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  1. I want Episode Bitchy Tails where you stalk Sonic&Buddy through the Tag Team Stages.

    1. NikoS


      and where's episode Random resistance dude?


      "Fight against your war memories in an interactive night-trap-like story with multiple endings. compatible with VR"

    2. LukA8


      Rumour has it one of Episode Random Resistance Dude's endings ties into Sonic Mania 2!

    3. NikoS


      i bet it's the true ending, where you collect all the chaos-drive powered warheads

    4. LukA8


      Dude Spoilers JESUS

      He'll be the new OP character of the Classic Quartet! Scare away Eggman with your face and make the Hard-Boiled heavies shoot themselves!

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