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  1. Well at least I can enjoy mega man in smash bros. Sick AF character.

  2. Get on my level this weekend is gonna be hype. If I get far enough, I gotta face the best greninja (claimed by ZeRo).

    ZeRo, nairo, mkleo, anti, Larry lurr, dkwill, false, D1, and the melee gods are all here aye lol.

    Also going with chaoswarp/ricky

  3. Sonic consistently being top 10 across all tier list from top players in smash 4 makes me happy as a sonic main and a fan.

    1. -Ace-


      It's nice to see that Daddy Sakurai has spared him from nerfs, since the great back-throw nerf of 2015.

    2. jords


      Sonic having a kill throw was kinda ridiculous tho. Especially since he's the fastest in the game so I can live with that. Although the up smash nerf was too much.

  4. First nationals is this weekend. Woo let's go. Mostly going sonic but I may pull out the mega man. pools start Saturday.

  5. Watching pokemon xy and that roller blading lady that has lucario sounds alot like old Amy's voice. Lol must be her old voice actor.

    1. CC14 The World

      CC14 The World

      Yep, Korrina is Lisa Ortiz.

  6. I suck at pokken.

    1. FriendBot


      Well haven't seen you here for a while, all I can say is this


    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



  7. spiderman, spider man, now officially in a mcu movie.

    no rhyme but im hyped


    What do yall think? Combos aint too fancy but I was going for good editing.(Video)

  9. $5.99

    1. KHCast


      6.99 take it or leave it 

  10. http://oddshot.tv/shot/mvg-league-2016030741637889

    how do you loose like this and comeback to win like this


    Mr. R really can keep his cool after a big loss.

  11. New mario game tomorrow please.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      gonna be homest, i kinda doubt we'll be getting another mario game for a while

      at least, one that isn't a spinoff game 

    2. Forte-Metallix


      A real Paper Mario game for Wii U or riot

    3. WhoWhatMan


      I think one of the devs said the next real mario game is most likely going to happen on the next system.


    Back at it again with the white VAAAAANS.


    1. jords


      rip all the dans and Daniels. and Danielle too.

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      A guy said this at work only he changed it to my name and after saying back at it again he changed it to what I was doing. I cringed... Sooo much 

  13. I got three options to  travel to the US in the summer. CEO, EVO and Super smash con to compete in for smash 4. Will be my first time traveling alone if I do end up going. 

  14. So um... Sonic news tomorrow?

    1. shdowhunt60


      Just Webber getting a crony. Move along, nothing to see here.

    2. jords
    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      GeneHF from Retro (and sometimes SSMB) is now working at Sega as an intern with Aaron Webber. Cool stuff!


    4. Jetronic


      @Indigo Rush

      Is that so? Congrats to him =D

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


  15. It is I, Dio

    1. FriendBot


      No, you're Jords. Who are you kidding?!

    2. Rey Skywalker-Ren
  16. I got a new laptop. Now I can record stuff.

    see me try out bayonetta


  17. I'm trying to figure out when did they ever had a release date. Wheres the delay?
  18. My squad is pretty much complete. Im loving Bayonetta.I'm still getting used to her but I think I can get better with her.
  19. https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69i22X3YuoPSFBp The gangs all here now...... Sorta lol
  20. Most of the results are really old and a weekly. Like I said before, some people could actually win with the low tiers in their weeklies because people not learning the match up. Especially when the game was still fresh and new. I have a strong feeling those old Zelda players have already picked a different character that's more viable. Those that still play her don't get good results other than weeklies which I doubt they consistently get 1st. Most tournaments don't really count weeklies too. We're still waiting to see her rise but almost everyone is convinced that she is just a terrible character. She can't beat her top tier self. Same with jiggly puff, same with samus, and ganondorf. Even ganon gets better results than them yet he's still a bad character.
  21. Hungrybox confirmed back throw boyz? I hope he realize he needs a secondary because Rosalina and luma.
  22. @Azul So um I went back to see the tourney videos and nairo didn't win the tourney with Zelda. He faced players who are playing characters that don't even play these characters today. Looking at keitaro he played Rosalina and diddy Kong and was pretty bad with them at the time because its still early in the game. Nairo didn't even win the tourney himself lol (was really close though) but he knew he had to stop playing Zelda especially in grand finals. He had to change. And also it doesn't really matter if your already an experience player from other games. Smash 4 is still completely different. Everyone still has to learn everything and every match up they play with whatever character. Look at hungrybox. Famous jiggly puff player in melee. One of the best. And he's struggling hard to get good results in smash 4 with jigglypuff. Why? Its not him, its jigglypuff. Not too long ago he finally gave up on her and decided to try learn a better character which he chose Mario. What I mean practice with their controlllers is practicing their mains tech and general movement in smash 4. No one is doing perfect pivots in the 3ds, if they do try to do it then RIP circle pad. So when the wiiu version dropped with gamecube controllers that's when everyone can start exploring the game to find hidden tech that's almost impossible to perform on 3ds consistently. Wiiu version dropped and people have found out about perfect pivot. And looking at nairo's pit in that same tourney its definitely not the same now. Him as an experienced player was still learning the character. Casual at its finest. Anything that's not stock with 2-3 lives, no items, legal stages then its considered casual. (Yes some tourney still has 3 stocks) There is one exception. If both players in that are about to play each other in tournament agree to play on whatever stage then they can go pick any stage in the game. So I can agree with someone to pick pacland and have our game there. But hardly anyone does that because they don't want to get fucked over by some stupid stages hazards and weird stage layouts that's meant for casual play. Can be fun though if your not serious lol. Many people are still waiting for someone to show off these lowtiers but we see enough of them to know that they really are not great. Like I said earlier, that one samus player that was doing hella good at 2gg before genisis and took a game off ZeRo which is cool, making samus looking like she can do stuff but can he consistently keep getting good results? Probably not. Where was he at genisis? Pax south? Maybe he's doing well in his local scene but anywhere else? Nothing. Blue took a set from nairo with mewtwo not too long ago. I'm pretty sure nairo was unfamiliar with the matchup and was caught off guard with blues mewtwo because blues mewtwo is actually good. Then he meets nairo in grand finals and gets bodied in both sets. Everyone thought, "can he do it again in grand finals" and it turns out he can't. Everyone moved on like nothing has happen.
  23. Did you actually thought I was talking about melee. Seriously? LOL of course jiggly puff is capable of winning a major in that game. Not smash 4. If you wanna count nairo beating people with Zelda in the very early days of smash 4 then where is she now? Almost everyone was still learning smash 4 and picking thier mains. Especially from the Wii u version since they can really practice with their preferred controllers. Some low tiers can get their shine in some smaller tournies but most of the time it's a one time thing. Most low tiers lack consistency of good results in tournaments. Thier isn't results for free for all. Casually, you can play any character lol. It doesn't matter. Team battles is almost the same. The lower tiers would still have trouble but they can be a great support character to another character. I still don't see too many low tiers in doubles anyways because top tiers are still better in teams. Cpus don't count because we ain't fighting cpus in tourney's. The tier list is based on results from real players in real tournaments with tourney rules being 1v1 with 2 stocks in 6 minutes. I don't mind talking.
  24. Palutena is probably the only character there that shouldn't be in bottom tier. From the very few players I've seen with her, she can't be that low. It's mostly because not many play her and it really takes alot of time to really master her.
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