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  1. Well. At least It would be a great opportunity to finally play Colours.
  2. "He may be ugly, mean and bad. He may strike fear where hearts were glad. Although he brought us grim disaster, He'll always be our rightful master! Bring back the Doctor!"
  3. I can already tell that the production phase is going to be fun again!
  4. Oh I wasn't aware of that. Great for them that they managed to bring her in as a official minor character.
  5. Just make her a officially named character at this point.
  6. Blaze is awesome. She should play a bigger role in a future mainline game and I would like to see more of the Sol Empire. And please let her appear in Sonic Prime!
  7. I like the name and I didn't expect multiverse stuff. Interessting!
  8. This really the end of an era. He was at his best in the Sonic Boom cartoon show.
  9. Hawaii? Interessting. Maybe Angel Island, Emerald Hill or Emerald Coast.
  10. "The greaser Hedgehog formerly known as Evil Sonic".
  11. I just love these poster like covers!
  12. I would love to see Blaze, Silver, Marine, Omega and Gemerl in this. Especially Blaze and Silver.
  13. I think Dr. Starline is amusing in that regard. He thinks he's better, but doesn't realize that he is not in in the same league as Dr. Eggman.
  14. The era of Evan Stanley has begun.😉 It's nice to see Rouge and Amy getting some focus.
  15. She could be Mr. Tinker's legacy. This could be interesting.
  16. I'm really curious what the Sonic movie sequel is going to do with Tails.
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