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  1. Ragna chooses his igloo. "I kind of prefer camping out but its better than nothing..." Ragna said as he walked in, "it kind of gives me the creeps..." "I'll pick this one!" "Reminds me of home..."
  2. "I'll take this one..." "It just needs my vampire servants and I'll be set!" "..." Sion then said, "I'll take this one." "I have an odd nostalgia for it.... I do need the space."
  3. "No idea... I just know the bad guys just so happen to have some asshole who's ass is about to be kicked." "I'm going to take this chance to read through this guy's memories" Sion thought to herself as she placed her Etherlite on Shuichi. "Let's see... Imaginators... Defects... Huh? Multiple universes? And..." "Are all men like this!?" Sion thought when she read a bit too much into it. She retracts her Etherlite. "I think this information will suffice..." Sion thought about all the information she received. "I'll put my trust into the Skylanders but they don't seem to know about what I'm looking for. Its fine since its bound to appear at some point..."
  4. "Hmm... You do seem different from Hakumen" Ragna said after closer examination, "very well." Ragna planted Blood-Scythe in the ground. "I'm Ragna the Bloodedge. I guess this makes us allies."
  5. "You damn masked freak!? What do you want now!?" Ragna shouted confusing Genji for Hakumen. "I don't think that's the same person you're thinking of" Celes said, "they left a while back."
  6. "It does feel like we have a reunion!" Celes said, "we even have Kyoko with us!" "..." Sion is really being annoyed by the comparisons. "I'm glad to see you guys again! Well I gotta get back to work! Byakuya is flooding my workload!" Chihiro disappeared into his igloo.
  7. "This bear is starting to annoy me..." Sion said. "Creepy bear aside I'm glad I'm able to do something for you guys." "You better take care of my daughter or..." Chihiro is still new to this parenting thing.
  8. "Man this is going to get confusing!" Ragna said, noting the similarities between Chihiro and Alter Ego. "Oh don't worry about me. I know how to get out of a bad situation." Chihiro said, "besides that other time... Anyways I'm going to be working for the Future Foundation behind the scenes so you won't see me come out too often." "I have nothing to do. I'll help you guys in behind your scenes." Chiaki said. "Where can I get my license to Skyland?"
  9. Someone then walked out of one of the Igloos. "Oh its you guys..." Chiaki emerged to greet the Skylanders while appearing as lethargic as usual. Name: Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa) - Support Character Title(s): Ultimate Gamer Element/Battle Class/Category: Tech/Bazooker/N/A Bio: Chiaki Nanami is another one of Chihiro Fujisaki's creation; An AI based on the real Chiaki Nanami that was the administrator for the Neo World Program who was "executed" but still gave Hajime the strength to fight on. Unlike her brother Alter Ego she was given a physical form by the Link Jokers through their magic. However she has been living a quiet life with her father and trying to clear her backlog. She's a caring person but she's also quite lazy. She fights using various video game consoles among other things. She prefers not fighting because its too much of a hassle for her and rather support the Skylanders from the side. "Didn't you know that these igloos are actually different on the inside? Not only that but they are warm." "This is the age we live in" Chihiro said coming out with Chiaki. "How's everything going for you Skylanders ever since the move?"
  10. "You got to be kidding me..." Celes said in astonishment when she saw the igloos. "I might freeze at this rate..." "It beats sleeping in a cardboard box..." Sion said, reminded on her poor living conditions prior.
  11. "I should place Etherlite on this guy when I can..." Sion thought to herself about Shuichi, "he might know more than he's leading on..." Elsewhere... "I'm not really used to cold but it will have to do" Yusei said noticing his surroundings on the Island. Name: Yusei Fudo Title(s): Duelist, Signer Element/Battle Class/Category: Light, Tech/Sorcerer/Supercharger Bio: This is an alternate version of Yusei Fudo who's an Imaginator defect by having the brain of his series' antagonist Z-One (pronounced zone) but he decided to fight for the future instead of destroying it. Thanks to the other Skylanders he came to terms with himself and wants to help everyone break free and fight for the future as well. He's a very stoic character but he's a very caring and compassionate person. He has a few tricks on his sleeve. His method of attack is him usually summoning his monsters from cards using either his Duel Disk or his motorcycle known as a D-Wheel. They work as his "wand" of sorts but he needs his cards to do anything. His trademark cards are the warrior type Junk Warrior and Stardust Dragon. He recently acquired Stardust's upgrade Savior Star Dragon when he awoken to his true self and obtained the Dragon Head birthmark from the Crimson Dragon.
  12. So what if we could only talk in physical floating text boxes and the only thing we could physically say is Bowser's laugh from 64?


    1. Forte-Metallix


      Fun fact: Boo's laugh from 64 is just this laugh sped-up.

  13. "Any more lame jokes you're gonna throw at me? I've heard them all..." Ragna said as he groaned over Maya's joke. "I know all about you Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Hope" Sion replied, "but in any case I do know where this Sayaka ran off too but..." "I won't tell you. I wanna see if my calculations are right and you'll pass my test." "Oh hey Kyoko! I didn't know you were joining us" Name: Taeko "Celes" Yasuhiro (Celestia Ludenberg) (Danganronpa) Title(s): Ultimate Gambler, Queen of Lies Element/Battle Class/Category: Fire, Dark/Smasher/N/A Bio: Celestia Ludenberg is the Ultimate Gambler and was involved with the Second Killing Game whom was killed off after failing the Class Trial and receiving an execution. However this version of Celestia was brought back to life by a group of aliens known as the Link Joker and tried to invade before the Skylanders defeated them. Celes ultimately defects from them once they're sealed up and works for the Skylanders now. Initially because of her ranks among her forces they didn't got along with her but overtime she managed to prove her worth and ultimately accepted herself as Taeko Yasuhiro. She may have a high class attitude from before but she doesn't mean anything by it. She wields the Justice Hammer 2 after the first one was destroyed by Sakura. Its a large hammer capable of creating eruptions. Being a Link Joker also gives her access to the power of Lock but she tends to avoid it for some reason. She recently gained a Persona known as Carmen that helps increase her fire power even more. "I've been getting that a lot today." "So you're not Kyoko? Wow that's rather different..." Celes said, "anyways what's even going on? I keep hearing shouting."
  14. "Kyoko?" Sion asked being surprised, "I don't know why but I feel like I have seniority over you..." "I'm going to place Etherlite on this guy..." Sion thought to herself, "I'm bound to get something from him..." Sion placed an invisible line of Etherlite on Makoto and started to read his memories. "Let's see... Crazy girl and black and white bear... Hope and Despair... Future Foundation... Link Jokers... Liberators... What is all this?" "And that's Kyoko!?" Sion began to blush, "I can see the resemblance but... I never experienced this feeling before... Maybe I should stop before I dive further." Sion then takes off her Etherlite from Makoto. "Alright Makoto Naegi I'll be happy to work with you from now on. You too Neptune."
  15. "Dammit! Where did she go!?" Ragna shouted with concern. Then someone new approached the Skylanders. "Excuse me are you the Skylanders?" "Yeah why?" "I'm Sion Eltnam Atlasia. I'm here to join your ranks." Name: Sion Eltnam Atlasia (Melty Blood) Title(s): Alchemist of Altas Element/Battle Class/Category: Magic/Brawler/N/A Bio: Sion Eltnam is an alchemist of Atlas, one of the main branches of the Mage's Association and is a genius, being capable being the representative of Atlas but hailing from the Eltnam family who were disgraced makes her shunned by the magic community. She's a serious and calculating person who despite that is capable of being friends with anyone. Sion is actually capable of calculating the future through magic and science which makes her think her plans through more but there are times where she has been wrong in the past and she hates it when some variable throws off her calculations. Sion seems to be looking for someone or rather something for her own reasons. Sion while not an expert is a hand to hand combatant. She has 2 weapons that compliment her fighting style. Her first one is normal handgun, while not as powerful as Quickshots' and Bazookers' weapons give her the ability to pressure her opponents into getting them in a more disadvantaged situation. Her other weapon is known as Etherlite, an artificial nervous system that appears to be wire. Etherlite has multiple uses like being able to use it as a whip for example. Its also capable of reading and manipulating memories, giving the Eltnam family a bad reputation as spiritual hackers. Sion often uses it to gain information that she needs but it doesn't work on everyone. She believes information is the key to success in the battlefield. "I don't know what's going on with these strange characters but I should plant Etherlite on one of them to see what's going..." Sion thought to herself. "I wonder if they have run into him..."