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    this game online is kinda jank lol

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Haha! I can vouch for how jank it is because I was playing several games against you just now. (Alexander - the guy playing Knuckles in a white and red car.) Fuck your last minute overtake on Mothers Canyon btw. Like dude I was pissed.

      I've got some crazy clips like that too, where my car suddenly gets propelled a mile forwards or backwards.

      In that race on Whale Ocean, there was a really crappy issue with ghosting players. I definitely finished second and had been in second for a while when the race ended. But apparently I came third, and an unknown other racer was miles ahead of the player that the game said was in first.

  2. Mando probs having a field day.


    Either way this game is actually gonna be the ultimate smash game.

  3. I will be the king of smash......on Switch!



    Also hi. Last loggin was last year in august lol. Been awhile.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Huh, haven't seen you in awhile, hope you've been keeping alright. Welcome back btw.

    2. Failinhearts


      Welcome back!

    3. Milo


      Yeah jords, it has been a while. Welcome back.

  4. Im already spending a large amount of time in time attack mode lol. Got 2 solid runs so far in 2 acts. Spoiler levels ahead:


    Press garden act 2 


    Titanic monarc act 2


    Dont think many people know the faster way of finishing this level. I seen @Dreadknux time with over 6 mins...hope this helps out tho.

    Also.....this game is amazing!


  5. Fox is honest

  6. Hope everyone has a good christmas this weekend.

    and if you dont celebrate it. have a good weekend ? 

  7. see what hunnid thinks about this lol


    1. Blue Swallow

      Blue Swallow

      I had no idea he had issues with SEGA.

    2. Graystripe2000
    3. Graystripe2000


      Nevermind. I found it. Gonna see if I can calm him down. 

    4. Uraraka


      I want to see knuckles at Arby's!   But none the less.... hummus just got out of jail and he takes full advantage o "being knuckles" and singing "knuckles music" .. I don't get it .

         Seriously tho, he just sang the songs. He didn't write them

    5. Jeffhog


      At least according to Retro's wiki (only place I could think of), production credits only have him show up as a vocalist, not a lyricist.

  8. when i see coconuts on Palmtrees.....




    ...........i try not to Panic


    1. Dejimon11


      This Metallic phrasing is.......Madness

    2. Adamabba


      I just saw the collision of 2 cars........It was chaos

    3. Jeffhog


      I think I'll get some carpentry work done with this Wacky... Workbench.

  9. some things get too metallic......



    ..........its literal madness

    i like the stage but not when im doing the time travel stuff.

    i like all versions of the JP music.

  10. things are getting wacky.....





    .....in the workbench

    i hate this stage. love the past music.

  11. time to play sonic cd for the first time later today.

    ( i played the demo before tho)

    1. jords


      and i loved the other classic sonic games so im pretty excited to play this.

    2. TheOcelot
  12. so im gonna make an attempt to get into the sonic comics. but since its so big i have no idea where i should start and i dont think i wanna start from the veeeery start. although i kinda wanna see how it starts so maybe? if not where should i start?

    1. FriendBot


      You can start with the reboot universe, 252 for the main comic and 55 for Universe.

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Start at #252, because that's when the reboot started.

      Worlds Collide, which came right before the rebobot, is also worth checking out.

      As for Sonic Universe, #55 is the first post-reboot issue, but I'd recommend Treasure Team Tango and Tails Adventure, as well.

    3. jords


      thanks. is there like apps i can get them in? if so which one should i get. id like to get them on my phone.



    4. FriendBot


      well there is the official archie sonic comics app, so yeah

  13. pacman stop

  14. It's getting close :0

    Here's hoping for something really good!

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