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  1. More games done!

    Games and wario!


    I pretty much gotta complete each main characters games. Some are easy and some were a bit difficult (Stupid design minigame).


    And this is when I unlock the last cutscene of the game from beating the last Game which was warios pirate ship dance.

    Most of the games were fun but some are really boring like patchwork and design and some were good like arrow and kung fu, and obviously the best one is Gamer with 9-volts scary ass mom

    Next game: Rayman legends


    Had to use a different mii account for this game because I didn't want to erase my 100% file and we can only have one file and that 100% was hard work!


    After beating the final boss in the last world. Still an easy boss fight sadly.

    Next game: Zombies ate my neighbors

    I didn't get a picture when I started this game but I did stream it when I started it!

    Well.....I forgot that the past broadcast videos will get deleted in about 30 days and my proof is gone.


    This is the only thing I got for it but it's not the beginning but I did started that game on the same day but if this one doesn't count I would understand.

    I got it done tonight with a few levels left to complete so it didnt take that much time tonight although it took me about an hour to beat that final boss damn it was hard, thank god for saves. ( I must of played almost the entire game that day I was streaming lol)



    They even got a credit level which has actually people in the level and they pretty much give credit of the staff that worked on this game. I guess the level is for more points but I DIED IN IT!!! TWICE! LOL I'll go for it next time.

    This game doesn't really have a 100% completion its just beating the whole game without getting a game over like an arcade game. The game had passwords to let you skip to levels further in the game and the latest checkpoint leaves you with only 5 levels until final boss.......yea not doing that. I did the whole game.

    Next game: Super Mario Bros.


    Got it done real quick ( in about 20 minutes)


    Next game: Super Mario Bros. The lost levels



    I know this one is harder so it will probably take even longer for me to do it. Plus I don't even know the shortcuts!

    RBh5ea.jpg another kiss from bae

    SmPpAI.jpg and that's when I continue on the extra levels.

    Edit: another game done: Super Mario bros 2



    I suck at this game. Birdo kills me so many times especially the fire ones. Playing with Luigi didn't feel good in this one but I couldn't stand playing as the other characters being they can't jump high like luigi.

    I used Mario only once just to fight wart only because its easier to dodge the bubbles and aim better with the veggie tossing.

    Its still a pretty fun game though. Definitely different than the other 3 2d Mario games.

  2. Got 2 more games finished.

    New super Luigi U

    https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHjt1R9RKAthe intro cutscene when bower is about to take over the castle and send Luigi and the two toads far away from the castle. Mario seems to be at somewhere else since his hat is on the table . bathroom break maybe? Lol. Either way its pretty much the same its just shorter and harder levels that's all.

    Me getting the notification of completing the game.


    And then I completed Sonic lost world

    I still like the game. It has a good amount of fun levels and excellent music. Gameplay is still weird at times but its manageable except the ice physics. That is not fun. Lol

    https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHjt8vdsnQ. The nice CGI intro cutscene. Still a joy to watch.



    Obviously they could of done better but oh well this is what we got so sadly we will have to deal with it.

    Edit: I'll probably have to edit this post to avoid posting many times in a row. At this rate I'll probably have the whole page to myself lol.

  3. Managed to beat this in one night, of course taking all the shortcuts and stuff but i ts still completing it. I'll eventually 100% it though. Whenever that will be.



    And when I finished it.

    Its still a good game, the controls still feel good and I was surprised to get through some levels quick especially the ones with the secret exit.

    If you never played this one. Pick it up. Its a decent 2D platformer.

    Here's a game I.am starting to play. Well I played some of it before and I kinda wanna start over. Plus I started it in 2014 so I couldn't just continue from that file.


    This one may take awhile since I don't play it a lot and its flipping hard! But I do wanna finish it though.

  4. Bumpin' cause DLC pack 2 is coming just now and im sure some of you will be playing this game abit more and will at least have some highlights to share.




    Me and haden with random people online. Luckily I had a mushroom in the end to pass just enough to beat him. 




    Another close match between me and haden again! This one was really really close. It's too bad for him because he had the lead most of the time, especially at that one part where he bumped me into the wall at 0:17 which really slowed me down.  After that I was slowly gaining on him for the rest of the race until the game rewarded me the last set of items with a mushroom just so I could take that shortcut to pass him. 

     Brad, Red cap and xenos where in the race too as you can tell. Oh yea there was joshua who I think was wraith.




    and this one was just a random online match which me and this black shy guy were going at it in the last lap. on the last turns I managed to get pass him and take the shortcut which was pretty risky since I had the the slipstream boost which is why I nose dived as soon as I started gliding so I could make the shortcut properly without sliding off.


    Makes me wonder how the highlight reel will work in baby park with 200cc since the race will pretty much be done barely over a mintue or less lol

  5. Isn't the Excitebike stage pretty much a more exciting Baby Park anyways?

    I'd guess so in track design, going in a loop with a whole lot of ramps and a couple mud puddles each turn. Baby park is small with no bumbs or hazards, just items and the racers in a really small loop. That's a pretty different experience.

    I just realize something, double dash had lots of items that would drop on the ground and usually you'll find a whole lot of items on the ground laying there, mushrooms, stars, green and red shells, bowser shells, bananas and giant bananas, and I think a few more.

    In Mario kart 8, most items you'll see are bananas....sometimes green shells or red shells.

    Its pretty rare to find a star or a mushroom lying around on the ground in most games because most powerful items don't knock them out of you anymore. And that might make baby park not as epic as double dash at least I think.

    But with 12 racers and 200cc it should still be fun, just with less items being everwhere on the ground and stuff I guess.

  6. Now most courses lightweight players will have the advantage instead of heavyweights assuming the heavyweights would have trouble making perfect tight turns at high speed

    Taking some shortcuts may be a bad idea for most people with bad handling.

    Mute city will probably be in favor for the heavy weights through since that stage is all about speed.

    Thinking off the top of my head I feel like these tracks will be in favor for lightweights,

    Wario stadium, Rainbow road, donut plains, sweet sweet canyon, and more I can't think of right now.

  7. Well I know I'll be excited for 2 tracks.

    Baby park is gonna be a mad House and I'm very excited for that. Especially in 200cc mode.

    I'm so okay with Neo bowser castle too, it was also one of my favorites in Mario kart 7 like pirhana plant slide. That track was pretty much drift city, lots of tight turns and constantly drifting, it will definitely be one of the harder tracks in Mario kart 8 when you got 12 people racing and 200cc mode.

  8. I can see how much of a pain to even perform it without crashing or falling off course. But those time trial guys will sure be going crazy over this.

    It sucks that many people can easily dominate with these tactics. When facing one of these guys its pretty much trying to catch him before they zoom ahead and becomes impossible to hit him or catch up.

    And knowing how the items work in this game, getting ahead of them will be hard because everyone is so close to each other in the beginning of the race even in last place you'll mostly end up with a 5th-1st item.

  9. I dunno its hard to tell because some people can pull off these tricks consistently and keep their speed, he probably practices time trial a lot so he must of used those tactics to do so well.

    The jerkyness is probably lag, even though you saved the race, it'll still show the lag that was seen in your race.

    With the driving on the grass its actually possible to jump over the grass to the ramp without the mushroom as I have done it before, the lag probably made it look like he was driving on the grass.

    Either way its hard to tell but that that's what I think. Also thanks for the video.

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