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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they got SS Zelda in one of her color skins.
  2. today was okay I guess.

  3. I don't even play sly games But this does look interesting. sly looks weird though. The animation looks pretty nice to me.
  4. Yes, I wouldn't mind for another last of us. I thought the ending just left me saying, "that's it?" I thought the dlc was coming out in spring? Guess not.
  5. Because its smash brothers that's why she can do it. Lol Who knows what they'll do with this phantom. I can see it being her sideB.
  6. Face it, we ain't getting a direct this week.
  7. Anyways, I miss seeing some pics of sonic and hopefully he can give us a good view of windy hill. I hope its not one of those stages were you can walk off and die.
  8. Dreamy bowser from Mario and Luigi dream team. He is always going in the background to flippin' heal up. And the longer you don't kill the minions he'll keep on healing up. And sometimes when you beat all the minions and its his turn, he'll go back AGAIN to heal up and make us fight the minions. And he doesn't change whenever getting close to defeating him. He doesn't change attacks, nothing. Which gets the feeling worse that you are getting nowhere, I was almost convinced that I was not doing something right. Cackletta was a better boss.
  9. Lol great definition to this sex kick. Sonic would be his neutral air I think.
  10. Okay I thought a sex kick had something to do with the pose but what is it actually? Edit: nevermind
  11. It is, which is sad. I can see him giving a new move. Same with the other veterans they can't just not change at all. If his bounce move was gonna replace his D-air then it can easily work like in sonic lost world. Three bounces and then he would have to set it up again. It would be a nice meteor smash too. If sonic can meteor smash, it would be easier to edge guard.
  12. Look at Mario and Luigi's neutral air attack, those actually pack a punch.
  13. I said this already a few pages back. He can have the light speed attack. Charge it with neutral b and you'll see energy coming in and onces its charged, he'll say "ready" and then you can press b to lunch a super charged homing attack. I mentioned again were talking about Sonic's moves. Honestly the spindash works pretty well for sonic, because for side b I usually use this to throw them off with the little jump and works well with dodging small projectiles or ground moves. Down b I usually use for setting up a combo hitting with and air attack and continuously doing it.
  14. Whatever it is, if we get another pic of him hopefully its Good. Or he still showinging off Zelda, king dedede and rosalina. Pikachu is missing too
  15. I'd imagine you throw it at someone and it grabs them and pull them up, then you gotta press buttons to get out, and depending on how much damage you have, it would be harder to get out.
  16. I wonder how strong i'll be in dream team today. increase by 400% right? sounds like that'll work good on dreamy bowser

  17. I think I should try out some Mega man games.

    1. Enderwoman
    2. MegasonicZX


      I suggest the battle network series, its a pretty good series if you like a good blend of action and strategy. Otherwise try the x series first.

    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      If you're going for the Classic series, Mega Man 3 is pretty easy to start with... until the Doc Robots at least.

    4. jords


      I only played one Battle network game and played Maverick hunter X on the psp. I enjoy those games pretty well, but that was a long time ago.

  18. Silver could come out and use his telekinesis, a light green circle appears around him and anyone who gets caught would be stuck, making the player being able to beat them up, then silver will throw them away but you gotta build up their percentage fast to make silver take them out. Ideas
  19. Thats what I was thinking too, his blast can be random I guess sometimes its big, medium or small, so he isn't too predictable.
  20. Shadow has to do something else if he is an assist trophy, even if they take out the stopwatch from this game, its still a boring move.
  21. I can't believe my birthday is tomorrow. it really doesn't feel like it.

  22. I'd played this game more if they had online. I still don't get why they choose not to do it.
  23. Ride along was a very funny movie, about time we get a good action/comedy movie. Kevin hart is too funny

  24. I hate when I mess up my wording then ppl get mad at me when I didn't mean too.

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