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  1. She could be Mr. Tinker's legacy. This could be interesting.
  2. I'm really curious what the Sonic movie sequel is going to do with Tails.
  3. The Zombot Arc is over. Kaiju Zavok was pretty badass looking.
  4. Some people seem to think that Amy is Ian's pet character in the IDW Comics. "He makes her look better than anybody else!".
  5. I think that Tangle & Whisper are "just guests from another canon" like Movie Sonic & Longclaw. At least right now. I mean to see these comic characters in a game at all, is already pretty awesome in my opinon.
  6. Drummond Sonic vs Pollock Eggman. Kinda weird but cool! Promising start.
  7. Like a new console/pc game? Some Sega purists and some bitter Oldschool Archie/SatAM fans would be beyond pissed for sure.
  8. First the movie and now IDW. I like it. It's a Intercanon Crossover!
  9. Such a bitter end of TSSZ if this was it. I mean 21 years of collective work...
  10. I could see Sonic & Tails visiting Las Vegas in the sequel. I mean Tails has a history with counting cards according to Team Sonic Racing. XD
  11. Great that Japanese fans can finally see the Sonic movie on the big screen. I hope other countries like China will follow suite.
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