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  1. Reposting of me finishing super Mario world.

    https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320xq90/r/909/r1xafF.jpgthat's when I started


    And that's when I finished.

    Also reposting my completion on super Mario galaxy 2

    https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320xq90/r/901/PfyhXM.jpgthat's when I started, the same day it came out on eshop

    https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320xq90/r/908/BcMpN8.jpgand that's me finishing it. .

    I still gotta 100% both of them. Not sure when I'll do it.

  2. I think I know how the items work. I don't think its that much of what place your in, I think it also depends on how far you are to your opponents ahead.

    I remember getting 3 stars in a row in second place because the guy in first place was really far. Its like in the beginning in the race, everyone is all packed together and you happen to grab an item in last place and yet you would get like a mushroom or a red shell.

    It wasn't like that in Mario kart Wii, in that game it was all about placing. In that game there mostly be that one person who got the bullet bill first and just speeds by everyone really quickly.

    Even though the item box is random, I do believe that's how it works in this game.

    But honestly, getting the star is not even that rewarding anyways, it doesn't give you that much speed like it did in the other games. I could be right behind someone and it'll take me like 5 seconds to catch up to them and that is a long time. Same with mushrooms and bullet bills.

  3. That's Mario kart for you. I love/hate items, it'd be boring without them. Tbh I think not having items would not be fair.

    My perfect set is Luigi with the flame rider with red wheels, I forgot the name. It just feels right. I try any combinations and I don't feel like I could do my best which is weird lol.

  4. I think I tried 200cc in Mario kart Wii when I got hacks for that game. Since then I always thought the possibility of Nintendo officially adding in 200cc in Mario kart.

    Anyways....should we have like a tourney with 200cc? I would like that.

  5. I wouldn't mind if Wuhu island return but I wasn't really a fan of it in Mario kart 7 mostly cause it was a pretty boring track but with 200cc coming, it could be fun racing in it.

    Buuut there are other tracks that would be better to bring back.

  6. Not liking the ending but the episode was pretty good.

    The best part in this episode was cubot throwing the cup of water at Eggman, lol that had me laughing.

    I also liked knuckles getting distracted to carrying the ball.

    It makes me wonder why these shows don't go to 30 minutes because it seems like they could make some good stuff in 30 minute's.

    If there is a reason, what is it?

    Also I realized were 20 episodes into sonic boom. Anyone got a favorite episode so far? I say mine would be the meteor episode.

  7. kind of a repost for my completion of captain toad but I also just 100% complete the game too!




    All books have been completed. 


    I'd guess there would also be the finding toad thing but that requires amiibo and that didnt come out at launch soo It shouldn't count plus I dont have toad amiibo


    I still have Super mario galaxy 2 done and super mario world done but i gotta repost that still but Ill do it when I 100% both of them too.

  8. Baby park was awesome and since we've seen them bring back tracks that already got a remake its still possible for baby park 12 racers in the small park would be awesome.

    Ah man I would be super happy for bowsers castle from Wii or Toads factory to be in DLC pack! Either one would be great!

    Is it weird to be more excited for 200cc then mewtwo lucus and other smash DLC stuff? Lol

  9. Lucus is fine for me, I wouldn't really cared for wolf but I wouldn't mind him either.

    Now I'm just wondering what are the top picks of reasonable smash characters? Based on how he chose the roster in this smash I'd guess that's how he will choose the next possible DLC character.

    But that's me guessing.

    Anyone have a link to that big list of characters that I think Japan voted for to be in smash. I wanna give that a look.

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