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  1. Did this music creep anyone else out as a kid?

    1. Forte-the-Bell-Tolls


      Not really, but considering how bad I was at platformers back then, I would get nervous for a completely different reason.

    2. JosepMelloZSM


      A bit, is too.... Jaws like?

      Something that creeped the hell out of me is that in the second time you are in the Title Screen, Mario just looks at you so suddenly, is so creepy.

    3. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Eh, not really. Admittedly things that weren't meant to be straight up horror rarely ever phased me all that much.

      Though I do remember the music from Bowser's Castle scaring my youngest sister.

    4. Kiah


      No I wasn't creeped out by it. I think I was too intrigued and fascinated by seeing the characters including enemies were talking and interacting with one another and being on the same screen as opposed to listening to the music :)

  2. Doin' another poll for bosses I should paint, this time Bloodborne:

  3. I haven't really followed SAGE, are we expecting Sonic Utopia to get a download today?

    1. Tracker_TD
    2. Joy


      It's "Coming Shortly" so it will definitely be within the next day or so but tonight is definitely possible.

  4. Turns out the fella behind Sonic Utopia also made this classic:


  5. Don't wanna jump to conclusions before I try it, but dang it's lookin' good. Sonic's movement looks a bit more restrained and in line with the classics, whereas GHP2 could feel a bit too twitchy. Based on the video alone there seems to be very little awkwardness when it comes to lining Sonic up with slopes and enemies and whatnot. The visuals look great too, I love that Sonic seems sorta based on his CD design. The colors are super vibrant and clean, which reminds me a bit of Lost World, but the wider open spaces with more scope make it look a lot more appealing. Along with the great remix in the video, it kinda invoked nostalgia of what I would have imagined a more "true" 3D Sonic game would look like back before Adventure came out. Can't wait to give it a go.
  6. Good lord, Sonic Utopia looks tight

    1. Joy


      I can see why SAGE where keeping this as a surprise. If it holds up it could be the new favourite for this year.

  7. Whether or not there's motion controls, I'm really happy the Switch controller can split apart like Wiimote + Nunchuk.  I always thought that controller setup was comfy since you could rest your arms wherever, and if motion controls are lessened then you won't need to worry about where you point them.

    1. Dejimon11


      Especially if you're playing them while you're in a plane

  8. EY FOLKS i'm doing a buncha Dark Souls paintings and today I'm gonna start one for DS2, I made a poll of the bosses and I'm gonna paint the winner.  Vote if ya feel like it! 

  9. "This Friday, experience Ouija, the movie that ranks alongside The Conjuring as one of the most terrifying movies in years."

    good lord we have low standards for horror

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      they must be using me as the guy who decides how scary something is

      I mean I saw the girl with the white eyes and large mouth and it freaked me out lel

  10. tumblr_ofdhegy0x51sccgsyo1_1280.jpg

    Doing some Dark Souls paintings.

  11. The name Switch definitely makes sense for the system, though after talking about it a lot with a friend, it's kinda strange saying it in conversation.  "Dude, are you ready for the Switch?"  "Wait, what's changing?"

    1. Shin Briraka

      Shin Briraka

      Nintendo Sex Change Operation

    2. Speederino: Ace Attorney

      Speederino: Ace Attorney

      Still easier to get used to than "Wii"

    3. Shin Briraka


    -Motion controls were not focused on at all yay

    -Tablet seems to just be for portability and not Wii U style double screen gameplay

    -3rd party support (From Software, portable Dark Souls please)

    -controller seems pretty alright, plus the split apart nunchuk-style formation looks good too.

    -Pro controller looks great.

    -New Mario lookin goooood


    -Sideways split apart controller looks uncomfortably awkward

    -Can't tell if the full, square controller formation would be comfortable either

    -Not sure if Mario Kart and Splatoon are sequels or enhanced ports


    -....that did not suck!  It was, in fact, cool!  I am the happy!

    1. JezMM


      Mario Kart looks certain to be an enhanced port (or they are reusing graphical assets from MK8 for development purposes), but Splatoon really looks like a new entry - new character models, new camera angles, new map, (I assume, not familiar enough) new weapons.  Looks pretty sequel-ish.

    2. Gregzilla


      I'd much rather have a new Mario Kart, but maybe one will come later.  And honestly I kinda wanted more MK8 DLC anyway, if we get a bunch of new tracks added to it I'll be satisfied, wouldn't be crazy about buying the game again though.  Curious to see exactly what it is.

      If this is a new Splatoon game then maybe I'll get it this time around, I wasn't too hot on the first one but I'd be down to give a new one a chance since people really get into it.

    3. JezMM


      I do think MK8 is such a solid entry in the series that I have no issue with them continuing to build upon it, but I would VERY much like either an ability to transfer our save files from the Wii U one or making all the new content available as DLC for the original too.  Whether they do one or the other, I just don't really want to have to open up a character or track selection screen filled with question marks again when I next turn on Mario Kart 8 to access the new content.

  13. How do I pass time till the NX reveal? ...

    well now i'm watching a bunch of these and i don't know how i got here but it's a nostalgia trip

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      That's half a Wii


      Is twice 64

      A new Gamecube

      Is what we wanted

      But what we got

      Was PS4 divided

      That's a rather horrid move but we bought it anyways  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Gregzilla


      that was legit clever 

    3. Spoopy Flare

      Spoopy Flare

      Now you gave me nostalgia

  14. it's not tomorrow yet guys, there's still time for the NX to be fake, DON'T BELIEVE THE MARIO

    1. Ferno


      im believing him

      oh so hard

    2. Celestia


      Mario hacked Nintendo's account just to troll us.

    3. Gregzilla


      does this look like a face you can trust


    4. Dejimon11


      When has Mario ever lied to me? 

    5. Ferno


      that is the face of someone who no longer fears death, that sheer level of confidence. i would follow him into oblivion

    6. Celestia


      Honestly I wouldn't even trust the face in that image they used.


    7. Ferno


      "...y'all gon die"