet Wisp - Rooftop Run - Cool Edge? Ice Cap? Even with Holoska music, maybe this is supposed to be the aforementioned Sonic 3 rep, no way they've remade one from the ground up. - Seaside Hill, what is it with Sumo and this stage? - Lava Mountain? Unless it's part of the Ice Zone As well as two more, one of them certainly an Eggman base. I guess fans hoping for underappreciated picks like Twinkle Park, Aquarium Park or Hang Castle can lie down and die, as Zavok suggested once. Speed Highway, Sky Sanctuary or Final Fortress will probably fill up the rest.
  12. image.png.dfd2f20496ae5ac006a8c4bd9b079992.png

    "In order to ensure Team Sonic Racing has the highest-possible quality when it launches this winter, we proudly announce we have decided to scrap the last three racers!"

    1. Strickerx5


      Can we get one good image today?

    2. Bobnik


      Before anyone freaks out, this looks to be from probably from an earlier build, the IGN gameplay shows the menu and it's still 15

  13. I'm only on my phone right now, but I did try to open the largest resolution. Doesn't the right part of the left poster resemble this render? Maybe I'm just seeing things, but there was an interview where Sumo hinted at Sega fanservice, which is why I'm getting the idea in the first place. The right one is Vector' car, if you mean the yellowish thing. I don't know why they've kept the old concept for the billboards, it's probably low-priority. Edit: oh yeah, you were right. Big's car does have the antenna.
  14. Yeah, Rooftop Run is definitely one of the zones, like Planet Wisp. You can also see Ice Mountain in the back of the screenshots, so Lava Mountain is probably another zone considering the volcano we have seen. This track looks better already! Jumping on air balloons, springs are in the game (even lifting Big the Cat up) and is this an Opa Opa car left to the Tailgator?? Who in the last team could be driving it? A better way to reveal this would be some footage, though, I currently really don't understand what they're doing with the game.

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