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  1. I'll try this out and I'd like to do Shuffle if nobody else got it yet. Does it matter what style I do for it (SA or cel shading?)
  2. Don't know if it was said already or if this is even anything but theres a dolphin in the Burning Rangers stage that could be Ecco?
  3. You can add me to the PS3 version too since that is the only one I'm getting. My PSN is the same as my name here.
  4. Thanks for the honorable mention! I don't think I got a badge though? Edit: Thanks Wolfy
  5. The PlayStation symbols also pop up around kills too, pretty nice touch. The LocoRoco stage looks like one of the best in the game and I really like how the Metal Gear makes his entrance.
  6. I don't have a Vita or PS+ so I guess I'll wait until the 23rd when its out for everyone. The rest of the preorder costumes were revealed too
  7. I really want to see this part now. For them picking the same area in Billy Hatcher again, I guess I understand because none of the other areas in that game are really interesting or stand out.
  8. Or all Paul is hurting SuperBot even more. When it comes to release and these characters aren't even planned as DLC people will get mad at them. If they do become DLC, people will get mad at the prices. Either way, I won't be really bothered since I like the 20 launch characters (except Evil Cole) enough.
  9. I've always liked the goalposts just because of the different faces on them. In Sonic's Lost World, its pretty cool how there is a part just for the perfect chaos mural. I like how all of the Heroes stages end, Rail Canyon's is something small but I liked how it ended with the cannons from Bullet Station showing behind you. Panic Puppet Act 2 ends with you going up the Eggman statue's nostril and its something that stuck in my head for a while. While it was odd to play, 06 Crisis City's Mach Speed section was still very intense, with the speed of the tornado and cars flying everywhere. I also prefer when a 2D Game ends its stage act with a boss battle rather than separating it into a boss act.
  10. Probably a general one, but the second boss fight in Heroes where the other team jumps backward or right over you. Ends the fight in less than 5 seconds.
  11. That looks pretty cool, the Sly stage mixes up with LBP2 I think (it looks like the villain from that game) and Loco Roco mixes with MGR? Uh why do they mashup stages like MGR/LocoRoco and Parappa/Killzone, it looks really bad and the styles hurt each other. It ends up painful to look at.
  12. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/09/18/playstation-all-stars-30-minutes-of-expert-videos Don't know if it was posted or not, But IGN has been doing some character overviews with Seth here.
  13. I liked Shuffle, it was a interesting take on the Mario Party games with giving you more control through the gems and card system. It also had a pretty good soundtrack.
  14. Is there any sonic game that has all of your rings appearing after you get hit?

  15. A character was scrapped and you won't see them at all. Another character that would be DLC down the line is a normal one now.
  16. Yeah the Parappa and Sackboy ones are the only two that actually look fitting at all. EDIT: Why is that sleeve using that picture when they made a new render for him
  17. I meant I hope they don't make any achievements/trophies that have to do with the Chao (races, karate and such).
  18. Glad to see shes actually in, one of my most wanted characters. I'm trying not to keep my hopes so high about Crash but it seems like Omar had alot to say about him. Also, looking at the select screen from the vids, theres alot of space on the sides that look like it could be filled with 20 others icons.
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