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  1. Another figure came close to the Academy. "Hmmm... I'm not sure where I'm at but I think this might be the place" the girl was looking at her map upside down and looks like she was rustling through a lot of foliage. This girl is Celica A. Mercury, a mage hailing from the Blazblue universe and she's after one thing. "I wonder how Ragna is doing. I heard he has been doing pretty well with this Academy of his."
  2. Yusei was wandering around the Academy, looking for something to do. "I guess everyone is having an afterparty..." Yusei looked around the empty halls. He then hears something. ...What is your...role? "Someone there?" What is role!? "Ugh!? What is this sensation?" Yusei held his head in pain. The pain lasted a few minutes before it went away. "What was that about? What is going on with this Academy?" Yusei didn't know what to think.
  3. "Time to look for Ragna!" Noel shouted. Midare then looked at her, "Mr. Bloodedge isn't back still? I'll help you go look for him!" The two then walk out in search for Ragna. Mai and Kajun were busy standing in the ballroom after the dances are long since over. "I had a fun time Kajun" Mai said. "So did I Mai" The two then looked at each other and then Kajun spoke up. "Hey wanna go a girl's night out and a sleep over?" "Don't we do that all the time?" "Yeah but this time will be special. Shame we forgot to invite Noel with us but it will be fine." The two decided to go into Forest Crossing for a long night of fun.
  4. Celes was alone in her room, reading her diary on her desk. "Ugh that party blew" Celes said as she tapped her pen on her diary, "they should know I don't like stuff like that. Its boring much like..." "..." Celes threw her pen across the room when she remembered something she didn't want to remember. "If only you could erase the past somehow... I guess that's what lies are for." Celes seemed lost in her current train of thought.
  5. "This is definitely worth the price of admission." "Wow! This is actually pretty fun!"
  6. "Wow! You're so lucky Kaede! I wish I could sing!" Ryoko pats Kaede on the back for support.
  7. "Looks like we're not the only girl couple here" Kajun nudging Mai a bit, noticing Madoka and Homura dancing. "Hey that's a little embarrassing to point out" Mai's face is flushed red. "All this touchy feely stuff is starting to bore me. Let's go Kirumi." "Are you sure Master Celestia? I-I actually kind of enjoying it..." "Whatever. Let's just go." Celes drags Kirumi out of the ballroom.
  8. Wow what amazing commercial Konami! Makes me wanna buy these cards!

    #fuckonami ;A;

  9. "Well this turned out to be a good night for everyone" Yusei smiled after seeing Sig and Amitie kiss. "A truly unforgettable moment!" "Huh? What was I saying?"
  10. Mai and Kajun danced hand in hand. Kajun chuckled a bit "you could actually make a pretty good man since you lead pretty well like this." Mai blushed, "come on now don't joke about that." The two then laughed.
  11. Kajun was sitting alone in a corner of the room while Metatron was doing his stuff. "Hmmm... Its a little boring without Mai around. Well she said she had to do something soo...." Then someone jumped from the balcony. "May I take this dance m'lady?" "Mai!?" Kajun was shocked by the new "guy" who appeared before her. Mai then put her finger on Kajun's lips. "Shhh... Let's just enjoy the night" Mai took Kajun's hand the two started to dance.
  12. Kirumi seemed to be hurt by Ember's song. "Ugh! What is this horrible song?" "Yeah this song blows." Celes was busy helping her friend deal with the pain.
  13. "...Wasn't there someone helping me with something like that...?" Ryoko thought about it for a minute. "Oh well I hope it wasn't anyone close!"
  14. "She told me she's the Ultimate Analyst. She however forgets a lot that we had to slap a name tag on her. You'd think with that kind of talent she'd be one who doesn't have problems like that." "Oh hey a new person! Hello!" Ryoko waved at Kaede, seemingly forgetting they just met. "Yes its going to be tough with her around..."
  15. "Kaede! You made it! Here I thought this place would get boring." "I honestly don't know what's going on here but hey you!" Ryoko seemed enthusiastic about seeing Kaede.