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  1. "Ugh..." Celes slowly came to, "I just keep hearing...yelling and screaming." "..." Shadow Celes continued to stare at the Skylanders. "Master Celestia I'm glad your..fine..." Kirumi said as the effects of Delete wore off, "but it seems there's still more to be done here..." "Agreed..." Ryoko too is recovering from the effects of Delete.
  2. "You really think using my own attacks will phase me!?" Shadow Celes roared at the Skylanders as she took the full force of her own attacks as well as the other Skylanders' own. "You got another thing coming!" Yusei looked down at his empty Stardust Dragon card, wondering what to do. "I feel so powerless..." Yusei thought to himself, "I never faced something with so much power. I even lack the Crimson Dragon's power to do anything to change. But even so..." "There is one thing I can do!" Yusei activates another Trap from his hand. "I activate the trap card 'Assault Mode Activate!'" "I'll tribute my Stardust Dragon to summon..." "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode!" Stardust Dragon roared as it came back into existence with brand new armor. "You think that Dragon will stop me huh?" Shadow Celes said mockingly, "I guess you're really suicidal!" Shadow Celes then started to create a giant ball of Deletor power. "I'll just have to Delete you all!" "I was counting on it! Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode effect activates! By tributing it I can negate any one action and destroying it!" Stardust Dragon started to shimmer with stardust and charged at Shadow Celes. It then traps Shadow Celes' giant skull with its wings, making the two disappear into stardust which turns Shadow Celes back to normal. "..." Shadow Celes just stood there looking at the Skylanders with no malice.
  3. "Its futile!" Shadow Celes shouted, "time to show you what I can truly do!" Shadow Celes summoned 2 black holes but instead of sucking in the Skylanders, it shot out fiery bullets at the Skylanders. "Its the ultimate combination of the elements! Nothing can resist both Fire and Dark at the same time!" Shadow Celes created the battlefield into a bullet hell.
  4. Shadow Celes was laughing at the misery of the Skylanders and Teddie. But then someone jumped straight at her. "This is for Stardust!" Yusei's D-Wheel lands on top of Shadow's Celes' face, grinding the skull of Oksizz in with the wheels. Shadow Celes then swats Yusei away. "Who the fuck you think you are thinking you can hurt my face like that!" Shadow Celes then starts flooding the room with Dark energy, attempting to drown them into darkness.
  5. "Its time to put my Skylanders powers to good use!" Shadow Celes then created an eruption of magma at the Skylanders. "It feels like my powers have improved a bit since I transformed. Maybe I should had done this sooner and killed everyone in this room."
  6. "You're annoying me you big ugly thing!" Ryoko summons her own mini-black hole to hurt Shadow Celes. "I told myself I'd hold myself back but this has be done! My ultimate attack!" Kirumi summoned a giant water twister filled with piranhas to hit Shadow Celes. "Amusing!" Shadow Celes said taking the hits but unflinching. "I guess I'll go for you two next!" Shadow Celes then pointed at Kirumi and Ryoko and manages to use Delete on them. "I'm sorry my Masters I can't seem to move..." Kirumi said as she fell over, "I feel so powerless..." "It seems like...Shadow Celes can negate our powers and we can't do anything about it..." Ryoko said as she too fell on the floor. Shadow Celes then laughed over her defeated foes before turning to the others. "You're next!"
  7. "Don't forget this is who I truly am!" Shadow Celes said as she summoned fireballs to rain down on the Skylanders. "Feel the burn of despair!" "You're not Master Celestia! I'll make sure you'll never bastardize her ever again you weird creature who needs to be put out of its misery!" Kirumi seemed to want to defeat Shadow Celes as much as possible, despite her being a giant monster.
  8. "Stardust Dragon attack! Shooting Sonic!" Stardust Dragon shot a power breath laser, hitting Oksizz but not affecting him. "A powerful dragon huh?" Shadow Celes' voice boomed from Oksizz, "I think its time to demonstrate what happens when you try to play against the Deletors!" Oksizz then points at Stardust and shoots a laser of energy at it, causing it to disappear. "What!?" Yusei looked at his card, only to find that its not only black, its empty with Stardust gone. "Its my Delete power" Shadow Celes boasted, "I guess you couldn't understand what that means foolish Duelist!" Shadow Celes laughed at the Skylanders, knowing she has a strong weapon against them.
  9. "Oh no! Those Skylanders are throwing my strongest attack back at me!" "Perhaps I should do this!" Shadow Celes pointed her staff at her incoming meteor and blasted it with a laser of Dark energy, splitting the meteor in 2 and shattering the spears thrown at her. "I guess this is getting dull. I'll show you what despair looks like" Shadow Celes then turns into a massive black aura. She then transforms into a monstrous being. "A flash from the past eh Skylanders? I'm sure some of you would recognize this form!" "Prepare to be deleted" Shadow Celes' new form of Daunting Deletor, Oksizz loomed over the Skylanders.
  10. "I'll end your suffering with this!" Shadow Celes summoned a giant meteor that's slowly descending towards the Skylanders. "Stardust! Try to stop it!" Stardust Dragon roared and tried to catch the meteor but it was still falling at the same rate.
  11. "..." Shadow Celes didn't seem to be amused by Teddie and dodged Mega Man's blades. The earth started to shake as a giant summoning circle appeared on the ceiling. "I think you pissed her off" Yusei said as he stopped infront of Teddie.
  12. "I know everything you Skylanders can do. After all I was with you guys since the beginning. I can easily overpower you all with my knowledge alone." Shadow Celes then creates pillars of fire erupting from the ground. She then summons more Dark energy particles to make dodging difficult.
  13. "What a nuisance..." Shadow Celes said as she saw everyone countering her fire storm. "Its a good thing I have two elements on my hands" Shadow Celes then summoned a mini-Black Hole. "Did you know nothing escapes black holes? Not even light?" Shadow Celes giggled by her own attack. "I guess I have to use Stardust Dragon!" Yusei plays a trap card. "I activate Starlight Road! It prevents destruction effects and it allows me to summon Stardust Dragon!" A beacon of light dissipated the black hole and Stardust Dragon roared at Shadow Celes. "That's not what else I'm capable of!" Celes created a lot of shadow mist through her staff, attacking the Skylanders with Dark energy.
  14. "Ice doesn't work against Fire!" Shadow Celes creates an eruption of Fire to counter Amitie's spell. "I'll show you the hell I've personally been through!" Shadow Celes then created a fire storm. "Dammit!" Yusei summoned his D-Wheel to attempt to get away from it.
  15. "What the hell? Is this some kind of joke?" "Are you that surprised? You should had expected this. Isn't that right poor little Taeko Yasuhiro? The boring girl from a boring world." "Huh? What's going on? I thought her real name as Celestia Ludenberg" "Yeah. What the hell are you getting at?" "But you should know Taeko. I am you after all..." "You just wanted to feel special. You wanted everyone to respect you but you know you were someone unremarkable. So you had to resort to gambling and lies to create your own little persona." "Even now you're still lying to your friends and most of all yourself." "Listen here! I don't know who the FUCK you think you are but I know for one goddamn thing. You're not me!" "Thanks Taeko. You'll personally send your friends into their graves. I hope you can live with that sin when you go to hell." "Wha..." Celes then collapsed while Shadow Celes gained power, making the room crumble. "I kept you waiting long enough Skylanders. I will deal with you personally now." Shadow Celes pulled out a staff and prepared to fight.