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  1. "What is this real world everyone keeps talking about?" "You don't need to know since your brain couldn't process it" "She's right you know. Don't worry about it too much Ragna" "You wanna say that to my face!?" "Calm down" Snake said, "we're on a mission now and we need your full cooperation."
  2. "You can't have a good stabbing without me!" Corrin chooses to Smash! "Its the rookie" Snake said disapprovingly. "What's that's supposed to mean?" asked Corrin. "You may had been in a bad war but I've been in too many. War has changed..." "Can we move on from this game of misery poker? I've already won anyways." Snake and Corrin both groan as they teamed up.
  3. "I guess I could but wouldn't that be a waste?" "Just do it. We have people to save in there" Snake said in his usual gruff voice. "Alright whatever" Celes created several black holes, sucking in popcorn.
  4. Someone then held Celes at knife point "Who are you? Who are you working for? And what's the deal with the popcorn?" "Do you really wanna go? I'm not in the mood for this?" The person looked up and noticed Master Hand. "I guess you had a part of this Hand." The person then let Celes go. "The name's Snake. I was gone for a while and I come back to this mess." Snake pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.
  5. "My... What a mess" Celes said in awe, "please don't tell us we have to eat that. So unsanitary..."
  6. "Well no time like the present..." Ragna walked through the portal. "I can't wait to enjoy my vacation" Amane himself walks through the portal after Ragna. "What happened to ladies first? Men these days..." Celes said as she walked through the portal.
  7. "Its right over there. Its the universal portal that can take us anywhere." "Show us your magic" Amane said as he got excited to see the Smash universe.
  8. "A mansion you say? I've heard of it and I need a vacation. Ragna please help the Hand out so we can enjoy our downtime." "Its always something..." "I wanna see this mansion too! Take me with you!"
  9. "Yeah about that. They changed their little clubhouse and didn't let me in on it meaning they could be anywhere. That Izanami is so clever on hiding her shit." "We will get them next time. I'm sure of it."
  10. "I can agree to that! Let's beat those losers!" "Easier said then done. They've outwit us last time from what I've heard and they have the manpower to defeat us easily. We just need to take our time and adapt to the situation."
  11. "None of this makes sense to me honestly..." "Its about some interuniverse stuff or something like that." "I understood it completely. I don't think you two would ever get by without me." "And who does your dirty work for you?" "You tell me" Celes giggled.
  12. "I'm back from reconnaissance. Nothing new to report." "I'm also back from my mission. It was dreadfully boring." "But I made a killing with 1 billion gold"
  13. "I seriously need my down time. Using Blood Kain really drains you, literally." Ragna said as he head back up to his dorm. "I'm going to see if the others are back from their assignments."
  14. "We won the battle and that's all that counts. Now let's head back. I'm sure our friends are waiting for us."
  15. "Extraction failed. I hate to be the one who reports this but someone has to." "What was that about? Who was that?" Komaru seemed confused by the vortex.