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  1. I wish I could go to BroNYCon...stupid Atlantic Ocean... Thankfully, things are getting better over here. Asda, (aka Wal-Mart UK,) has started stocking blind bags. After a quick snatch-and-grab today, I present to you my first merchandiseseseses! Random background colt, sadly. I really wanna name him GrapeKeister: ...And then in the other bag: ...
  2. Plus, MLP is a comedy show, so it can't really use The Simpsons as a reference, anyway...
  3. Personally, my advice wouldn't be to go with a crossover. No disrespect, but in my experience non-fans will ignore it because they'll assume it's only for real fans, and real fans will inevitably find nitpicks with the way you marry pony to it.They get really anal like that. Best thing to do, in my opinion at least, is just think of a nice, sweet, short story.
  4. Oh God how did this get here I am not very good with forums.

    1. Tornado



    2. Jeffhog


      gotta acci dent

    3. gato


      Status updates are our little /b/.

      You should use them more often young one...


      *feels old*

  5. Toro...shut up, I know your one, anyway. xD But you done gone asked for it, now: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/5284-Sonic-Generations
  6. Hehehe, let's have a look: >Switched bodies with Diamond Tiara.
  7. Wow, I'm amazed there's still internet left to convert. Welcome to the herd, Emerald!
  8. Funnily enough, I went into the pilot episodes intending to hate the show. It'll be interesting to see Emerald's reaction...
  9. Oh God, that girl and her anti-homosexuality. Seriously, people with those sorts of opinions still exist? What was most entertaining is rather than posting a comment to her wall, I posted a Journal about it. A hundred enraged bronies do the job for me. :3 Also, shush you, Toro. You and your AppleDash supremacist ways! And people who think Derpy is an insult to the mentally disabled, are...well, retarded in themselves. Seriously, it's a staple of every comedy ever. The dumb guy. Not just in animation, but in live action as well.
  10. @Torcano Take it from someone who knows, the music grows on you...fast.
  11. Implying everyone who's mentally disabled is cock-eyed, has a muffled voice, and constantly breaks things. I seriously want to take everyone attempting to be "politically correct" and slap them, sometimes. Feminists come off as feminine supremacists, people who try to protect a group often end up insulting it, (you can't expect a guy in a wheelchair to work, he's too weak and helpless. Or, this kid is born with autism, therefore you can't expect the same from his as others from his class.) My little brother has autism, and the thing that pisses me off most is the teachers telling him he doesn't have to worry about doing well in school, because he's "special needs." Well fuck, Miss. Great way to build a kid's self esteem to head into the world of work. I'm sure there's several success autistics out there who beg to differ.
  12. >Visits Ponychan for first time in months. >Entire imageboard is dedicated to whining abotu Derpy's canon..."characterisation." >Leaves again for another few months more than happily. But seriously, who are these whiny people who think that A, fanon is impregnable and set in stone, and B, Derpy's 30 seconds of fame amount to an entire life story?
  13. ^Which is exactly how they should be. The best in-jokes are two jokes at once. An average person sees a silly, cross-eyed mare. A brony sees Derpy.
  14. My God, as if I needed more reasons to despise the originals.
  15. >Select several American teenagers, at random, >Ask their opinions, >Find them to be bigoted and narrow-minded, >Fail to feel surprised,
  16. Best pony discussions? Me? I would never! *Looks at list for Allegrezza fanart for the week's roundup.* I have 7 fanarts and two fan musics I could post. I could end this argument with brute force alone!
  17. I'll ignore fanon ponies, because my answer for favourite ones of those is more predictable than Toro's answer for fave mundane mane six pairing. But yeah, favourite canon ponies are probably Rarity > Pinkie > Twilight > Fluttershy > Rainbow Dash > AppleJack.
  18. "Command, permission to deploy Package Juliet-Juliet against unmarked enemy fleet." "Confirmed, they're part of the enemy war machine. Light 'em up." "Acknowledged, delivering package." And to mix things up a bit...it will be relevant to me in about a month, anyway:
  19. Hehe, we had a small war. Seems to happen everywhere, we're now at the stage where it gets folded into light banter, and is generally accepted. Good times... Anyway, back to our little bout, good Sir: Shit, friendly fire...Friendly fire! Muuuuch better.
  20. Oh, you wanna bring the war here? I'll bring the war here...
  21. It's fun! You wouldn't understand, you didn't get voted Most Popular Shipping Fic. xD
  22. I recommend you use Google Docs, mate. Only Word itself is more well-equipped, but it's cloud-based design is amazingly useful for writing.
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