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    modern demo?

    no demo for xbox, and i updated
  2. jords

    modern demo?

    it was diffucult or me to hack the wii, but once i finally got it, so easy, but not risking hacking ps3, i can wait till it comes out
  3. jords

    modern demo?

    me too because they already spoiled many fans playing city escape, green hill is good enough
  4. jords

    modern demo?

    thanks for the info, i was super curious about this demo, i wouldn't mind if there isnt any, i translate it and i got this: Trial (2) production before the release (or October 10)
  5. rumor is that a modern demo may come out tomorrow, or sometime this week, also, some one mention, from the half hour footage, a sega employee also said a demo coming this month. anyone remembered sega saying something like this?? [EDIT] ok so now its been said the demo is coming out on october 19th, confirmed by sega france at the micromania games tour, some people thinks the demo is green hill zone, or city escape or rooftop run, what do you think? (EDIT2) ok now its confirmed that a demo is coming out for modern and classic sonic XBLA and PSN owners in europe will get it on october 19th XBLA owners (worldwide i think) will get it on october 19th too PSN owners wiill get it october 25th,
  6. http://youtu.be/wCGHLojfppc achievement pictures, more have been leaked Staff Edit: When making a new topic, try to make sure that an identical topic does not already exist. Also, try to be more elaborative in topics' opening posts in order to set an example for its replies. -Diz
  7. better hope we get 7 main levels from modern and classic, BUT, im kinda curious, three achievements on clearing acts, 1st they said get a S rank on three acts, then they asked for 7 s ranks then they asked for 12 s ranks, did they randomly chose these numbers? get three, then 7 then 12? its like saying, get 4 then 8 then 13. or maybe its showing that your making progress through the 1 world and twelve is the max of acts and a few mission. OR MAYBE THEY ARE NOT DOING WORLDS AND JUST HAVING 2 ACTS AND A FEW MISSION LEVELS AND HAVEN’T LEAKED ALL LEVELS, MAYBE THERE IS MORE, (dreaming) there is also a hub world im guessin because we are able to chat to our friends. anyone rememer town missions from sonic 06′, yea i think its similar to this one, because i dont think missions counts as acts but i hope the missions is fun to play over and over again, so who knows? i still have high hopes to this game. now,, we are getting HARD CORE!!! and it better be hard core, super hard (probably not) from the looks of it the last boss will either be some godzilla monste or eggmans super hard robotic time control thingy, im curious whose the new enemy is like i hope they dont make eggman in the shadows of this new enemy because eggman can take his job seriously like he did in adventure 2, that was some serious sh*t right there. oh wow i wrote alot
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