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  1. Classic sonic was able to buy a lighting shield in generations but classic doesn't do light speed dash.

    Modern sonic was only able to light speed dash through glowing rings. Maybe if they have those glowing rings not be affected by the magnet shield then they could coexist.

    Make the important rings not be affected by the magnet and just have the normal rings be pulled in by the magnet.

  2. The best set up so far for the 8 player dedede challenge wlhas me using customs sort I had to try them out lol its literary impossible XD but I managed knock off 6 stocks pretty quickly with villagers customs. I used the fire balloons and the tripping plant. Camping at the edge and switching sides when things get to hectic using the lyoid rocket to travel to the other side quickly.

    I use the balloons to build damage and have the plant there to trip them so the balloon does hit them and prevent them from hitiing you when your on the edge with no invincibility.

    Its best to have a Gordon pocket before you camp at the edge.

    But yea its still impossible lol, the dededes are just UUUUUGH LOL, This would be possible with other characters that don't have mutilple jumps and so hard to knock out cause fat. Lol. I cannot gimp him no matter what I do. Although he sometimes kill him self by using his B off the edge.

    You just had to pick King dedede Felix. I would of been fine with Bowser XP.

    Maybe we should create more challenges with some creativity to it. We got special smash, all the rules, all the customs, all the stages, we could create some interesting challenges with our own rules and stuff.

  3. My submission for the Miiverse photo challenge if anyone still cares for that.



    "After defeating King koopa, Bowser. Mario and peach are reunited once again and Baby Luma has finally found her Mama, Rosalina. Mario and peach both return to the mushroom kingdom and all the Lumas can be safe with their Lumas again. Until next time...

    May the stars shine on you."

    The theme was "Happiness" so I went with a happy ending from super Mario galaxy 2 where Mario and peach are reunited and Rosalina and Baby luma are reunited too.

    I hope I did good with this one.

  4. Well I finally beat the 4 player dedede challenge. Too me a long while compared to some of you but whatever I plan to beat the 8 player mode (God help me)

    I did it with sonic on duck hunts stage.

    I would upload it myself but my laptop is broken. So I don't know. If you wanna see replay just ask.

    Now going for that 8 player challenge because I'm fucking crazy

  5. I can't last more than a few minutes playing the classic Zelda games. Not because its hard but its suuuuuper boring.

    I've been able try out other classic Nintendo games that I've never played and have some fun with it like F-Zero and metroid but Zelda just bores me so much. I wouldn't even get it for free.

    I can probably say the same thing with the 3D Zelda games because looking at most of them, they all look boring.

    The only one I can see myself having fun with is hyrule warriors.

  6. Watched a few videos on this game and I'm slowly growing interest in it but I don't know how a feel with jrpg games. I like a few RPGs but not sure if I'll like jrpgs.

    Either way I can't lie how this games world is soooo flipping huge!!!! Goddamn.

    If traveling around in this game is fun and stuff I'll make that whole world my playground lol. I'll have to see more about this game but I'm down for trying something new.

    Smash made me like shulk. Where is the monado boy?

  7. Mario kart Wii's battle mode was pretty epic and fun and the teams actually worked in that one.

    But survival will always be the best one. They had the ghost and stuff so now we just need battle stages.

    Good thing they had the points added in because if it was just survival then everyone would just camp. Teams are pretty stupid in this one because you and your teammate are the last one then the game won't end until time runs out or if you eliminate your teammate. I don't mind friendly fire but the red shells shouldn't have to aim at your teammates.

  8. 3 More games done.




    Finding two whistles in this workd is easy. Skipped all the way to world 8 lol.


    Still a great game even I've done a world and a half lol but I'll eventually play it the whole thing whenever I feel like it.

    And its my favorite classic Mario game. Better than super Mario world In my opinion. Yes I said that lol.


    Starting off the game with no balloons of course.


    And this is when everyone celebrates my awesome victory after defeating wizpig. Had to collect 47 balloons and 4 amulets to race against final boss.


    I'm still waiting........

    A fun little racing that has a lot of charm, especially in the music. With some tricks I have done in this game made it pretty easy to go through most parts but facing the red octopus guy will always be frustrating!! Lol


    Let's get this started! Also has a very catchy menu music. I love it.


    Had to catch 'em all!

    It was probably my Wii controller but this was annoying to get. I ended up getting super sonic all the way in ice cap. I usually get him in hydrocity...oh well.


    A nice super sonic ending!


    This is still a great classic sonic game. Best out of the 5.....well I haven't played sonic CD so I'm not sure.

    Also this is 100% too since not collecting all emeralds doesn't get you the super sonic ending.

  9. Sonic being in the game would be so nice. Along with a sonic stage, but I don't feel like they'll go there especially not getting other Nintendo characters like samus or captain falcon.

    Seriously why isn't captain falcon playable!?!?

    And Nintendo seems to love mega man right now so if they were gonna put a third party then they would probably choose him lol.

  10. I'm really really enjoying all this dlc. Its amazing. The tracks are excellent. So much detail went into each of them and the music is flipping' great! I love it.

    200cc is fast man, it will have you dropping off course and bumping against the walls ALOT, and you probably heard this a lot already but BRAKING IS CRUCIAL!!

    I pretty much gotten used to it and I do pretty well in 200cc in most courses even some difficult courses like cheese land, neo bowser city, Yoshi circuit, wario stadium, and bowser castle. More shortcuts have opened up and some are useless because some short cuts are mostly not worth taking now.


    Neo bowser city!!! Let's gooooo

    More like drift city. (I REALLY LIKE THIS TRACK!)

    Also this happens XD https://38.media.tumblr.com/60f433f4e2b59084ae62db9192b59296/tumblr_nna2drht5G1rtr7mwo1_400.gif I was flying LOL

    Tracker made the gif though

  11. It seems like fire hopping in 200cc is useless mostly because there i s no room for it except for really long straight away and it doesn't feel like it makes you go faster. This is actually good! I imagine that the speed would go even higher when fire hopping. But I'm not 100% sure if it slows you down or not. Either way its not worth it in this mode.

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