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  1. If I remember correctly, some big shortcut's are not possible due to lakitu picking you up half way through the jump. Will they get rid of those in 200cc mode? I hope so.

    I'm surprised they still only shown 1 track from the trailers, especially since the DLC pack 2 is coming out this month.

    I don't mind though, I can wait. I would actually like a surprise!

    Also fire hopping is gonna have some serious speed.

    I completely forgot that there was a super bell cup. Yay!

  2. I was thinking Rouge and jet and rosalina and..........I don't know which character should join. Im thinking a bowser minioin but idk. Diddy Kong?

    I also hope there is gonna be some DLC for Mario party 10, more mini games, more boards suit for Mario party AND bowser party.

    I wonder if we will ever see amiibos of Toadette, waluigi and daisy. I don't see spike getting one but it is possible though so idk.

  3. It depends you would probably have to at least like the car mechanic that was introduced in Mario party 9.

    If you played Mario party 9 and didn't like it then I say don't buy it because to me this game has less content then Mario party 9. I still enjoy Mario party 10 but it still feels like a really small game. Less boards, less modes, less bonus games, less strategy, more luck, less events, pretty much less everything than Mario party 9. I'd say the highlight of this game are the mini games cause most of them are really fun even some of the bowser minigames.

    If you haven't played Mario party 9, I'd say say try that game out instead since it may be cheaper now and easy to get. If you really like it then go for Mario party 10.

    Or you can just go straight ahead to Mario party 10 and see if you'll like it.

    I'm also hoping for any DLC because this game needs it. It needs more boards especially for bowser party.

  4. I would like to the announcement of the next Mario and sonic summer Olympic game. I'm pretty sure they are making another one. Obviously I would like something different with Mario and sonic other than these Olympic games but right now I don't really mind the Olympic games, well the summer Olympics at least since they are really fun.

    I would really really really like it if they come up with something else that could be more fun. I'm not too sure about a story cause I feel like it wouldn't really work.

    Anyways if its another summer Olympic I'm fine by it. I just hope they add in a lot of dream events.

    The only thing I can really predict from the direct are the obvious ones like mewtwo, Mario kart 8 and splatoon. Probably more but those are the only ones I'm interested.

  5. Yea its stuck like that, that's what happen in Mario party 9 so I'm afraid your stuck with those.

    Personally I don't mind it cause I still kinda treat them as any other minigame and hope I get the ones I like, which is the mega cheep chomp boss or the Petey piranha boss.

    Edit: I think in Mario party 9 we were always able to choose the mini game boss but this one choose the game for you. Unless they give the last place player a chance to choose one.

    So yea its still kinda stupid.

    There is one thing I don't understand is why is there 2 bowser Jr mini games in the bonus games menu? Both of the mini games are so simple and super easy.

    Mario party 9 had waaaaay better bowser Jr mini games and more of it too and appears on the board games. And there's no score of fastest time or highest score its just beating him and that's it. Idk I find it weird

  6. Mario party 10's music is too great, some are pretty boring and forgettable. But I have to say that im starting to warm up to some from this game and actually is kinda catchy.


    Surprised no one has uploaded MP10 music yet, I only see one where all music is in one video but I dont wanna search the music like that so I'll just name them.


    A few favorites of mine are the halfway point boss battles that all have the same music. There is just a regular one and a speed up version whenever a boss gets mad. I now like both of them. The regular version does not really fit well as a boss theme but Its still catchy and now I dont mind it as much. The speed up version is something I like, it sorta fits better with its up beat music and such. Not better than this:




    Then there is the music which comes from the snow mini games, the jumping and sliding one and the team bobsleigh one where you collect coins. Relaxing tone and its an okay theme for an ice stage. still not better than mp9 snow theme.


    I like the main menu theme now. I grown to like it since I hear it every time I play it. and toads room theme. Really nice.



    I like the water board music, second portion of the board that is.


    I like the music in bowser party when bowser is ferociously running towards the players on the car and destroying anything in his way. I know i'd shit my pants if I see that terrible beast running towards me with that music playing lol (Not really) 


    um...I know there is more but I cant remember so These ones I guess are the most memorable ones I like.


    Honestly, it would of been better if they just brought some of mp9 mini game music on here since these ones are not as good as that one.




    Edit: And now I pretty much done everything in this game a bunch of times, its time to actually get shit done and do some challenges which I actually did most of based on casual play. The ones I need are gonna be a paaain.


    *Get 200 points in "Soar to score" * I cant even get 100!!!! ugh this may take awhile lol


    Good thing is, I have a reason to play some minigames and since most of these minigames are fun, I'll have some fun doing it. I hope.

  7. Ah I was hoping a trailer or something but either way pack 2 is almost here. Can't wait. I hope they got some tracks to top mute city and hyrule castle. I never played animal crossing so I'm not sure what the stage is capable of. From what it looks like it could be a mix of a villager and forest type stage which is not really seen in mk8. I just hope they got some good stuff in there to make it exciting and beautiful.

    Also I say its worth getting it. If you buy one now you might as well by the pack for both so you can just automatically get the second one. Its definitely worth it. The first pack had some amazing tracks.

  8. Some of my favourite mini games. I like more but these are like my top favorites for now. They are the ones I have the most fun with. so far lol.

    Ice Slide, You Slide



    Balloon Blast Bash




    Bob-omb Bogey




    Rapid River Race



    Magma Meltdown




    Platform Push




    Bob-omb Combo



    Spiked Ball Scramble




    Mega Cheep Chomp's Shell Shock




    Petey's Bomb Battle




  9. So far the mini games are great! Loving them so far.

    I got a favorite, its the one were you jump over snowballs and slide under the seals. The last sprint part can lead to some hilarious comebacks.

    The music is not too great, its not as memorable as Mario party 9. Nothing really gets me pumped up or any cheerful ones.

    I think bowser party can be fun with friends but its still an underwhelming mode, there is no point in playing it if your playing with just CPUs.

    Mario party mode is pretty good but I wish the pace was a bit faster. I'm glad mini games show up more often than last time which is good.

    I never tried amiibo mode yet and I got work so I have thoughts on that later tonight.

  10. Nintendo is somehow having trouble sending the smash posters to me. Three times I have gotten an email saying there had been an incident. I would then email to get them to check what's wrong or something.

    I'm not sure what's up but I just want the stuff to arrive. I don't wanna end up wasting my coins for nothing.

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