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  1. I'm alive.

    Also bless palutena for low tier city. I'm actually doing ok wiwith.

    Shulk, Wii fit. You failed me. although I got one spike with Wii fit with her fair. 


    Sorry klonoa lol im not active here and you should have @ me on discord instead of pm. 

    But its all good now.

  2. http://www.twitch.tv/jords2good/mobile


    If anyone bored. Watch me destroy zombies with no help in black ops 3. Shadow of evil is a very cool map. I like it alot.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


  3. I wanna play as knuckles in PM.

  4. HO HO HOES! What dat mouf do?

  5. I don't agree Lucas being that low. Just gonna throw it out there but I think he should take ness's spot and ness would go down abit. Probably right behind Lucas. i saw hhim play at lanwar last weekend and his ryu is sick. Wish I played him in friendlies though. one of the top Lucas players beat him in bracket and that set was hype to watch in person. Him doing so well with Lucas against the top Toronto players makes me believe Lucas is better than ness. It's understandable now that he's low because not alot of results compared to ryu because ryu is getting tons of results due to unique playstyle and he's fucking godlike! Lol I definitely see Lucas being up there. And if im wrong then I'm wrong and that would suck because I've recently started playing lucas. He's actually fun.
  6. Easy win for redcap. Outdated Wii fit and shulk here I go. Edit: fuck Wii fit. Still can't hit anybody.
  7. 100+ entrants for smash4 tourney tomorrow. Hype. Hope I get far.

  8. Or maybe all of the deadly six is coming........
  9. I've only heard of this character because of my cousin telling me about him.......I have no interest in him. Lame. But if he's fun then he's fun. But its still nuts how much different characters we have now. First starting with mega man, the return of sonic, pacman, flippin ryu and now this guy. How many more 3rd parties can this guy bring in?
  10. A smash weekly on Thursday, doubles on Friday possibly teaming with a rosalina player and a monthly on Saturday. Gotta go hard with my sonic this week for smash 4 tourneys.

  11. Getting to the master hand is more difficult than the boss. The cpus are cheap as fuck and 8 player smash is just too random.
  12. Check out @CodyMKW's Tweet: https://twitter.com/CodyMKW/status/655040019439165440?s=09

    They just ended his whole squid kid career

  13. I posted here in the early days of smash when I beat the 9.0 challenge without dying once. Greatest moment. I still enjoy playing this game. It's still been my main game to pick up and play since it came out. Probably because I play it competitively so I'm tryna get more and more better in this game by improving my sonic skills as well as improving my overall gameplay in smash. Unlocking everything was pretty fun and tiresome. Too bad I unlocked everything in a month. After that it was just competitive play from there. So casual matches too of course because items are so fun lol even though most of it is so cheap but I love that anyways. As I casually played brawl I can see how it can get boring after while and then it becomes that game you turn on after you finally got people to play with and them afterwards you never touch it again lol. For glory is good and bad. You get spammers, opponents who try to insult you using tags and then you get good sports, skillful players and not so good players. (Free wins aye! Lol) I'd say be careful going into it if you want to get some good practice. (I should take my own advice cause I still go in and hope to find some good players XD) It's pretty good for getting a feel for a new character you wanna try out. II only ended up using one hammer to skip a challenge which was getting all the headgear for miis. I swear it takes ages to get at least oneheadwear damn. I still haven't gotten all of to! I I gave up trying to get new ones but I kepted getting old ones. And I thought getting the custom moves would be hard but nope that one was at least more consistent. Equipment is just endless. I got like over 2000, probably way more lol. And those are hardly used even in casual play.but I guess it's mostly for smash run and smash tour.
  14. Geez I got too many people on my wiiu friend list that I don't play with in any game. Time to delete.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      dont delete ur friends!!! :C

      they love u.

    2. jords
    3. Monkey Destruction Switch
    4. Dejimon11


      I do the same thing.

    5. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      sorry I just

      I kinda gave up playing Smash for a while WHOOPS

  15. My fucking sides. LMFAOO

    1. DBZHedgy


      that laugh just absolutely sells this

  16. http://emg.challonge.com/sot26wiiu

    I've won 3 bucks. Ima use my reward money to buy some orange juice. Mmmm orange juice.

    Anyways my sonic was pretty good today.

  17. Yea which is why I said in Mario maker you can make anything work.
  18. Has any mario game ever done that?Although it would be more flexible but I really think that's unnecessary. Would actually be kind of an odd level design I'd say. Like you reveal a passage with fire flower and a secret power up awaits but you lose the fire flower so that punishes you from not getting the actual award like a propeller? But in super Mario maker, you can make anything work so I dunno.
  19. Just what I need. Checkpoints. Just exactly what I needed. And the power up setup is what I need too. Can't be giving free fire flowers when people constantly getting hit and cheesing their way through lol. Shake. my. Head. Now they gotta survive long enough without getting hit to earn that flower lol. Is it only fire flower tho? Now I need myslopes, more themes (specifically snow, desert, and lava.), more enemies and other stuff.
  20. I really do love the smash scene in my area. The community is very welcoming.

  21. I'm okay with the choices except dry bowser. It's just another bowser.
  22. Making a video about myself is alot harder than I thought. WHO THE HELL AM I????

    1. Polkadi~☆


      You're jords, of course. How do you not know that?

    2. DBZHedgy


      You're you, der

      but seriously, you don't have to be super in-depth about it. Just start with your name and what you like to do. The rest should come naturally.

    3. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      wait for the tooth fairy to come tell you :)


    4. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Hey did you hear back from air Canada 

    5. TCB


      Collect the Chaos Emeralds then you'll know

    6. Rey Skywalker-Ren

      Rey Skywalker-Ren

      collect the emeralds at the promised time and i will tell you you past

  23. Shy guy, nabbit, diddy Kong, bowser Jr. Best bet its those guys. I really really hope there are no babies. What if they do baby wario and baby waluigi?? It'd be funny as hell but I really don't want that lol
  24. I need this. I really do. >only US Darn.
  25. So far it's nothing but tennis and mega mushroom. But I'm sure they got other modes in the game. I'm already sold on it cause I like Mario tennis on the Wii and just regular mode or whatever. Beautiful HD graphics, new characters, music, and new Mario themed tennis courts. Gotta have good controls too but I think it's safe that it will be good. If all that's good then im good. If they add some other modes or stuff then cool. Other than that the game already looks fun to play and I want it. Plus I already know whose going to be my main in this game. Freaking BOO!
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