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  1. Since he lost Kyle Hebert, I wonder if Big will have his ridiculous Lego Dimensions voice. He sounded like an old-fashioned gentleman having tea with his frog by the riverside.

    1. LukA8


      Also, for 15 characters they're revealing the roster at a pretty rapid pace. The next reveal probably won't happen until Gamescom in August, since Mania is in-between.

    2. RedFox99


      Not gonna lie, I actually like his LD voice. 

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I'm thinking it might even be TGS for the team reveal, gives a good 3 months in the meantime. Maybe they can use Gamescom for a new track. 

    4. LukA8


      Hopefully they'll clear up the question of post-launch/pre-order content beforehand, though. Otherwise revealing either Team Chaotix (Charmy) or Team Eggman (Egg Pawn) will cause some commotion among Silver/Blaze fans.

    5. Your Vest Friend
    6. LukA8


      >No plans for additional characters

      Oh dear, things are gonna get ugly. In before they pull a Mario Kart and hold off somewhat major characters for a sequel.

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