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  1. Such a bitter end of TSSZ if this was it. I am 21 years of collective work...
  2. I could see Sonic & Tails visiting Las Vegas in the sequel. I mean Tails has a history with counting cards according to Team Sonic Racing. XD
  3. Great that Japanese fans can finally see the Sonic movie on the big screen. I hope other countries like China will follow suite.
  4. Prrrrrrrromotion for Evan Stanley! Very cool.
  5. It looks like he is trying to make himself look good for the "Evil Ian Flynn wants to destroy Sally and the Western Sonic legacy!!!" crowd.
  6. Zeena looks like a threat for once, and Cream is not in the mood for games.
  7. I liked the Big Shell/Mother Base reference in issue 4 of T&W.
  8. Really wholesome. I would love a full TV Show with this art style.
  9. Much better trailer and I like the new posters. I know it's going to be silly, but i'm looking really forward to this.
  10. Especially during the "10 page storys phase" of the nu252...
  11. Dr. Eggman is like: "who's laughing now, Sonic?"
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