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  1. I doubt I'll ever enjoy another Olympic entry as much as Vancouver DS, the only one I'd argue had some real depth to it thanks to its Adventure mode with tons of exploration, character-specific recruiting and minigames, side quests and even a freaking post-game campaign. The sport outfits are a nice distraction to the fact that most events are simply ported from Rio, but even with online mode they will get old really fast, including the dream events which may be highlights but as usual only offer one single map you will have mastered after a few tries. To this day I don't understand why they never brought back the Mission and Circuit Modes from the very first game, especially the latter that you'd think would be a staple for the series just like it is for Kart Racers.
  2. I wonder if the Chaotix have a Charmy tracker, like they promised him ice cream but instead got him microchipped at the vet in case he runs off again after their usual arguments. Kinda suspicious to track down a bee so easily in the middle of the apocalypse > : 0
  3. #22 was alright. It felt rushed to me compared to last issue where not much was going on, and I would have liked to see them explore the creepy vibe of the whole base setting more instead of hell breaking loose immediately, but I guess there wasn't enough space for that. Quite surprised Sonic wasn't shoehorned into this one at all.
  4. To think it's been over six years since he's had a wallpaper. Nothing compared to Omega's 10+ years, but still ridiculous. Guess next year's style will have Charmy and Jet, though those "who is it" quizzes they do on Youtube constantly mention Zavok and Emerl of all characters (not that it necessarily means anything).
  5. The Chaotix have always been the only characters worrying about money, them having to suffer and juggle with real-life responsibilities such as the rent is just part of their shtick so they have a motivation with their business; everyone else usually shrugs it off when Vector being poor gets brought up again because it doesn't matter to them. It only exists in their context, for example Eggman promising to pay them once he conquers the world, but not outside of it because Sonic having to work the night shift is not part of the franchise. It's not something you should try to find logic in too much, just like the two worlds thing which is not them flying from one planet to another but just Sonic Team not wanting to use human characters and locales at the moment.
  6. Oh great, gaming news making people think Tokyo is getting 12 new playable characters again, which will obviously end in fire again when they're revealed as bonuses🤦‍♂️

    1. Thigolf



      Let the world burn


    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Thigolf Climate Change is already on the job there, don't you worry.

  7. So Sega just accidentally revealed their entire guest character roster in some TGS promo art that shows all of the character emblems. After some snooping it turns out there actually is one Mario newcomer in there, so I've spoilered it just in case:
  8. Neat, that will make some people relieved for sure. I suppose there will be guests for select events, but not all of them. It appears this one is for Sport Climbing (maybe Rouge?), but another screenshot for 100m does not have the icon, which might mean Nabbit will not return or is just somewhere else now. Interested to see if everyone is back since they mentioned no new characters, but technically even Nega would count since he wasn't in Rio Wii U.
  9. Honestly, even if the rivals were playable they likely wouldn't promote them as such anymore. The guest concept completely blew up in their faces with Rio when they hyped everyone up but basically lied about the roster until very close to release, and the game being so lackluster didn't help the disappointment. I don't even think the idea was bad since it allowed for far more fanservice than 4 new characters would (one of which would likely end up being Zavok since Sonic is short of a Power type), but most people hated it because it downgraded their favourites, when all of them being fully playable would have never happened regardless. I'm not surprised they've taken some steps back from it to focus on other stuff making this a better game. The Sonic guests may still be in the mobile version since they mentioned wanting to bring in as many characters as possible for that one, and hopefully everyone returns if they continue making Olympics (though this is starting to feel like FIFA)
  10. The Japanese website also has more details on the game modes: - You can choose between a casual and ranked online matchmaking mode and customize your profile with flags, character icons and ranks depending on your wins. You can also play a series of events (probably as custom lobbies) - The Story Mode has Sonic, Mario and Toad being sent back in time by a device created by Eggman and Bowser (explaining Nega in the cutscene) while Tails and Luigi try to find them - You can unlock extras such as achievements, flags and trivia similar to earlier titles, and there's a tab on the website translating to "playground" (maybe the minigames) This is easily shaping up to be the best entry since London 2012, if the Dream events and more interesting sports are actually playable online this time (compared to Sochi's laughable three online events) I can see myself spending quite some time on it. The Dream Shooting in particular is giving me some Splatoon vibes, there's more screenshots here: https://www.olympicvideogames.com/marioandsonic/jp/event_dream.html (Also, poor Charmy has been been filling the referee role since the start even when Cream wasn't there yet the little guy doesn't even get a new costume)
  11. There's something really charming about the 2D mode, just a refreshing change of pace this series needed at this point. The 10m platform and marathon events in particular look really wacky especially in its hilarious-awkward use of sprites. At the same time I wish they'd have created new sprites, the whole Mario cast already has sprites from Super Mario Maker and it's not like any of these characters existed back in 1964 (and there's no love for Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario, Amy and Metal Sonic regardless). They could have used this mode as justification for cutting dream events once again, so I'm glad we're at least getting the three there are - hopefully actually taking part in Mario/Sonic stages. Finally I don't think the guest characters will be in this. Rio was designed around the feature in a way that allowed them to have more spotlight alongside the veteran cast (even if it meant shoving down Miis the player's throat), but this game would have a lot more events to fill with new guests which they already said they haven't, and just a select few having them would be weird. I guess there's a chance boss characters like Zavok, whose event is mostly a Rio 2016 port, may be unlockable, but I'm sure we'd have seen them advertised or teased more by this point if that were the case. There's still the mobile version that may use them as a selling point.
  12. For what it's worth, I liked the "revelation" about Dodon Pa. Ironically, it makes the racers trust him a bit too much after doing the very opposite for 80% of the story, but it left him in an interesting place. All he cares about is perfection and furthering his research regardless of the risk of casualties, and it could easily push him into an antagonistic role in the future as long as it benefits him and his company.
  13. While I enjoyed the issue just like the last one, the comic has always felt very formulaic for something with only 18 issues so far. I love seeing the cast handle this dark storyline though, but this one could have taken a bigger risk by infecting Sonic handling his own infection and being unable to help already feels old to me since it was the exact same as in #17, but Gemerl raised a good point about him being dangerous. Now we're getting two more parts of this with Team Dark, and I'm going to be really annoyed if there's no pay-off and Sonic won't end up turning by the end of it. I'm sure the comic can survive one mini-arc with him as an antagonist. The three-parter starting with Tails will hopefully shake things up, I'd like to see the story used to its full potential rather than "just fighting off Zombots". For example, have Charmy infiltrate the shuttle and force Vector and Espio to face and capture him. This causes panic to break out among the survivors while Amy, Rouge(?) and Cream try to keep things in control. If you wanna get Knuckles involved, have them evacuate everyone to Angel Island and give us a reason why he supposedly worked as Resistance leader. Heck, let Eggman fall to the virus and have Orbot and Cubot lead Tails to the source of it. With this ending at either #23 or #24, I doubt there will be much place for any of it.
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