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  1. Question 3:

    An elemental shield type of item I had in mind called the wind shield. It'd fit with classic sonics gameplay. With this shield, you'll be able to push everything around you when using it in the air. Simply pushing robotniks, missles, bullets spikes and projectiles will be pushed away but it will not destroy them though so simply pushing them and rushing into robots with spikes on them would still hurt your shield. Its useful for secret paths that are blocked with robots you can't touch.

    Question 4:

    I would probably have to say is the final boss of sonic 2, having to go through silver sonic and death egg robot without any rings is sure a tough battle to deal with. I've struggled pretty hard when facing it first time. O had the sonic mega collection plus and that had restore points but my stupid self never knew how to use it so I kept going at it until I beat it in one run.

  2. I wouldn't mind omega, he might actually be hilarious to see in most of these events. Ribbon dancing of course lol.

    This makes me wanna play London again and watch every character ribbon dance XD

    But please don't bring back horse back riding or whatever its called. That was too boring. I liked the dream event though.

  3. Question 2:

    Angel island:

    Its such a beautiful island to relax and look around. Has amazing areas to explore both safe areas and dangerous areas which could be exciting. To be specific though I would probably like to head to the first level of sonic 3 which is angel island lol

    City escape

    Looks like the type of city I Would love to be in. Its a pretty nice environment and I'm sure the beaches there will be nice and go on the tour around the city.

    Rooftop run.

    Itd but fun as hell to be traveling around on top of rooftops with many houses close together obviously trying out lots of their famous food their and exploring every inch of that city. It'd be cool IG its possible to climb the clock tower too and if there is a rail that I can safely ride down then I'd go for it :D

  4. I can see them still being rivals since they are just copies of eggman and bowser.

    Either way it'd be funny to see dry bowser do some ribbon dancing lol. But its better to have them rivals along with birdo, kamek, bullet bill, boo, omega, and other ones I don't remember.

    Still hoping for rosalina though.

  5. Finally an update from me.

    Sonic and knuckles:



    This game sure is fun when going super sonic. Getting it though sure is a task, the bonus stages will still be hard for me. Good thing I was able to use restore points on the emulator I used. Each level was still a blast to go through except doomsday, that shit is hard. I don't even remember It being that hard lol.

    I still need to do knuckles story to 100% this game as you can see I got the emeralds for sonic, now I just need to do knuckles.

    New super Mario bros (DS)



    I don't remember this game being more difficult than the sequels lol because they really had some difficult levels in their that made me go game over! In a mario game!? ( I was kinda rushing the game so yea lol)I guess it being focused for one player its more difficult that way except with the other titles there is more room to get away from most things and its easier to get passed a few things even in single player.

    Donkey Kong 64


    I almost forgot to take a picture at the credits scene lol


    This game sure took me awhile mostly because I was trying to collect as much as I can before finishing so then I won't have much to do when I come back to so yea I'm planning to 100% it. Hopefully Ill get around to it. But yea I mostly enjoyed but some things in the game didn't work well with the games controls, small spaces which makes camera harder to control and sometimes gets stuck, small platforms that are hard to move around and a few other stuff.......


    ....yea that minigame truly sucked. Lol



    You only need the ending picture because this he literally just came out. We know its heavily focused on the multiplayer but it did have a story mode and it was pretty good I'd say, it was fun.

    In story mode there was these secret scrolls to collect in each level. Not sure if that counts as 100% for splatoon. With multiplayer there was stuff to buy like weapons and clothing's to improve your overall gameplay online.

    We can also level up our freshness which goes to a max of 20 which I have done so if that helps it make it 100% then cool.

    Either way this game is a blast and I'm still playing it a lot. Super fun dominating the other team and splattering others is so satisfying.

    Oh yea I'll get a picture of the scrolls and of me reaching level 20.

    Anyways that's it for now.

  6. Question 1:

    Sonic riders zero gravity


    I really love the designs here. It has the sense of epicness and adventure based on this cover and luckily the story was pretty good I'd say, the gameplay could of been better though.

    But yea the cover looks awesome, it shows of the 6 main guys of the rider series looking awesome posing together in their extreme gears which has a cool new look to them compared to the last one.

    Seeing sonic still looking like he's having the time of his life and just enjoying himself is always great to see while jet has his serious determined look on his face only because he is serious about beating sonic in extreme gear racing.

  7. I'm pretty sure zazz is playable, they can't just throw out these characters and say they are not playable.

    That will be a dick move even though barely anyone like this character (I do)

    But imagine if it was rosalina?

    *shows rosalina footage*

    "Oh btw she's not playable"

    I can't see that happening. If he isn't playable then oh well.

  8. Most events in Sochi were too gimmicky, some required you to switch between gamepad to Wiimote in certain events

    Some Olympic events were fun tho but dream events have always been fun.

    Can't wait to see what they do this time hopefully they make a bunch of them.

    Stages I would like to see is something from sonic colors mainly starlight carnival or planet wisp.

    Maybe bring in apotos from unleashed or rooftop run. And from the classics, itd be cool to see the death egg zone, lava reef (or just the music, I love it), hyrdocity zone, and sky sanctuary.

    Edit: bowser jr's been playable since London. This is his third game

  9. Was hoping I could catch up to Ryan and try get to 52 games first but he is literally blazing it lol and I'm kinda falling back again on playing games mostly because of me playing smash wiiu and Mario kart 8.

    But I'm currently working on a game which is DK 64 and holy crap its taking me a good while to finish it lol probably because I'm trying to get as much stuff done before I finish the game so then when I get back to it, there won't be that much to do.

    Ive got some other games done tho I'm just lazy to post them right now.

    Anyways nice job Ryan and others who are close behind.

  10. It was pretty fun playing with you guys and actually being a part of this game night event. I will try to join for smash bros whenever you guys play that.

    Although I have some suggestions to make communication to each a bit easier.

    You guys probably should be using Skype or some chats from websites so everyone can quickly post without refreshing the page a bunch of times (that's what I at least gotta do)

    Having the chats will be easier to make decision on what should the settings should be and have members vote on it so everyone has at least a say to pick what they wanna do in a certain mode. But you did good switching up modes and stuff so not really a problem there.

    Everything else was good though I had fun.

    Also battle mode with teams with mushrooms only doesn't mix up too well, catching people with mushrooms is a bit of a pain since the lag makes you miss even though it shows on your screen that you actually hit the player. But if others enjoy then that's good!

    But if using the PM is what you guys prefer then thats Ok.

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