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  1. Definitely didn't do good in my splatfest runs lol almost every match I had my team lose because some gets disconnected or they hardly do anything.

    0 kills and 15 deaths?!?! Come on step it up! Only won one match out of like 10 ive played but its whatever because it was still pretty fun and it was nice to hear some new tunes and fighting at night.

    I was telling dogs because I like did more. Only got 6 sea snails which look like a shroom that could be from Mario. Lol.


    I didn't change much but I add slots to the glasses. I used to have the football helmet but now I'm Swagging out with the glasses. Of course I still gotta upgrade them.

    I used my snails for the hero clothing from mission mode bit I don't think I'll use them. I have regrets lol.

    Still going hard with the splattershot jr.

    Bubbler can be so cheap at times lol but I love it.

    I also can't wait to be able to make friend lobbies so we can actually have organized battles against each other. Its pretty much next month.

  2. This was a while ago but I got Redcap to help me find a good sonic picture that I could use and this colorful one seem to fit right. It looks cool and the art is good and colorful.

    Sonic making a silly face and shit. Not really sure how to explain it but I think it fits the current mood I think.

  3. Now would be a perfect time to get this game. Im probably gonna loose interest in this game by the time it comes out because I'll probably be hooked on Mario maker and other games coming out in the fall.

    I wasn't sure about buying but I would give it a shot right now because I'm insanely bored without a new game right now. Although I feel like this game won't help much. Idk. I'll have to see if I'll get it or not when its out.

  4. I've got another game done

    Mario and Luigi: partners in time.



    Great game. Im not sure if its just me but I kinda breezed through this game. Compared to super star saga and dream team, this game is the easiest so far out of the Mario rpgs. People were telling me to expect bosses to be really hard and yet I've never died more than once in a single boss fight.

    I've even beat the final boss in one go. ??????

    The other 2 I needed like over 20 tried lol. Maybe the Mario rpgs are getting too easy for me lol. I hope Bowser inside story brings up a challenge.

    Overall the gameplay was nice, the music was nice, the story was nice but the difficulty in puzzles and enemies could of been tougher.

  5. Good news!


    If you love 2D Mario, I see no reason to not buy this game now. I'm sure some people were worried there might not be alot of premade Mario levels to play with instead of relying on people around the world making the levels and finding good ones that could potentially be hard.

    But now you can play a bunch of levels from the start even if you don't have online for your systems so you at least have some levels to play when you get the game.

    So.......whose still worried about this?

  6. I just realized this but I'm wondering if we're gonna even get desert levels and beach levels. It would be nice to have quick sand and shallow water type levels although I'm not sure if they will go far with that for Mario world and smb1 but I think it's possible since they did it with other themes.

    I'm just wondering if we're gonna be able to have rising/falling water and lava and adjust the settings for them like making a switch drain the water down or a continuous rising and falling lava.

    Also some cheep chomps, porcupuffer and urchins should be nice to have. More underwater creatures would be cool.

    Remember how Takashi Tezuka initially said that Super Mario Maker would have a consistent set of physics for all of the 2D Mario games represented a few months ago? Apparently this is no longer the case, as people on Neogaf who have played demos of the game are saying that Super Mario Maker has separate physics for each 2D Mario game represented, with each of them being faithful to the source material. Whether they are or aren't striving for 1:1 accuracy to the original games' physics is up for debate though.

  7. Super Mario Maker: Pink Parasol Mystery Mushroom …:

    So we got some 8-bit peach gameplay basically confirming her to be in as well. Making her whip out the umbrella as she falls which is nice and she has her SMB 2 jingles.

    I'm pretty confident almost all amiibos will on here which is actually pretty great. Its gonna be nice to see and hear each amiibos 8-bit animations, death music, victory music and what sounds they make when jumping. Its a pretty cool feature.

    Its also cool that even pressing the up button they all so far do a pose like with Wii fit she goes upside down and when you crouch she does the splits, and when you press up with link he holds a piece of the triforce.

    I didn't even realize 8-bit yoshi was shown in the direct lol.

  8. Not that I'm aware of. I'll probably have to look around to see if there is any.

    But then I realized that it could be new music specifically for SMB 1 style ghost house which I don't really like lol same way with the Mario world music in the airship levels. That one is new.

    Makes me wonder how the SMB 1 style of airships, and the ghost house of SMB 3

  9. As far as I'm concerned, all enemies traps, hazards and all that stuff are in all styles.

    Specific styles content are either power ups, yoshi, and of course the physics.

    I didn't mind the NSMB series not having the shell kicking upwards because with all that wall jumping, triple jumping stuff in that style will make alot of levels way too easy if we had that feature.

    Plus its pretty nice to have different physics that you can build levels around with those certain physics.

    You can see that in the Nintendo world championships where they had levels that worked around those physics.

    Super Mario Maker - Monty's Mine Go Boom Direct F…:

    Also this music is different. Might be the works of the music creation mode?

    Also I played this level and it is hard holy shit lol, NO ONE, can't beat it. I made it close to the hammer bros part which is not seen in this video but its farther ahead. Mr and this guy were just going at it trying to beat it but couldn't do it lol. This Saturday I shall beat it.

  10. Yes! I'm actually really happy about this because so far Wii fit trainer is my favorite one in the 8-bit costume's, her poses are just funny to see in 8-bit form.

    And yoshi is confirmed too now. Will we see yoshi riding a yoshi? Lol

  11. Alright so seeing a bunch of the maker mode there are some things that I hope that will be in the final game.

    I hope we are able to adjust the height of the top screens. Now it seems like the top screen is always big and open and if you wanted to be a horizontal level, you have to put up blocks at the top which is something I don't want to have in each level I make. Hopefully we and can make some vertical levels like the tower levels in Nsmb series.

    I also hope the starting line isn't always being on a left side of the level and being able to put Mario anywhere in the level.

    Hopefully the length of the levels would be larger than the demo size because most levels have been really short and I hope that there is gonna be like a checkpoint added on here to get full sized levels amd create some good lengthy levels.

    I'm sure this will probably be complicated for them to add in but it'd be neat if they let us be able to control the autoscrolling and choose where to move for example I can make it go up then go right then go down right and whatever how you want it.

    I believe thats it for now. I probably missed a couple but I'll probably edit.

  12. I forgot to mention but one of the staff told me that if I pre order this game I can get another game that's coming out later this year 20% off but I'm not sure if that's what exactly he said. Maybe he mentioned past games but the flyer he gave me it says that I'll get a button set if I preorder Mario maker and another game coming out too like yoshi wooly world or starfox zero but it doesn't mention the 20%...

    I'm still not entirely sure about the 20% but I'll double check once I go there again this Saturday.

    Edit: I just remembered but I think he said you only get the 20% on the second game only during E3 and stupid me forgot to do it. Hopefully Saturday counts.

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