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  1. "Yeah this is too much for me to handle at the moment. After all the excitement from last time I just feel so tired right now." Taeko noticed that she got stronger as a person. "Our little villain girl really has come a long away huh?" "Who are you talking to?" "Oh I'm just reminiscing is all" "You're a very strange man. You realize that yeah?"
  2. "I see..." Taeko said, "I guess I'm going to have to accept that as the truth. Though I don't like being called crushed mind you." "I...just need time to think about this more."
  3. "I see..." Taeko was thinking so much on this. "So nothing I did was real...?"
  4. "The Ghost of Maizono is here!?" Taeko seemed surprised by Maizono's appearance. "Oh right. I forgot anything could happen in this multiverse. I shouldn't be surprised anymore."
  5. "Its nice to see you too Naegi" Taeko said as she sat back down from her almost death hug. "Anyways what does bring you here? This is rather rare of you."
  6. "Hey now Asahina. I know you're feeling better but you're so physically stronger than me. You're killing me." Taeko is struggling to catch her breath.
  7. "What's with..all this yelling and screaming...?" Taeko said as she tried to look around the room from her bed.
  8. Taeko slowly came to. " I..?" Taeko seemed confused on her surroundings. "Last I checked I remembered...a castle..? Being mad at something..? I just remember blacking out..."
  9. "Hey guys!" Noel caught up to her old friends Mai and Kajun "Noel! There you are! I was wondering where you went!" "I'm always happy to see a friend. I guess you've been busy looking for Tsubaki huh?" "Yeah..." Noel looked down, "I can't seem to find her. I guess L.O.S.E. kept her on a tight leash or something." "They might be planning something with her..." Kajun then think on what L.O.S.E. could use Tsubaki for.
  10. Mai and Kajun were talking to each other about the news from the TV World they received. "A world inside a TV and weird monsters attack you? Weird. I wonder what its like." "I think I'd rather not know. It seems too confusing." "You're one to talk" The two girls laughed at each others jokes.
  11. "I'm not even going to ask" Yusei said as he noticed the hijinx around him. He then leaves the world through the portal. "Hey now! I'm having too much fun here!" Ryoko said as she partied with the others.
  12. "Sounds like a plan" Yusei said as he gained his conscience of the world around him. "After you Master Kaede" Kirumi was being polite to her friend.
  13. "We shall meet again Master Igor. I promise that." "I hope next time you'll be less cryptic" Yusei said as he said his goodbyes to Igor.
  14. "The plot thickens even more... You'd think someone would straight up tell us by now." "We will have to find out for ourselves one day. I think I understand its meaning in a way."
  15. "That's right" Yusei remembering the pain of dying. "I won't forget that experience..." "But I never really died outside that, in my own series I mean." "I guess? I'm not sure if someone trying to kill us all is something worthy of praising."