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  1. see what hunnid thinks about this lol


    1. Blue Swallow

      Blue Swallow

      I had no idea he had issues with SEGA.

    2. Graystripe2000
    3. Graystripe2000


      Nevermind. I found it. Gonna see if I can calm him down. 

    4. Uraraka


      I want to see knuckles at Arby's!   But none the less.... hummus just got out of jail and he takes full advantage o "being knuckles" and singing "knuckles music" .. I don't get it .

         Seriously tho, he just sang the songs. He didn't write them

    5. Jeffhog


      At least according to Retro's wiki (only place I could think of), production credits only have him show up as a vocalist, not a lyricist.

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