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  1. Vector appearing early might be a red herring since they've been doing one Chaotix wallpaper each year since 2018, and they would have to skip Metal Sonic if they do all three. Although there's certainly a chance they're repeating the Generations route and will put Espio in a Sonic Heroes level and Charmy in the Colours amusement park, as they suspiciously didn't get as much as a mention in the Vector story. I'd honestly be happy with Big or Omega as well since they never really interacted with Sonic either, as long as they don't waste a slot on Sonic talking to himself but classic. We'll see next month.
  2. Colours was always weird in how the DS version felt like the definitive version, while the Wii version was more short-lived and missing chunks of the story that have been referenced in more recent games. If they're going for "ultimate" in the title, there's definitely potential here to include the Nega Mother Wisp and the encounters with the side cast. The art and music in the game are both top-notch and absolutely deserve the HD treatment, but as a standalone re-release it feels a bit odd when they could bundle it with Generations.
  3. So since 2 stories so far already involve the Chaos Emeralds and Eggman always comes at the end of the year, they might be building towards a Super Sonic x Eggman finale.
  4. Sonic x Amy/Shadow/Eggman/Cream and maybe x Metal Sonic/Jet/Classic Sonic(yay~) all seem like a given if it's Sonic-centered . I wonder what they'll do with Rouge though, she's the only one of the annual wallpaper who doesn't have much history with Sonic they could put, and Uekawa loves pairing Silver and Blaze as well. Definitely not getting any Chaotix this year.
  5. On top of all the references, it appears the theme park they're is the Newtrogic High Zone, you can even make out a palm tree in the background. A shame no Chaotix zone got to get the Mania treatment, but it's nice to see it get some love. There's also a Ring constellation in the sky, continuing the trend from the Sonic 2020 logo/art.
  6. This is neat, was hoping for multiple-character wallpapers for a while and they're adding stories with it! The way I see this go Sonic will definitely be in multiple (like Sonic & Amy), but hopefully not all of them since it would feel forced for certain characters. Plus I can't see them pass on pairing Silver and Blaze when they even matched their poses in solo art. Not expecting 24 characters, but just a little more variety than usual would be nice - Jet hadn't had one in 8 years yet they just drew Big again like they don't care.
  7. I wish they had handled the side characters differently. I got very excited over how fun Tawna's and Dingo's introduction levels were and wondered where they'd take their gameplay, but the timeline levels are simply disruptive - why would I want to repeat the Crash section of a stage I just did multiple times (to reach the flashback tapes), only with more Nitro crates? End their stages early if you must instead of having them drag on. Not to mention, as feared from previews - Cortex' gameplay was simply not fun. I'll take the one Evil Academy stage he has in Twinsanity over anything here, at least using his blaster was mindless fun, here I need ten tries until I get Cortex or the target into the right position and then he just dashes over it by accident anyway. Overall I really enjoyed the game, the presentation is incredible, characters and levels are beautiful and full of personality (loved the dialogue with Brio and Oxide in particular) but sadly they dropped the ball where it mattered and it's holding the game back. After always ending up with 2 or 3 missing crates because they're hidden off-screen for some stupid reason, I stopped bothering with completion after the first two worlds, replaying levels takes forever to load which is ridiculous for how much you have to do it, and the frustrating level design and difficulty stops me from recommending this to family and friends who I know were psyched for a Crash 4 but wouldn't like this one. The story also peaks with the N. Tropy boss and then just awkwardly continues anyway, in a way that makes sense but was not very exciting to watch play out. I'd pass on the frustrating last area if it meant more exciting boss battles, especially a grander finale where you actually get to use Dingodile, Tawna and Cortex as the cutscenes imply.
  8. Interesting to hear she is the last playable character when N. Tropy (or an alternate dimension counterpart of him) was also in the artwork that showed Cortex, Dingodile and Tawna. Did they scrap that campaign? The playable cast is already so varied and surprising that I'd be fine with it, I'm a big fan of all three extra characters and hopefully fans of Tiny, Crunch, Nina and co will also get something in the future. Also love the fact that she is supposed to be this guardian angel for the bandicoots whereas Dingodile is just a random dude caught up in everything.
  9. If someone had told me 15 years ago I'd get to play as Dingodile in a main Crash platformer I would have laughed. This feels so surreal it might have just become a day 1 for me. And Tawna, Cortex and Tropy too? The short Cortex clip didn't look too promising compared to the simple but fun gameplay he had in Twinsanity, so I hope they manage with all these different styles.
  10. Honestly, this issue just reminds me the Deadly Six could've been more interesting and fleshed out if they were a smaller group of say, 3 or 4 baddies. The games only keep using Zavok, Zazz and Zeena anyway (there was an unused voice line for her in Tokyo 2020) while the rest only had a miniscule cameo in Runners. There isn't enough space to focus on each one individually, and just like the Koopalings I don't see any noteworthy dynamic here that makes them stand out when they do appear as a group - they never even touched on the Deadly Sins concept, and I don't think anyone would be thrilled about two D6 teams in a hypothetical TSR sequel. Now, while the fights with Zeena and Zomom were absolutely well done, large parts of #25 and #26 were already used to give them a page of set-up each showing them taking over a region and then the same thing again with them meeting the heroes, so with this issue I wasn't even interested in seeing the other battles extended in the same manner of 27 considering how detached they feel from the Zombot saga (which mostly everyone's been ready to see conclude). Still looking forward to see the gang clash with their former allies, but considering how late it comes the stakes aren't too high about anyone else getting infected. The fact the constant teasing about Sonic's infection getting worse resulted in absolutely nothing is a huge disappointment though, even if he turns for two panels next time. It's what The Last Minute should've been about, even if Tails' cure immediately got destroyed after using it on Sonic.
  11. Wait, does the art suggest Dingodile, Tawna and N. Tropy are all playable characters? It even shows the potential gameplay styles for the former two. Cortex alone excites me thanks to Twinsanity but I hope he won't end up as criminally underused as he and Nina were in that game (which I'd like to think is impossible).
  12. I'm sure Sticks would've long been in the game if HL had permission - she's playable in Dash 2 and that game was used as a base when Forces started development, so they could easily port her animations like they did with Blaze, Cream and a couple others from Dash. There's always the chance Sega will change their mind on her, though, especially with the picks getting more bottom-of-the-barrel now, except for the weird absence of Eggman. Personally, I'd love to see Gemerl and Marine because of how long it's been for both of them...and granted, IDW warming me up to Gemerl.
  13. A character making or not making it on a t-shirt doesn't mean much. The Rogues have been included in pins, avatars and the mini-comics, but have been practically dead for the game series since 2010. Similarly, Cream gets yearly wallpapers but has all but disappeared from notable roles since Generations. Meanwhile, the Deadly Six have not appeared on any Sonic Channel media nor do they have character profiles but the console + mobile Olympics just cemented them as Eggman's henchmen, so they're not going anywhere.
  14. The event restrictions in the mobile game seem really arbitrary. Each event has five character slots with the last one always being one of the bosses, and only Sonic is playable in each, sorta like what Rio 3DS did. Tails, Amy and Vector are in 7 events and Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow and Silver are in 6 of them (not counting variations). As for the bosses, Eggman's in four with Nega in another three (so technically the combined Eggmen have as many as the others); Metal Sonic and Rouge are in two events each with Espio, Jet, Zavok and Zazz only being in one. So Eggman and Metal have been downgraded while Rouge got a bit of an upgrade (at this point, they must have her animations for nearly every event).
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