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  1. LukA8

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    They're already dead, aren't they? Would be interesting if they end up falling to the virus.
  2. In my eyes, the Chaotix were rebooted because the game was mostly unknown and didn't define any of the characters, they just teamed up to kick some egg while the manuals gave them personalities that didn't really fit them in-game. It was easier to re-introduce them than act like they were always around, and there was never a need to bring back their classic counterparts because there wasn't any classic Sonic content to begin with, and even when there was the trio was never important enough in either side. Games like Generations or Mania still reference the game, and didn't Espio and Vector have some moves from Chaotix in the Olympics? Their classic parts may not be active, but Sonic Team still knows that doesn't change where they came from. Iizuka tends to make up his rules on the spot rather often, and while some of them are consistent (such as only Sonic having a real super form in Mania), others he swiftly breaks such as Mighty and Ray being "sealed away". Aaron also considers Mighty a Chaotix member to this day so it's an unspoken rule at most, and the Classic/Modern split is mainly because Sonic Team don't want to clog up the modern cast even further, characters they probably care about more. The Mania universe has existed for barely two years and Amy just joined, so if it continues to be a thing, something Chaotix is only really a matter of time. Mighty is now conveniently paired with Ray so they could easily take the trio, give them a slight rework and make them detectives, since that's what Classic Sonic knows them as anyway from Generations and Forces. I dunno, I may be biased here, and I won't get my hopes up since ST work in mysterious ways, but introducing them seems like a much safer choice than jumping straight to Shadow next. Plus, the team as a whole doesn't get much to do in modern Sonic unless a Heroes sequel/remake is on the table, so they could have a comfy spot there while modern games can focus more on characters like Shadow or Silver.
  3. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It might be the nostalgia goggles, but I always enjoyed Crash Team Racing far more than any Mario Kart (+All-Stars Racing). Everything about that game feels just right, and it was clear from the beginning that TSR wouldn't hold a candle to a remake. The 2-player video I saw not only shows that Coco is really annoying, but that Sonic Racing completely misses these little character moments and animations bringing life to the game, rather than just trash talk. I was hoping they would use the delay to add those, but the game probably wasn't close to finished in the first place. I wouldn't put the blame on Sumo though. The studio made two great racers and I'm sure the new team is talented as well, but it's clear they have very little to work with. From a baby budget to Sonic Team dictating character choices, team gameplay, courses and probably more, it would be a much better game with more love put into if they had more freedom. Not to mention they wanted to make a follow-up to Transformed which Sega shot down, probably in their Boom craze. I'll still support both games since I know Sumo are good developers for Sonic who put effort into their work, compared to whatever lifeless cash-in Forces was supposed to be.
  4. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Honestly, I have no doubt this game will end up just as fun as the original All-Stars Racing, if not better. The tracks seem far more varied, even with the "zone" aspect (which was my biggest gripe with ASR), and while the roster is not as large, we have the Team Adventure mode instead. Transformed easily had the best tracks, but lacked in the character selection, where I didn't care for any of the additions besides Vyse, Nights, Gilius and Musashi, while cutting half of the Sega cast for Danica Patricks. For most fans this is a huge step back from Transformed, which was undeniably an amazing game, but I've played it with many friends and I noticed all of them disliked the transforming gameplay for being difficult to get into, and only wanted to play the classic tracks. The first All-Stars Racing was much more accessible, so I get why they pressed the reset button there and developed it in another direction for mass appeal. The team gameplay seems easier to get into and has huge potential for multiplayer, if it ends up working online. And from the gameplay videos I've seen, all you really gotta do is share your items when you're in 1st and the bots will perform just as well as you.
  5. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    This game has Free Riders 2.0 written all over it. Even the blue Egg Pawns look like that robot who was part of Team Dark there. The article also mentions that Zavok appears independently in the story, so if people are curious why he'd be working with Eggman, there probably isn't any explanation and he's just a boss racer who joins the bad guys at the finale. And unless there's bonus missions for them, the character select for the Adventure mode showed the last team wasn't even playable in there, so there never really was a need for a Team Eggman.
  6. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    The new Famitsu shows Team Eggman alongside the second Planet Wisp track, taking place in the factory! The screenshot to Zavok's right also seems to take place in the Ice/Fire-themed level some have been speculating on, and there is some significance to Egg Pawn as well, though no idea whether they'll be a bonus playable or not. There's also mini maps on the screen now.
  7. LukA8

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Nega actually has an emblem in Sochi! You could see it on his ski at the start of that boss event against him, Rouge and Dry Bowser. I remember because I tried to find Rouge's during the race but gave up because that broad always changed into her bobsled when I caught up.
  8. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I mean I get why they're pushing Zavok, they have done it with several others in the past and still do it now, but people don't really pick up on it unless they don't like the character, hence this reveal didn't work at all. The series has way too many protagonists compared to antagonists and they're trying to balance that out a little which I'm fine with, but Zavok was introduced as someone who'd never work with Eggman willingly and is supposed to be a menacing and serious character, but they're just using him as this mini-boss lackey, using his "illusion" behaving exactly like the original for some reason, or goes racing with the Doc. It really cheapens the character and throws out the little sense the Deadly Six made, and therefore most people don't see anything to like about Zavok.
  9. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I don't think their reception would have been much better, but it's a shame they're unwilling to do anything with Orbot and Cubot. Team Eggman would have made a lot of sense with them part of it, and their dynamic with Metal Sonic would have been interesting to see, it was hinted before they were scared of him. But I guess teams that make sense is not this game's thing. First they shove them down everyone's throat in Colors, Lost World and even Runners, then they lose interest and just banish them to Sonic Boom without any changes. Ironically, the characters got some real development in the series, but I guess with their designs created in like five minutes, Sonic Team don't see them having much appeal to a wider audience.
  10. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Oh god. Orbot and Cubot would at least have given us some entertaining/annoying banter, but 99 out of 100 Zavok lines recorded will probably be "Die Tails! Die Big! Die Omochao!" (well that one's okay) This game will add so much depth to that nonexistence of a character. I like how they're trying to establish more villains, but Zazz would be a much better choice for the 6's poster boy, because he at least has something going for him - and let's be honest, the rest of them are all in the trash bin already. On a more positive note, I like how this makes Eggman a Technique Type racer, since I never thought the Power Type in Riders fit him too well. And at least one team will have a Technique type as their leader, since they robbed Rouge of that role.
  11. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Transformed's track design was amazing, and even without the boat section Ocean View is easily more interesting than what we've seen of TSR's original tracks. I hope they'll at least tie the Egg Kraken into the race somehow. Seaside Hill being its own zone however means there will be a third track, new or recycled, and that at LEAST the trio of Casino Park or Final Fortress will come back as well, making for the full stage selection and showing just how low-budget this project is. The Eggman zone pretty much has to be Final Fortress at this point, tied to Death Egg and maybe a returning Starlight Carnival if we're lucky. Let's pray the missing zone is not triple Casino Park, or they at least use its assets for an amusement theme including Twinkle Park.
  12. ..So how 'bout that Sonic Boom movie now?

  13. Crash Team Racing is simply my favourite racing game of all time. It is so easy to get into, but so challenging to master. Everyone I knew was able to play this game with me simply by picking it up. It was really accessible compared to titles like Transformed, and I think that's where it will score. However, even Crash Nitro Kart, which as a sequel did nothing wrong per se, just didn't feel right in comparison, so I'm interested if this one can live up to the original.
  14. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Crash Team Racing was a huge part of my childhood, so it's definitely a must-have title for me sooner or later (even if I'm a bit iffy on the N-Sane art style). That being said, I hope Sega doesn't do anything stupid with TSR now. While I didn't expect CTR so soon, it's not like they couldn't see it coming, especially with the 20th anniversary. Both delaying the game to fall or rushing it out for early spring will kill it off completely. If TSR turns out decent, it still has a whole month of sales before Crash, and may have some legs over the year. And let's be honest, no one is expecting this game to move millions of units. If they delay it again, it will just collide with some new Mario Kart 8 expansion.
  15. LukA8

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Takashi Iizuka: "Team Sonic Racing is not All-Stars Racing 3!!" *includes car designs music and retro tracks from All-Stars* I have no problems with retro tracks a la Mario Kart, it depends on how reimagined they are. Whale Lagoon is a very basic track, and how is it even gonna provide interesting possibilities for the team mechanic? I can see the flower fields becoming off-road terrain for Technique types, but the track didn't have any alternate routes that could be redesigned for Power types. What this means for the track selection is another topic.. - It could be a "retro" zone, consisting of three tracks chosen from Seaside Hill, Casino Park and Final Fortress - A tropical zone, made of something like Emerald Coast, Green Hill and Seaside Hill - All three Seaside Hill tracks return Anyway, Aaron hinted at the next reveal being something from Adventure (2), so I look forward to what they chose. I'm already happy with getting both Sandopolis/Pyramid Cave and likely Pumpkin Hill, and when the mandatory Casino Park reveal comes, we may also have a chance for Carnival Night or Twinkle Park.

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