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  1. "Local cat ruins everything"

    Also its pretty jarring seeing this in 2017...

  2. Kyoko remained quiet, knowing she's prepared to deal with the bootlegs. "You know I'm ready to deal with my more...annoying self" Celes said to Edgeworth. "Oh don't worry Edgeworth" Ragna said, "I've been ready to kick their asses to kingdom come!"
  3. "At least I can count on you when we have to deal with Terumi..." Ragna said as he remembered the evil ghost that haunted him for you. "Hey now! I'm the same old Celes!" Celes insisted, being a major tsundere. "I still want my big castle you know!" "...I have no words..." Ragna said. He then decided to do this own "transformation." "Restriction 666 released! Dimensional Interference field deployed! Code S.O.L Blazblue! Activate!" Ragna activated his Azure Grimoire to gain a boost in power. "Let's go get those bootlegs!" Ragna shouted.
  4. "Hey now those are two different things!" Ragna insisted, "and don't bullshit me either. You know you'd be scared shitless if you saw one too!" "Don't stress yourself over this" Celes said, "know it means a lot you, and of course but we can handle the fighting here too. Its best you rest for our sake."
  5. "You got me..." Ragna said, being just as confused. However after hearing the word "ghost" made Ragna jumped. "Don't you dare mention ghosts ever again!" "So basically we're in a universe where L.O.S.E won essentially?" Celes asked, trying to process the information together, "I guess this is where things get confusing."
  6. "It seems like we found the computer room..." Kyoko said as she observed her surroundings. Ragna got up from his sliding adventure. "This place looks pretty out there, even for this place. Just what the hell is going on..?"
  7. Celes had to hold down her skirt down the slide. "Can this day go any worse?" she complained. Kyoko slid down without much of a peep from her. Ragna kept trying to slow the ride down but with no avail. "I want off of Mr. Bones Wild Ride!"
  8. Ragna sliced through the lie bullets. However he made the damage worst for him as he took more bullets from slicing them in half. "Dammit..." Ragna said as he leaned on Blood-Scythe, "what are you guys doing? Stop messing around and actually do something!" Kyoko then answered Yuta's(?) question, "cause he's one of us." Kyoko tried to match Yuta's(?) firepower with her own Truth Bullets. Celes pulled out Justice Hammer 2 and charged at Yuta(?). She was looking for an answer to give to the bootleg despite her actions telling her otherwise.
  9. "Is this guy just a glorified Mary Sue?" Celes asked, sweating under the pressure. "Shit... What do I do..?" Celes thought process wasn't helping. Kyoko then rushed to kick Yuta(?) only for someone to interrupt her. It was the other Kyoko(?). "Move! Or I'll have to deal with you by force if necessary!" Kyoko said with determination. However Kyoko(?) didn't reply and they stared each other down, almost like they may kill each other.
  10. "You're telling me" Celeste(?) said to Bootleg Yuta(?) as she grinded her heel into Yuta's gut. "Alright this has gone on far enough!" Kyoko said, "we're going to stop you right here and now!" Kyoko pointed at Yuta(?) and shot a Truth Bullet from her finger.
  11. Celeste(?) twirled Yuta's hair around, teasing the weaker of the two as he's pinned to the wall. "Man you're just a weakling, prancing around with silly concepts like hope and stuff but let's face it. You're really no match for us." Celes groaned, "I really don't like myself right now..." Kyoko seemed to have a look saying "take a look in the mirror."
  12. "What are you even talk about?" Kyoko(?) asked, "it was always this way, whether you like it or not." Celeste(?) laughed at the downed Yuta, "looks like you were raised as quite the wimp, where ever you came from." Bootleg Ragna(?) continued to stare at the others, not making a single noise.
  13. Celeste(?) noticed the Skylanders with the others. "What bizarre characters. I'm Celestia Ludenberg but you may call me Celeste." Celes seemed annoyed by her bootleg self. "I don't know why but I'm not liking her too much..." Celeste(?) continued her story "Both me and Kyoko are from the Distrust series. I guess that makes us introverts." Kyoko(?) didn't say anything and walked off. "This doesn't feel right at all..." Celes said.
  14. "Oh we're in an evil universe where we were attacked by evil clones of ourselves" Celes explained to Yuta. "And one of them attacked you. You really need to watch where you step." Ragna facepalmed, "this is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen..."
  15. The Skylanders look through their counterparts more start popping up. A girl in a very suit like dress but with dull colors was watching the other Skylanders(?). She remained quiet as she observed things. "Is that supposed to be me?" Kyoko asked. Another girl appeared in the crowd. This girl seemed very childish and doll-like. She seemed slightly mischievous but mostly kept to herself. "Hmmm.. She seems familiar..." Celes said. However an extremely familiar Skylander as appeared in the crowd. It was Ragna but something was off about him... "....Nobody say anything..." Ragna said, trying to ignore the gonky face on his counterpart.