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  1. This song is how I feel right now ;D

  2. Hey guys! Its Monday so that means we're streaming Despair as usual! We're starting in 30 minutes with the preshow starring Steins;Gate!
  3. Hey check this out SSMB!

    Pimpnite did a Sonic themed Pokemon team!

    1. Kabalni


      >Shaymin as Sonic


  4. Its notable that 2 of the 3 Pokemon listed do have Mega Evolutions, and they're typings people didn't expect or like (in Pinsir's case for being another Bug/Flying without any moves it could abuse at first). If they do get Alola forms, they would at least give people something they're probably expecting. Personally I'm not expecting every Gen 1 listed to have an Alola form but we'll see.
  5. I started up SA2 HD on my PS3 and it turns out that the Chao data is corrupted.

    Is this a common thing?

    1. BenderMania


      We can only hope XD Chao data is still intact.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      RIP my Chao then ;A;

  6. Ok what the fuck is Crabrawler and why isn't it on my team already!? I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT! Its already my favorite Fighting type (at least til we get a Ghost/Fighting type of course ;D) and it needs to be in Pokken right now! Sheese make a Crab and make it a boxer! Genius! You already know my thoughts on the sand castles but I don't like the name Palossand. I dunno why but it doesn't seem fitting for some reason. I love Sandygast though which is a cute name and actually using the word gast right! *coughcoughevigishkigustkrakencoughcough* Its ability is ok. I can kind of see it using it on Assault Vest/Weakness Policy sets but its not as great as Water Absorb but its decent enough to work. Just hoping it has good enough defenses to use it well. And I'm not liking Stufful's design. I know its supposed to be based on a plush but seeing it more clearly makes me go ehhhhhhhhhhh.... Its just a strange design for me.
  7. You know I've thought about it last night and I realized the appeal of Classic Sonic over Mario at the time. And its a simple answer but not the obvious one.

    Its the fact Sonic has a very simple control scheme that requires directions and a jump button that let's you do a spin move at times. Add in the fact that Sonic is pretty fast and you get a easy to get into game. Sonic even keeps this control scheme in the later games showing how successful it is.

    Not to say Mario is much more complex, but he does use every button on the NES (the SNES to a lesser extent) for jumping and running. Mario has only 2 speeds but focuses on precise platforming which often leads to life or death where Sonic only has the occasional level like that.

    Why am I posting this in the status? Eh I felt like it and particularly because I don't know where to post about it. I will say the later games at least try to emulate this control scheme with various degrees of success but its been mostly a good control scheme.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      You are absolutely correct

  8. Here's the actual ending of the Pokemon anime


    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      This video will never not be good

  9. It looks alright. Its just something I don't really plan on using. It has a neat design and I do hope its useful in some way because turtle Pokemon get bad reps. Its design matches with the rest of Alola so its good as a Pokemon. And Fire Trap is just a Fire typed Counter? Oh ok then? It looks like it has the bulk to abuse it, being a fire turtle dragon. Now to go up against it in Doubles and spam Powder every turn just to see it blow up it in its face.
  10. Late reply but I do have an answer for you and its Yugioh Arc V. I need to go into spoiler territory just because Yuya goes through a lot through the series. Anyways my thoughts on the episode?
  11. Sharing this because nature is pretty awesome to watch in slow motion

    1. Blacklightning


      Slow motion water is awesomer.

  12. My only problem with Ash winning the Kalos League is that he has to face Alain, you know a perfectly great character and he's probably gonna be painted as the villain for a while either way. D:

    1. Forte-Metallix


      If by "perfectly great character", you mean, "bland anti-hero with no real goals or personality, who's dumb enough to work for a blatanly-evil madman and pushes away the people he's trying to 'protect.'"

    2. Crow the BOOLET


    1. BenderMania



    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Oh so it's not just me? Yeesh they are annoying, I understand Mr President.

  14. ARGGGHHHHH! I just heard of this just now and man I'm pissed to high heaven and back! None of this is Metal Gear! Its just a bastardization of a classic franchise by just using its former assets and be every other zombie action game ever! This is a massive disservice to the series. The only thing that would be remotely interesting if the Metal Gear was the one creating the zombies, being some kind of hive queen or something along those lines. And I'd be ok if it was just the survivors of MSF battling for survival but NAWT FUKING DIS! Ugh! I think I hit a boiling point today. :/
  15. There is one character I'd like to argue to be her opponent. Sakuya Izayoi aka the Perfect and Elegant Maid from the Touhou Project. Why? Cause she fits the bill of being a girl fights at a range and has time powers. Sakuya fights with throwing knives and while it doesn't seem to be as impressive as using guns, she tends to spam them in mass quantities and I do mean mass quantities. The fighting games and fan media tend to limit this however to balance things. Her time manipulation is pretty strong too, being able to stop time itself which is pretty much her trademark move at this point. While its her most well known ability she has other time powers like manipulating the space between areas, like how she made the Scarlet Devil Mansion seem to be larger in the inside. The only problem I really have that wouldn't make her as Tracer's opponent is the fact Touhou characters are stupidly broken so it would be an interesting fight. But its the closest I got to having someone close to Tracer. People are saying Scout from TF2 but I don't see it, mostly because the only thing they have in common is being fast offensive classes in a team based FPS and Bonk makes Scout go really fast that he dodges bullets but that's about it. ...And then I literally just remembered... Homura uses various projectiles (eg. guns and grenades) and can time stop like Sakuya and DIO so she could be another contender. But if she goes Devil Homura is pretty much GG. I'll be doing an analysis if its her or Sakuya because I'm excited for this match up.