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  1. Sonic's up smash was not too good either way before the nerf. The punish was just more rewarding by like 14% I believe. If you miss your getting aa hard punish if the opponent is good enough. The nerf just made me not use it even more now which is sad but its whatever.

    Also sad how all his smash attacks got nerfed. Oh wait I'm not sure about down smash but I'm pretty sure it got nerfed. 


    What I like to see is his aerials to get some buffs specifically landing lag. Sonic can't land for shit when it comes for most characters.Zero suit samus, Rosalina, yoshi, fox, pikachu, sheik, Mario, Luigi, scary top tiers that can just juggle sonic and catch him with a hard up SMASH. We got ways to get down to avoid getting punish but they are all not as safe as most characters. 

    It's still nice to see that he's still recently high  because he's still a tough character I'd say. You can see it from seagull Joe and 6wx and some other notable ones like espy, Kai, camalange and true blue and more possibly. They put in work with sonic and still make it pretty high in tourneys until they loose from a top player.


    Lucas, Roy and ryu are sure scaropponents for sonic. Seeing how most people think ryu may be top tier even zero thinks he is (God I hope he doesn't pick him up l) and me playing against an insane good Lucas player who I had trouble beating with sonic.that's of course just my opinion on that, I could be just bad at the match ups but so far it's difficult. Roy is probably the least threatening but he still is scary to go up against.

    Also everyone calls him resident sleeper because everyone gets bored watching him because spin2win.


    Aggressive sonic is fun to watch which comes from the top sonic players that I posted above. Watch them. They are a joy to watch.

    Playing against an aggressive sonic may still piss you off if your already pissed off by his campy game lol. But that's just salt. I hope you guys at least enjoy my sonic ;_;


    I hope later in the months sonic will keep his high tier status and players won't start dominating him anytime soon or at all hopefully ;_;


    If that happens I still got pacman and mega man and possibly ryu! Hes pretty much my secondary now.

    I still mess around with peach, Mario Kirby and ike.

    Edit: and pls fix bsbs sakurai. Take that shit out. It's the reason why most people SD when people start playing sonic.



    How many montage meme stuff are we gonna have here in these levels!?!?!?!?!?!








    Illuminati stuff, gotta go fastfast, SHREK and shot



    Having those visual effects are just waiting to be used for a montage parody type level lol.


    So yea......I NEEEEEED THIS GAME......LIKE NOW!


    Edit: IIm gonna make a "gotta go fast" type level used with my sonic amiibo. Its gonna be gud.

  3. I kinda see how ryu still got stage spiked by getting hit by your up smash.


    Ryu used his shoryuken which brings his whole arm up and when his fist touch the hitbox of mega man's up smash his lower body was still abit under the edge and mega man's up smash kinda sucks you in so it pulled him right at the edge and then stage spiked!! Lol im pretty sure it didn't came with the patch. Smash 4 is just janky like that lol.



    I kinda wanna test out the tourney mode for tomorrow, anyone up for a test tourney tomorrow? I can just do a simple ruleset 1v1 2 stocks 5 minutes no items and stuff.

  4. The best days for me will be weekends. Working full-time, Monday through Friday. 


    Best time is in the afternoon until the evening or even late night. But only evenings on weekdays since there are times I work until 6:30pm.


    I'm in the eastern standard time so for weekends my best times will be anytime after 2pm. On weekdays any time after 7pm.


    I prefer 200cc, I'm sure many of us got enough practice of it and we can handle it in most tracks. Plus its more fun.


    The items should stay normal. 200cc with normal items is good, even feels more balanced with 200cc on than 150cc lol


    DLC should be added in. I'm also sure most people here got the dlc, those who didn't buy it probably don't play this game much so yea have it on.


  5. Definitely would be nice to have more sonic and hopefully get Mario into this too. Definitely need a scene were both of them interact with each other. 

    Hopefully we get some action with eggman too, we've seen how he is in sonic boom. Definitely need his humor in the movie in some form.


    If there was to be any sega character, I would probably choose Beat from jet set radio since that's the only sega series I really enjoy.


    But I guess the likely ones would be amigo or ulala which still would be cool to see anyways.


  6. Its confirmed in one of the tree house e3 videos that the amiibos only work for smb 1 style. It think it would of taken more work for the other versions. And also I don't think some characters would fit in it. Especially NSMBU style.

    And making automatic levels is already confirmed to made by every one. You can choose three speeds for it. Slow, medium and fast. Hopefully we get more options for it though.

    Here's an example of how it can be used.

    Super Mario Maker - Level Creator Gameplay (Direc…:

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