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  1. I think the gameplay footage was not from the new collection. I really hope we get widescreen for all the games in Sonic Origins.
  2. Okay. Now I call it Sonic Rangers too. Let's see if it's really open world.
  3. Well it's a very neat and good looking teaser. I hope it's going to be a decent game.
  4. I'm glad he's back, but I didn't expect that.
  5. I think they did already. I guess these photos are few weeks old.
  6. Man I do like those Nack & Honey designs. It's too bad that they are off-limits.
  7. Smith's unexpected return is a nice surprise. I hope he get's better writing in the future.
  8. It's just amazing. It's like the character editor of the WWE games come to life!
  9. It's ironic that some game purist used to call Ian a "Sally fanbrat". They complained about the exact opposit compared to these Western Sonic hardliner! 😆
  10. I'm still not used to this version of Shadow...
  11. I would like something like that. We need more villains independent from Dr. Eggman.
  12. I wouldn't mind Sticks in the main canon.
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