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  1. Is there ANY way to lower the quality? The PC requirements are a total lie. My PC is only 2 years old and its completely unplayable.
  2. There are a few noticeable changes. Not all are in that one video. Some animations from the E3 demo have been inserted, the energy gauge seems to work now, the Homing Attack has gravity and Sonic runs faster. In another video, you can see a changes he has made to Silver. Increased running speed, increased flying speed, better air dash and larger telekinesis range.
  3. Oh... My... God... This guy deserves more then a medal! The guy who got his hands on the E3 demo said he gave it to someone else. Could this be the guy he gave it too? To work on restoring 06 to it's original glory?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. The Vector mission wasn't THAT hard. I found a trick to completely skip the first part with the blue notes. As for Unleashed's Hard Boiled, It wasn't really difficult. With glitch abuse, this level is painfully easy. The ones that did give me trouble were Holoska(LONG AS **** NIGHT STAGE!) and Empire City.(Those spiked girders can suck it...)
  6. Has anybody ripped the sound effects yet? I have the original rip from the demo but I'm hoping for the full thing.
  7. Caught this during the post-Perfect Chaos cutscene. It was only visible for a fraction of a second.
  8. Alot of those things are unfinished. I plan on making some better graphics later when they are actually important.
  9. You would not believe how many times I've been asked that. It's only based on Sonic because It focuses on the story of me and my friend's fancharatcers we created a few years back. We've all banded together to make a perfect backstory that binds all our characters together and that's what this is. Although it's focused on fancharacters, it will have some elements from Sonic to keep it attached to the series like the wall jumping and grinding.
  10. Yeah, I could have done better on the screenshots... I was trying to show off curtain aspects. The first shows my replica Havok engine. The second one has my character shooting copter out of the sky and the final is a charge attack. You can find the whole art gallery here. Alot of the screens are outdated though. You can tell by the changes in the hud. Basically, the game is highly focused around combat. It's kind of like a mashup of Kingdom Hearts and Megaman in a way. Its a 2D sidescroller with several RPG elements. Gameplay includes combat, stealth, platforming and minor puzzles. The character's powers somewhat plays off of other game/video characters. -The main character, Jack, is like Cole from Infamous. He has electrical powers and the ability to control magnetism. -Lock is a play on Solid Snake. He is super fast and highly skilled with a weapon. -Kai is a bit like the terminator. He's a robot made of liquid metal and can impersonate anyone he see's. I've tried making a video in the past but Game Maker just makes it lag to crap. Luckily my new laptop shouldn't have this problem. Give me some time. I'll try to make a small demonstation.
  11. Boxart not final. It's been almost 2 years since I started making this game and I think it's time to finally get some publicity. Distortion is unique game focused around a normal hated topic... Fancharacters... But take note, this isn't that cruddy "Sonic 2 re-skin" or that "Sonic Advance with replaced sprites". This is a completely new game made from scratch out to show that fancharacters CAN have a good game when developed correctly. I started this back during my Junior year in High School. This started as a little test to see if I could make a Sonic game, but then I got an idea. Lets make a game nobody has ever succeeded in making. An actually GOOD game with fancharacters. Being one with EXTREMELY high standards for fan games, I knew I could pull it off. Now let me get this straight, the characters aren't perfect and story isn't mind blowing. My focus is to make the game fun and unique. The current feedback I've gotten from my testers have been quite positive. Despite nearly 2 years of work, its still nowhere near completion. There's still a ton of work that needs done. SCREENSHOTS
  12. I'm not sure if this is right topic to ask this I but I can't think of anywhere else. Recently, there was a massive breakthrough with modding Super Smash Bros Brawl. Its now possible to import characters from other games and refit their model to another character's bone structure.
  13. I think you mean 4 minutes. Sub-3 isn't possible. I would record my run of 3:47 but don't want to give away my tricks and shortcuts yet.
  14. This is really weird. I'm not sure if its just my copy but for some reason, my game is having sound issues. Whenever I'm on Xbox Live going for the leaderboards, some of the sound effects are missing. I realized something was off when my quick-step was completely silent. Anyone else having these problem? Actually, to be totally honest, I've noticed that Generations is a very glitchy game in general. I can't count the number of times I've clipped though the floor or my homing attack just plain misses its target.
  15. What's that? Someone beat me on Crisis City Act 2? Screw you, 1:57.98! I'm reaching my limit here. I can only shave off about another second until I can do no better. Edit: Back in September, I mentioned a glitch that I caused in Classic City Escape at PAX Prime. Well, I decided to go and try it again in the retail version. Sadly, it doesn't work. You can still perform the shortcut and jump over the loop, but it doesn't fail to load the next section of the level. It still loads properly.
  16. I just 1000 gamerscored the game. In the past half hour I spent trying to get that blasted "Can't Touch This" achievement, my opinion on the final boss has kind of changed. Once you learn how to do the fight properly, its actually really fun. Its easily more complex then any final boss in the series.
  17. 2:35.09 on Classic Rooftop Run! BEAT THAT!
  18. The most difficult part is easily the first 2D construction section. The hazards are just obnoxious in that part. Surprisingly enough, the construction tower is the easiest part. The "Color Power" achievement shortcut really cuts your time down. You skip nearly half the tower. At this time, there is only one level I just can't speedrun properly, Chemical Plant. I just hate the layout of this level and can't seem to do it right.
  19. I seriously wish I was recording. 4:03.44 on Planet Wisp!
  20. I'm currently 1st for Modern Speed Highway, Crisis City and Seaside Hill on the leaderboards. I'm freaking 18 seconds ahead of 2nd for Crisis City.
  21. To add to your list, here's some I know of. Modern Rooftop Run: Trick Master - Perform tricks faster. Classic Planet Wisp: Homing Attack - Lets you perform the Homing Attack. I forgot what their names were, but Classic RR gives you a better Spindash while Modern PW makes rings give you more energy.
  22. I really hate it when Achievements/Trophies are glitched like this. It really kills the mood. That's the whole reason I never had the patience to beat Lego Star Wars III.
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