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  1. A character making or not making it on a t-shirt doesn't mean much. The Rogues have been included in pins, avatars and the mini-comics, but have been practically dead for the game series since 2010. Similarly, Cream gets yearly wallpapers but has all but disappeared from notable roles since Generations. Meanwhile, the Deadly Six have not appeared on any Sonic Channel media nor do they have character profiles but the console + mobile Olympics just cemented them as Eggman's henchmen, so they're not going anywhere.
  2. The event restrictions in the mobile game seem really arbitrary. Each event has five character slots with the last one always being one of the bosses, and only Sonic is playable in each, sorta like what Rio 3DS did. Tails, Amy and Vector are in 7 events and Knuckles, Blaze, Shadow and Silver are in 6 of them (not counting variations). As for the bosses, Eggman's in four with Nega in another three (so technically the combined Eggmen have as many as the others); Metal Sonic and Rouge are in two events each with Espio, Jet, Zavok and Zazz only being in one. So Eggman and Metal have been downgraded while Rouge got a bit of an upgrade (at this point, they must have her animations for nearly every event).
  3. Sega Japan butchering the Sonic at the Olympic Games release by having it in emergency maintenance on release day. Ah, the Sonic Runners nostalgia.

    1. Operationgamer17


      That’s because some folks couldn’t get the game to launch. They’re saying it’s fixed now, but to re-install if your still having problems. 

  4. It's kind of interesting if you compare Espio and Vector's character designs at face value. Espio immediately screams "disciplined ninja chameleon" but there isn't much beyond that (since his murderous/ridiculous nature was toned down a lot), meanwhile nothing about Vector really says "charitable/broke but capable detective" (I'll give them the bossy/greedy traits), as his design gives off more "Kremling" or "crocodile DJ", which is still a leftover from the Sonic 1 band. Even the Boom writers felt his headphones weren't fitting for a detective character and gave him a magnifying glass instead. So while Espio's rather simple to the point where some people seem to be fans of the archetype rather than the character, Vector got more layers but they're rarely showcased because side character, so he tends to get marked with the "big idiot" stereotype, as his design (intentionally?) doesn't show his true nature.
  5. As much as I hated Classic Sonic in Forces (and everything about the game for that matter), I always interpreted the dimension thing less as him being a different character and more as Generations changing his future by leading into Mania. It's essentially about Sega being able to make more Classic adventures independent of the modern games and contradicting their ""canon"". Modern Sonic's not an imposter because of it and still went through Sonic 1-3, and everything else wouldn't make sense considering how addicted to Green Hill & co they are.
  6. Wow, only took Sega a day into the year to get up my hopes for something Knuckles Chaotix*-related.

    *Without the Chaotix, so just Knuckles really : P

  7. Free bee! Free bee! Free bee!

  8. 20191219_135150.thumb.png.01e00032fd2271d996216ea271f30c1a.pngGot this bad boy from the great people at SEGA Europe today! I'm eternally grateful & a little perplexed at how I deserve it : P

  9. (tweet)

    Espio is clearly ready to stop Triple Jumping.

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      What does that gif have to do with Espio?

    2. LukA8


      They're being teased using classic badniks - I think the idea will make more sense once/if we see Charmy because there's a 3D Blast enemy that literally looks like him.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Panda Claus SEGA Heroes teased the addition of Vector by posting a gif is the crocodile badnik from S3D with a quote that described Vector. They've now posted a gif of a chameleon with a quote that describes Espio. They're teasing Espio joining the game.

      The game already has two Sonic sets that came in the base game at release.

      Set 1 (categorised as original): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy

      Set 2 (categorised as classic): Rouge, Cream, Shadow, Big

      Set 3 (categorised as modern): Espio, Vector and two unknowns.

      The categories are used for all characters in the game and refer to their part in SEGA history, not Classic and Modern as they're normally used for Sonic games. So characters from MD games or older are original, characters from around the DC/early 2000s are Classic and more recent instalments are (like Valkyria Chronicles) are modern. It doesn't really make much sense. 

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      So it'll be Charmy and Omega then yeah?

      Also that just makes it even more baffling that the Sega Heroes PR team is using Chaotix to tease when their classification ignores it. 

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'd guess Charmy for Yellow and Omega for red.

      The classification of the characters is beyond their control. SEGA insist on ignoring the existence of Knuckles Chaotix, so Espio, Charmy and Vector technically were introduced in Heroes. It's so dumb.

    6. Teoskaven


      If they're going for original Chaotix is gonna be more like Charmy and Mighty.

    7. LukA8


      It may be more of a Generations split in terms of eras - I heard Sega doesn't necessarily regard Classic and Modern Chaotix as different characters like Classic/Modern Sonic, but obviously Sonic Team have the final say about their in-game rep.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Mighty would be cool. I don't know if they'll be able to mix an officially Classic character like Mighty with the Modern Chaotix though. SEGA lets most of their franchises rot in a ditch, but forces the strangest of controls over their Sonic.

  10. SEGA: Directly acknowledge Knuckles' Chaotix Vector

    Also SEGA: Give him the "Modern" tag in the same game

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Is it really SEGA acknowledging it? It may be called SEGA Heroes, but the PR team behind this game likely have nowt to do with SEGA since they'll be connected with the developer. That's probably the reason why the marketing for Vector's inclusion doesn't actually fit with how SEGA/Sonic Team actually treat this incarnation (a bit like that Sonic Generations guide that only referenced Chaotix events in Espio's bio). 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Classic Vector isn't dancing. He's Thanos snapping himself from ever existing.

    3. LukA8


      As a mod for their Discord I know the Sega of Europe CM (who manages this game + the character request poll) and can confirm this was approved by SoJ. It's probably more a case of they simply don't mind even though they have a different interpretation.

  11. I doubt I'll ever enjoy another Olympic entry as much as Vancouver DS, the only one I'd argue had some real depth to it thanks to its Adventure mode with tons of exploration, character-specific recruiting and minigames, side quests and even a freaking post-game campaign. The sport outfits are a nice distraction to the fact that most events are simply ported from Rio, but even with online mode they will get old really fast, including the dream events which may be highlights but as usual only offer one single map you will have mastered after a few tries. To this day I don't understand why they never brought back the Mission and Circuit Modes from the very first game, especially the latter that you'd think would be a staple for the series just like it is for Kart Racers.
  12. #22 was alright. It felt rushed to me compared to last issue where not much was going on, and I would have liked to see them explore the creepy vibe of the whole base setting more instead of hell breaking loose immediately, but I guess there wasn't enough space for that. Quite surprised Sonic wasn't shoehorned into this one at all.
  13. To think it's been over six years since he's had a wallpaper. Nothing compared to Omega's 10+ years, but still ridiculous. Guess next year's style will have Charmy and Jet, though those "who is it" quizzes they do on Youtube constantly mention Zavok and Emerl of all characters (not that it necessarily means anything).
  14. The Chaotix have always been the only characters worrying about money, them having to suffer and juggle with real-life responsibilities such as the rent is just part of their shtick so they have a motivation with their business; everyone else usually shrugs it off when Vector being poor gets brought up again because it doesn't matter to them. It only exists in their context, for example Eggman promising to pay them once he conquers the world, but not outside of it because Sonic having to work the night shift is not part of the franchise. It's not something you should try to find logic in too much, just like the two worlds thing which is not them flying from one planet to another but just Sonic Team not wanting to use human characters and locales at the moment.
  15. Oh great, gaming news making people think Tokyo is getting 12 new playable characters again, which will obviously end in fire again when they're revealed as bonuses🤦‍♂️

    1. Thigolf



      Let the world burn


    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Thigolf Climate Change is already on the job there, don't you worry.

  16. So Sega just accidentally revealed their entire guest character roster in some TGS promo art that shows all of the character emblems. After some snooping it turns out there actually is one Mario newcomer in there, so I've spoilered it just in case:
  17. Neat, that will make some people relieved for sure. I suppose there will be guests for select events, but not all of them. It appears this one is for Sport Climbing (maybe Rouge?), but another screenshot for 100m does not have the icon, which might mean Nabbit will not return or is just somewhere else now. Interested to see if everyone is back since they mentioned no new characters, but technically even Nega would count since he wasn't in Rio Wii U.
  18. Honestly, even if the rivals were playable they likely wouldn't promote them as such anymore. The guest concept completely blew up in their faces with Rio when they hyped everyone up but basically lied about the roster until very close to release, and the game being so lackluster didn't help the disappointment. I don't even think the idea was bad since it allowed for far more fanservice than 4 new characters would (one of which would likely end up being Zavok since Sonic is short of a Power type), but most people hated it because it downgraded their favourites, when all of them being fully playable would have never happened regardless. I'm not surprised they've taken some steps back from it to focus on other stuff making this a better game. The Sonic guests may still be in the mobile version since they mentioned wanting to bring in as many characters as possible for that one, and hopefully everyone returns if they continue making Olympics (though this is starting to feel like FIFA)
  19. There's something really charming about the 2D mode, just a refreshing change of pace this series needed at this point. The 10m platform and marathon events in particular look really wacky especially in its hilarious-awkward use of sprites. At the same time I wish they'd have created new sprites, the whole Mario cast already has sprites from Super Mario Maker and it's not like any of these characters existed back in 1964 (and there's no love for Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario, Amy and Metal Sonic regardless). They could have used this mode as justification for cutting dream events once again, so I'm glad we're at least getting the three there are - hopefully actually taking part in Mario/Sonic stages. Finally I don't think the guest characters will be in this. Rio was designed around the feature in a way that allowed them to have more spotlight alongside the veteran cast (even if it meant shoving down Miis the player's throat), but this game would have a lot more events to fill with new guests which they already said they haven't, and just a select few having them would be weird. I guess there's a chance boss characters like Zavok, whose event is mostly a Rio 2016 port, may be unlockable, but I'm sure we'd have seen them advertised or teased more by this point if that were the case. There's still the mobile version that may use them as a selling point.
  20. For what it's worth, I liked the "revelation" about Dodon Pa. Ironically, it makes the racers trust him a bit too much after doing the very opposite for 80% of the story, but it left him in an interesting place. All he cares about is perfection and furthering his research regardless of the risk of casualties, and it could easily push him into an antagonistic role in the future as long as it benefits him and his company.
  21. While I enjoyed the issue just like the last one, the comic has always felt very formulaic for something with only 18 issues so far. I love seeing the cast handle this dark storyline though, but this one could have taken a bigger risk by infecting Sonic handling his own infection and being unable to help already feels old to me since it was the exact same as in #17, but Gemerl raised a good point about him being dangerous. Now we're getting two more parts of this with Team Dark, and I'm going to be really annoyed if there's no pay-off and Sonic won't end up turning by the end of it. I'm sure the comic can survive one mini-arc with him as an antagonist. The three-parter starting with Tails will hopefully shake things up, I'd like to see the story used to its full potential rather than "just fighting off Zombots". For example, have Charmy infiltrate the shuttle and force Vector and Espio to face and capture him. This causes panic to break out among the survivors while Amy, Rouge(?) and Cream try to keep things in control. If you wanna get Knuckles involved, have them evacuate everyone to Angel Island and give us a reason why he supposedly worked as Resistance leader. Heck, let Eggman fall to the virus and have Orbot and Cubot lead Tails to the source of it. With this ending at either #23 or #24, I doubt there will be much place for any of it.
  22. Looking back I don't think development for this title went smoothly at all. When the game's existence was first confirmed by the person who also leaked the Avatar for Forces, he mentioned it was scheduled for early 2018 but was pushed to the holidays...yet it ended up releasing half a year later on top of that. Around the delay, Sumo even started hiring for a racing game, allegedly for their next project but I think we know it wasn't only that. Now, the core game ended up pretty decent despite light on content, but the part that was really hit by this was the online mode. There's tons of complaints about it and while it works for the most part on the PS4, yesterday I noticed something weird: A player left and rejoined in the middle of the race, probably due to connection problems, and somehow this triggered a bug that allowed other players to join the lobby while the race was still going, and it was filled up with 12 players when I got back, and even said "Game in Progress" instead of showing the usual timer. This must be an intended feature for the mode that is disabled for whatever reason, and something that should be a given for any online game, since it allows lobbies to actually fill up instead of throwing you an into empty one while ten others lobbies are going with maybe two, three people. It's how it works with Transformed or any Mario Kart, for that matter, and is crucial later in a game's life span if you don't want the online community to just drop it. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the online mode is still unfinished. Steam users aren't even able to join a lobby with their friends from what I've heard, and that's probably the reason why there wasn't any pre-order or pre-load for the game at all, because they were working on it until the last minute. Apparently patches for PC and Switch are still on the way, but I'm unsure if they will actually finish the online experience or just let it die and move on to the next project/sequel - which is a shame because the team races online are so much fun when it does work.
  23. The thing is CTR deserved a much higher sales debut than TSR, I won't compare budgets since it's different companies but it's obvious how much passion and care went into the former, while Sumo were forced to take several shortcuts with the game to the point it ended up as a Sonic compilation of All-Stars content with half a new game built around it. If TSR was moving just as many copies Sega would get the wrong message from, getting away with not putting any effort into their titles. However it wasn't "murdered by CTR" either the way some made it out to be. The game rose six places up to #12 on the UK charts this week after a full month, so if it won't continue doing well in the long run then that's not because kart racers are unable to coexist but because Sega are unwilling to patch and support it at all. The online mode is still awful despite potentially being a blast thanks to the team gameplay, but my guess is they'll move on to a sequel instead for 2022/23, just like the jump from All-Stars Racing to Transformed. Iizuka talking about Dodon Pa returning for future racing competitions pretty much confirms this.
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