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  1. So I'm not sure if many of you guys knew this this game is playable in the best buy stores and if your interested in trying it out go for it.

    I've got to try it out a couple times myself today and this game is surprisingly fun. There was not alot of people today and so I was playing the game with the staff that was working there and they are super cool and nice and playing through the levels and working with them was pretty fun. The game has some clever puzzles that require all three links to work together and its pretty cool passing through each puzzle and making progress with your teammates.

    I can see online being a NIGHTMARE in this game because everyone shares the hearts and it only takes one troll to mess everything up so I highly recommend to have 2 other friends to play with if you plan to do coop and stuff and make progress because I can tell the levels are not easy. At least not all of them.

    Anyways it was fun. Just hope you got 2 friends either online or offline to play with. Its more fun that way. I'm not sure if I'll get it because I don't know anyone who will play this with me. Certainly not my brother.

  2. So I went to best buy today and got to try our Mario maker! It was alot of fun. They had sample levels there, same ones found at E3, except the levels shown at the Nintendo world championships.

    I didn't do a whole lot of creating levels but I got the gist of it to see how it works and stuff and it is super fun and easy to use.

    Not sure if it will be in the full game but it seems you would have to go to different styles to get out a certain item or enemy. For example say you are in Mario world and you want a hammer bro but you don't see a hammer bro in your tool box. Hammer bros is located in the NSMBU style so you gotta switch to that style and place the hammer bro. I hope that's not how its gonna be in the final game so hopefully everything is in one place all organized like a list of power ups and enemies.

    I really enjoyed playing the sample levels they had a lot and I managed to try out alot of them, especially the hard ones (which I dominated lol) and some really fun ones like levels that plays for you.

    There wasn't that many people lined up for it so I was able to play it a great number of times.

    I also found out that for setting up autoscrolling you can have to three speeds slow medium and fast. I did a level that had the fast autoscrolling underwater and the screen was pushing me as I'm swimming up an down against the wall trying to avoid blocks so i dont get squished. Such a fun and hard level.

    This is one of the levels I played.

    Super Mario Maker - Clown Car Chaos! (Direct Feed…:

    And here is more level building stuff with direct footage.

    I love the noises its so weird and funny.

    Super Mario Maker - Level Creator Gameplay (Direc…:

    And this level is really cool, I love these types of levels too.

    Super Mario Maker - Just Keep Running & Cap'n Big…:

  3. Omega in this game would make sense since he was a rival in past Olympic games.

    Edit: Why do I always forget rouge is in this game!?! Lol

    Zazz, jet, rouge and sticks for sonic. Then diddy and nabbit which should confirm that two more Mario characters should be coming. But I'm sure you guys figured that out.

    Edit: and now omega joining this is making more sense now because he would fit nice for another power character and I don't think zazz would fit that type.

    Let's see,

    Omega and ??? For power

    Rouge and ??? For all around

    Jet and ??? For speed

    Sticks and ??? For skill

    I'm not sure where to place diddy or nabbit they are either the three types so I don't know.

  4. Got a couple videos from gamexplain and with direct audio.

    Super Mario Maker - Level Creation w/ Direct Audi…:

    Oh my god please tell me I'm not the only one who found the noises when placing things on the level is sooo weird and funny! I think I was laughing too hard on this but it really sounded super funny to me XD. And the music when creation mode is super catchy and nice. I love it.

    Super Mario Maker - Body is Ready Level w Direct …:

    And here is footage of the Wii fit trainer. Thanks to the direct audio we can hear how she is gonna sound and its pretty funny.

  5. Naw its confirmed that it only works in the style of SMB 1. They mention it during the first showing of Mario maker in the Nintendo treehouse and when they showed of Wii fit.

    It would of been interesting to see how they would look in the other styles. Although to be honest they probably wouldn't look too good in the NSMBU version. It would look weird.

  6. Got a menu of some of the items.


    I do kinda wish it was more organized though like have an enemy section and have a tile section and power ups. Everything is too mix up together and might make it hard to find specific things.

    It could be just for the demo though so I hope they will have it all organized at release.

  7. Or right I forgot about the spin jump! That's actually sick that they have it on the NSMB physics.

    One thing has crossed my mind though are the power ups. We haven't seen the specific game power ups jump into other styles like the propeller shroom, the tanooki and the cap power up. Has it been confirmed that we can use these power ups with all other styles? It would be super nice if we could use them.

  8. New trailer!

    Wii U - Super Mario Maker E3 2015 Trailer:

    Nothing really new though but I believe some new stuff have been shown on here like:

    Auto scrolling level are confirmed to be on here. Still not sure how you can make them though.

    100 Mario challenge ( not really sure how it works, 100 lives to beat hardcore levels?)

    Amiibo is being supported in this game so far Link, Wii fit trainer, marth and Luigi are pretty much confirmed for it. Well Link and Wii fit were confirmed but we soon footage of marth and Luigi. I'm sure we will get a toad and rosalina too.

    Can we get a sonic one on here too? That would be cool lol.

    Being able to swim under water with yoshi is also cool. In the Nsmb console games they never had levels were we can bring yoshi underwater or on top but in hacks for Nsmb Wii yoshi would just simply fall through the water with you jumping off lol but I'm glad he can go underwater now.

    I believe that's it for anything new but I'm sure gamexplain will find some new bits in the trailer and the footage of the digital event.

    Sad to see Nintendo did really bad in today's presentation nothing hype worthy for me. I'm super hyped for Mario maker but they didn't really showed off anything new from the game yet they spend alot of time on it in the direct.

    Anyways, how many of you guys sold on this game?

  9. Question 12:

    City escape in SA2. My first ever sonic level. Its an amazing level. The music is great the level is great and playing it in multiplayer is tons of fun. The level has the truck section part which was scary as fuck at the time lol but was still pretty epic and fun.

    Having that stag return in generations was the best thing in game. Its still my favorite level in the game and both modern and classic is a blast and well designed imo. And the truck chase there was even crazier my god the last part of it was nuts lol.

  10. Just got two more amiibos. Now I got 8 in total. Slowing building up LOL.

    I got Pacman and Toad. Went to the eb games nearby my house and they ran out but they were nice enough to call a different eb games store that had the pacman amiibo and so they called and reserved it for me. And so I went there and got it. Cool :D

    Now that I got all my main amiibos (Mega man, sonic and pacman) I think I'll try to collect to the rare ones that I like and feel cool for owning rare ones. I wouldn't mind getting a Wii fit trainer, captain falcon, rosalina, Assuming those are still rare in my area. I'd also try and grab a ness and Bowser jr too.

    Easy ones though I will eventually get Kirby, regular Luigi, Smash yoshi, diddy Kong, and Bowser.

    Man that's alot of money.

    Here is a pic.


  11. I'm a little late but damn it invasion was such a super fun mode in halo reach I'm surprised they didn't bring it back again.

    Oh well but overall this game is a for sure buy for me. I loved the multiplayer from the beta and everything else seems to sound good. Free dlc maps? Count me in.

  12. Question 10:

    I will probably say my favorite episode is probably the meteor episode from sonic boom. Sonic and eggman switching bodies was hilarious and both mike and roger (especially roger) did a fantastic job using their own characters voice and having the personality as the other.

    I haven't watched sonic X in a long while and my memory on it is pretty low but i t had its moment's. I'd say the best ones I really enjoy were the super sonic sonic episodes, the animation in those episodes are very nice compared to other episodes and the super sonic fights are always fun to watch.

    Question 11:

    Um I never had any sonic mercy or toys. If anything the sonic amiibo would be my first one and I'm sure I'm gonna keep that as long as I can.

    For games its gotta be sonic adventure 2 the game that brought me into the sonic franchise. And introducing all the cool characters. Nonstop playing the game with me and my bro, replaying the game whenever we complete it, going at it in multiplayer mode because its super fun. Me and my bro were careless so the game would break so much and we would ask him to buy it again. I think we broke it at least 4 times lol. And from there I was always interested in sonic and was curious to see what other games he had.

  13. More footage of Mario and sonic 2016 Olympics

    Rayman for smash dlc and hopefully more stages dlc

    More Mario kart track dlc

    More Mario maker news

    Halo 5

    Another 2D Rayman game.

    Black ops 3 zombies footage

    Um......surprising stuff that may get my attention.

    That's it

  14. Question 9:

    Sonic in Sonic unleashed.

    I'm not sure how to explain this one but I feel like sonic was at his best in sonic unleashed. I really enjoyed the relationship between sonic and chip. In the opening scene it really showed off how cool sonic was and how playful he can be to eggman.

    Sonic was nice enough to guide chip to find out who he is by having him go on a journey together to fix the planet. Sonic even took the time to help out the citizens around the world whenever he had the chance.

    Sonic being the werehog made him an angrier looking werehog caused by the dark Gaia stuff and even that didn't effect his personality because he's too strong for that to effect him....I guess lol.

    Thats all I have to say though.

  15. Well this is a surprised, I haven't tried shattered crystals but didn't have enough interest to get it even though I kinda enjoyed it in the demo but it doesn't seem any different to first one so eh.

    Back to getting hype for Mario and sonic at the Olympic games

  16. Question 8:

    Sonic riders zero gravity

    The first sonic riders was an absolute blast when playing it and it was very exciting to see it get a sequel which is Zero gravity.

    When trying out zero gravity it was a bit of a disappointment at least compared to the first one. But this game still has its fun moments.

    My memory is a bit low on this game but I knew it was still an enjoyable game. The gimmick in this game was defying gravity and being able to get to certain routes that require the use of gravity and IMO it was handled well.

    But I think why most people didn't like this one because it was pretty much a slower version of the first riders game. In the first one you were able to boost yourself as long as you had air in your extreme gear and as you race you gotta keep finding ways to keep your air up so you can continue to boost. Using the boost allows you to attack other racers to slow them down. Sadly this gimmick was not in zero gravity.

    I still managed to enjoy this game though, the gimmicks worked really well in the race tracks and it all felt good using the gravity to boost you forward or keep your pace like using it to make sharp turns without loosing great amount of speed (although I prefer the old way to make sharp turns in riders 1), flying through large areas with gravity to really get ahead.

    The story in this one was really interesting, much better than the first riders I'd say, it made me like jet the hawk even more as a character, can't really say the same with wave and storm.

    At the time I was hoping there would be a sequel and.......

    We got one and it sucked. Free riders probably would of been a good game if we were actually allowed to use a controller.

  17. Here's another challenge for smash 4. I think some of you guys would like to give a shot at this.

    I don't have name for it so its just a for glory challenge. So yea....


    So basically you go on for glory and Win at least once for every character in the roster, obviously not counting the miis so that makes 49 matches that you have to complete.

    Now the hard part is that you have to win with each character in a row! Starting from Mario all the way down to mewtwo, all but wins So if you fail midway then you gotta go back to Mario and start again. And yea this one will take some time to complete in one run because some matches can take forever with lag.

    And we know how for glory can be sometimes, matches can be laggy, players can be annoying and spammy and its possible to wind up with a pro level person that could wreck your shit. But that's the fun of it though, can you deal with all that in one run without loosing once? All 49 matches? I'm definitely gonna try and do it.

    I had the idea of this for awhile now and seeing zero do it now kinda remind me of it and now I wanna try it.


    So far he only made it to greninja.

    So if you do complete the challenge, your gonna need proof of it. Easy way to do it is to create a new name in the game (call it whatever you like, I'd prefer to call it for glory but that's me) then use that name once your playing in the for glory challenge so it records for that specific name.


    Once you completed the challenge you would have to have 49 battles with 49 victories. And the win rate has to be 100%


    You would also need a picture of this too to confirm that you actually used all characters to win at least one match.

    And luckily you can easily take the pictures in Miiverse.

    And one other thing, whenever you fail to complete it, you should delete the name of that your using for the challenge and remake a new one to restart the records in order to be 100% percent sure that you actually completed the challenge.

    So yea I believe I covered everything for this so let's see if any of you guys can do this.

    Edit: forgot one thing, if some of you manage to complete it before the lucus update then I guess you can still count it as a win but then when he does come out you can choose to keep your win or go risk it trying to get 1 match of lucus to get 50 victories, but if you loose with him then......yea lol back to Mario.

  18. Question 6:

    My funny moment from this game is probably the special gems sonic has. Especially the blue one that makes you jump to the gem where ever you throw it and there ways to make you fly off sooooo far lol.

    Throwing the gem against a wall will have sonic fly up super high and watching him go always looked funny to me. I would use the gem to cut to places that I'm not allowed to get to and just do random stuff. Its hilarious.

  19. Question 5:

    Things I would want is to have knuckles be more serious with his master emerald stuff, him showing up along sonic just to watch doesn't seem like something he would leave his island unless he's 100% sure no one is gonna take it (Can't blame him, the master emerald isn't really relevant nowadays same with the chaos emeralds). It makes sense since eggman was the only one to ever steal the emerald and having him do other schemes seems to be enough for him to leave. But then I hope in future games they make the master emerald be an important part of the plot so it makes knuckles be a part of the story instead of being in the side lines like Amy.

    I'm not really liking the idea of him being dumb (I don't mind boom cause that's another thing, he's actually hilarious in boom) and looking silly all the time, I don't mind him being put in silly situations but it'd be better to actually be focused or serious about his role and stuff. But thats me.

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