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  1. The chances a solo jigglypuff player winning a major tournament in smash 4 is the same chance of me winning the lottery B)

    1. DBZHedgy


      nah, it's slimmer than that

    2. Blacklightning


      I swear even casually I can't win with her anymore. What the fuck happened?

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


  2. I can tell you now that no one, absolutely no one is winning a tournament with jiggly puff or Zelda. The characters are baaaaad. They have waaay too many match ups that completely destroys them. Along with other low tiers. If a jiggs is winning a weekly tourney that means their scene is bad. It's just facts man. Lol. But I guess you see the potential of every bad character in this game. Mewtwo is not that great. You say you have fought him a bunch to know how strong he is. Most of the time it's usually the player not learning the match up. If your constantly getting caught by mewtwos up smash then your doing not learning anything. This happens to me in certain match ups because I simply just got get good with the match up like zero suitt. But its definitely easier when facing a lower tier because of their limited options. When we looking at regions, Nationals, majors, monthlies, any big ones. They are no where to be found out of pools. And my last post was trolly but the one before was not.
  3. Slim thick with yo' cute ass

    *dances next to a car*

  4. I wonder what great players you faced and beat with a low tier. Level 9 cpus.........this does not count nigga....... You can have all the good timingin the world and Shiek would still be like lol fuck outta here. Sheik doesn't give a fuck about frame data that's why she is dominant in this game. Her weakness is killing against a few MU which is mostly TOP TIER characters that give her trouble. She's cruising fighting low tiers and mid tiers even at high level play. Plus I am lazy(abit too lazy in some stuff lool). I'll happily judge if a post is bait or not. If I am wrong I still put out my reply instead of a one sentence post thinking its bait. Bait lol
  5. Jigglypuff can't beat sheik Little Mac can't beat sheik (how is that MU playable for Mac? Lol) Zelda can't beat sheik. Samus can't beat sheik. These characters have to work super hard to be unpredictable but how can you do that with laggy moves. They might win games or even sets but they ain't winning tourney's. It's like with esam's samus. He's able to beat alot of lower level player with her because he is really smart but when hes gotta get serious and pick his main which is pikachu. A high tier with great moves. That one samus player at 2GG I think was making waves and even beat zero in a game with samus (mostly he had help with the duck hunt stage) but doesn't mean she's gonna be going up. Maybe abit but usually it's lack of knowledge which happen to zero and he says loosing to a samus isn't happening again. I believe the top and high tier is perfect tbh. Anything below is. Alright. Also if it was bait then you win lol Also I was mostly replying to what you said about no one character is better than the other. It's almost impossible to have it like that lol.
  6. You must be not watching major smash tournaments. You haven't seen 6wx's sonic You haven't seen abadongo's metaknight and apparently he isn't even the best meta knight lool at least not yet after we see how Mexican player Leo goes against the top players either he goes to the US or players go to him. All of sonic's aerials are really good to get some kills. Weak hit nair to bair at high percents. Good shit. Bair obviously being good on its on cause its strong and even the sour spot can kill and it last quite abit. Up air for them possible early kills from grounded spring and bnb (bread and butter) of side b/down b to any aerial mainly up air and bair for me. Sonic can get some early kills with fair even. Spindash jump offstage and hit theopponent and follow them close to the blast zone to finish it off with a fair. Don't get me started on dair. Yea. Sonic fsmash is very good. Very quick and powerful. Not so safe but its pretty quick. Being able to aim it down can hit some characters that try to grab the ledge and get the 2 frame punish. An easy one to hit it is on Rosalina since her recovery has no hit box and its pretty easy to predict where and when she will launch. I say easy but it still requires alot of practice of course but Rosalina is one of the easiest to punish. I still need to get good with it though..... Down smash is ground for roll reads if your not confident in using fsmash and choosing which side. Good kill move at the ledge and can also punish some players that stick their head over the ledge with their recovery. And it's good to punish those that regrab the ledge. Up smash is his worst smash attack. Not really reliable for a kill move but I use it rarely just to mix up for a kill. I prefer to use it only once or twice in a match. Too much endlag. Especially since it doesn't really kill. Down/siside b are just combo starters to set up for a kill and rack damage. Both would be a oooooooooo good if bsbs didn't exist. It's the main specials that has many casuals killing themselves that are trying him out because they have no idea why their jump is gone even though a double jump was not even used. (Sakurai pls fix it lol) This is probably one of the reasons why some people give up on sonic cause they can't keep track on their jumps and the ways they are using spindash. Spring is good forgimping and for getting a follow up for a up air kill. Grounded spring can be very useful if your opponent approachs while your bouncing on it. But its also not really reliable but its good to just mix up your ways of moving around the stage and in certain situations you can get some really early kills. Homing attack is okay. Can get some cute kills with it from down b or side b. It had two types of end lag. One which he bounces of the ground and one were he uncurls just before he lands which has him on his hands and knees which is the lag you definitely don't want but both are very punishable anyways. On shield is alright but still punishable. Sonic's tilts are very good except up tilt but it still has its uses. Down tilt can set up for a jab lock at certain percents but that's if the player doesn't tech but its pretty quick so you would have to react fast. I wanna see more sonic's use this. Side tilt is really good. Pretty quick and the end lag isn't bad. Overall, sonic has good kill moves, its just that he can sometimes have trouble killing in some MU mostly because he struggles to gain stage control since his landing options are pretty shitty. Keeping stage control is also difficult too. Committing to a spindash makes you loose control if your opponent shields it and chase after you to punish which sonic has trouble in sometimes. Sonic's good because he has very good mix ups which many players complain about (aka salt) because he's being campy and running away all the time and "lol this character sucks overall" (game franchise wise) Being a campy sonic is boring and lame but being defensive AND aggressive is not and is Something sonic can do very well IMO. Its something called playing smart. But yea that's my two cents. If anyone else think what I said is wrong then say so if you want. I'll listen. It's mostly in my experience with sonic. TL;DR, Sonic can kill. Edit: I forgot to talk about meta knight. I kinda went ham with this long ass post about sonic loool. Meta knight can kill way easier than sonic. All you need is a dash attack, a few up airs and then up b. Almost works at any percent. Metaknight can also kill. Also I hope I didn't sound rude in this post.
  7. Birthday was good. 

    1. Failinhearts


      That's good to hear!

      Happy birthday!

      That's good to hear!

      Happy birthday!

  8. GOTY: Mario maker. Most anticipated in 2016: whatever sonic anniversary game they got this year.
  9. super saiyan god marth is a thing.

  10. Oh yea I forgot that characters are limited to specific events. Not sure if I'll get the 3ds version. I probably would have gotten it if we can use any characters for any event. I'm hoping the wiiu version doesn't start doing it since we are getting this many characters. I also hope they don't cut down any characters in the wiiu version. And it looks like they will reuse old renders for some characters. I'm liking the new ones like for rouge, Rosalina, sonic, Mario and the other new ones. It seems like their is still gonna be more new ones to come since it seems like diddy is gonna have a render of him jumping over a hurdle. Just like how they used the new render of luigi for this event.
  11. I wouldn't worry about the renders yet. It just seems like they just using it to confirm the playable characters. Donkey Kong has a new render but they didn't use it in the picture so its not for sure that they'll reuse old renders. I feel like some are gonna be in groups lile maybe a render of the koopalings and the deadly six in a face off or something because that's alot of them holy shit. So glad that were getting this many playable characters. I'm glad they are going all out with the roster. Now I hope we got loads of dream events.
  12. We already got cloud players winning tourney's. Nairo loosing to a cloud in grand finals just now. I just think it's lack of knowledge of fighting him.

    We will see at Genesis 3.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET




  13. Cloud is probably my favorite sword fighter now. Even more than ike.

  14. I got bored and rambled. Do I just find every 3rd party character to be alot of fun lol? Cloud is so fun. Wasn't excited for him at first and was a bit disappointed but after a few days of his reveal, I realized his inclusion is actually pretty big and its really cool. And now playing him alot, I think he can be a secondary once I play him more. Now bayonetta, that's the girl I wanna main. I didn't even play her games but I know how badass she is and seeing her moves just makes me to main her even more. Corrin looks cool too but I don't even know the character. Then again I barely knew cloud and he turned out to be fun so yea it doesn't really matter. Sonic/Pacman/Megaman/Ryu/Cloud/ Bayonetta I can see myself getting much better with ryu since hes godlike in this game and performing true shorukens is fun as hell but i still struggle with him but i think he may be close to sonic once i start to study HARD and FOCUS agasint people. I can see myself getting better results with ryu than pacman and megaman and when i say results i mean offline and online friendlies lol. Only gone sonic in local tourneys so far because im not confident with the others yet plus i do really well with sonic offline in a tourney match. (I play better I guess idk) I dunno, I thought maining all 3rd party was a cool thing to do. I'm not really forcing myself to play these characters,. They just feel right to me. If pacman and megaman didn't feel right, I'd simply choose someone else. But they were fun and they are still fun so I play them. Same with Ryu and same with Cloud. Bayonetta already looking hella fun. Well technically I am forcing myself because new characters. Then again I hardly touch Roy because he's still marth. Lol But I do play other characters too.Characters in the bottom are who I used to play. This is pretty old but DK should be at the bottom now, and I'd put palutena ahead of Wii fit trainer. I'd put Lucas in front of Ike and switch Mario with peach. Starting to get better with Mario I think. I'd update this but I would need to use my moms laptop and that laptop is garbage so nope. But yea, Having all these characters would definitely be good. I would have many options when encountering a bad match up. For example I find Sonic's worst match up to be Zero suit samus. Personally I can't fight her all that well no matter which character I use but if bayonetta can counter her good then I'd definitely go bayonetta instead of sonic. Thats if I can play bayonetta good. How are you guys liking the 3rd parties in this game? And how is sonic for those that play him? l don't really hear you guys talk about them but I most likely forgot so whatever lol. At least cloud is being liked with most of you guys.
  15. Do I just find every 3rd party character to be alot of fun? Cloud is so fun. Bayonetta better be top tier. And I'm definitely gonna try main her. SSonic/pacman/megaman/ryu/Cloud

    And soon bayonetta.

    Corrin looks cool too but I don't even know thecharacter. 

  16. I like cloud. Hard to play though.

  17. The salt is delicious. Also weren't Japan confused about little Mac joining. Hmmmmmm????
  18. It's funny how Zelda still haven't gotten any new characters in this game lol
  19. I didn't play bayonetta but that characr is hype. I'm satisfied. 

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      With how much you play Smash Bros, you should fix that

      And any other Platinum games you haven't played, lol

  20. Uploaded all of my matches just to get rid of the replays before the update. And I've heard some wanted to watch some matches. It's only in highlight reels because some were too long. I just did all of them as highlight. Full matches weren't too exciting anyways since we're using characters were not really familiar with. Lol Here is my first match. The rest is on my channel. Can't link them all for obvious reasons so go watch if you want to. Update is definitely happening so if you want to save replays the replays I suggest uploading them before the direct.
    1. Forte-Metallix


      "Sorry, chubby! YOU'RE TOO SLOW!"

  21. Felix beat me in finals. 3-2 in fist set. Good tourney guys! Now back to my 3rd party mains. Lol Why did I even reach far with palutena?? Lol
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