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  1. I'm still super stoked that Mania has a Saturn-esque aesthetic.  Saturn/PS1-style sprite work is ridiculously nostalgic and charming to me and I'd love to see more games with that look.

    1. Briraka


      Sonic's animations in Mania are so fucking smooth.

      I love it.

    2. VEDJ-F


      Bet some reviewers will whine about it though. 


      Not that I'm saying they're right at all, just that I can easily see some having that attitude. 

    3. Dejimon11


      Yeah I think 2D PS1/Saturn games aesthetically really do hold up well. It's why I love Mega Man 8's visuals

    4. Tracker_TD


      As a Saturn-fanboy, I'm so damn happy the devs are embracing the Saturn, even if SEGA's marketing dept seem far less receptive to the idea. Little touches like the polygonal Special Stage ring a la SotN's coffin go a long way too.

    5. Wraith


      I love it but I'm still hoping to see classic SOnic with handdrawn sprites. That would be the ultimate wow moment for me

  2. tumblr_inline_oe2swdBnkx1s60pw4_540.jpg

    crossed arms watch out

    1. Briraka


      Beware of Sassy Faries

  3. Finished watching the old Berserk anime yesterday.  Overall real good, though I think most of it is like an 8/10 while the first ep and the last few were like 10/10, I want more of the hellish nightmare shit.  Shame it ended right when that stuff was getting going.

  4. Professor Layton and the Disappearing Forum was pretty meh

    1. dwibs93


      That plot twist where it turned out Luke was the reason why SSMB went down made no sense.

      How did he even know how to work a website? HE'S EIGHT.

  5. this is stuck in my head and i don't know why


  6. Mania's got more retro zones than new ones eh?  Bit of a bummer, but hopefully the game is big enough for the new zones to still take up a sizable chunk of the experience.

    But in terms of celebrating Sonic's history for the anniversary, A: we got that in Gens only 5 years ago, and B: I've played the Classic games a million billion times and I'm getting sick of these zones.  Here's hoping the changes are substantial and interesting.

  7. I actually don't mind the idea of a console/mobile hybrid inherently.  Taking the screen on the go could be a good time.  What I'm concerned about with the NX, and what I didn't like about the Wii U, is games using both the handheld and the TV screen.  I don't like looking up and down at different screens when I'm on the couch playing a game, and unlike the DS, the screens aren't right next to each other in your field of vision, so it's not as instantly readable.  It doesn't RUIN games, but I can think of very few examples of single player Wii U games where I was happy to have a second screen in my lap instead of something on the main screen.

    1. Azoo


      If the hybrid rumors are true, it implies that the screen is attached to a dock while the sides of it become a single controller, so none of that "dual screen" stuff would happen I'm sure.

      In which case, I'd be very thankful. Whether this NX thing is a hybrid or simply a separate console and handheld that play the same games / have the same OS, I'm really digging either thought.

    2. Gregzilla


      Do the rumors make it seem like games could just require the player to leave the screen attached to the controller for dual screen gameplay though?

    3. Azoo


      Nah. It seems to be where you play with one screen (the TV) in home mode, and play with one screen (the NX itself) in handheld mode.

      Personally I'm VERY relieved that it will most likely not be coming back, lol. Aonuma mentioned in BoTW how they didn't implement that kinda stuff in the game because of thinking ahead of Wii U, and Miyamoto apparently acknowledged how Star Fox Zero was recieved because of it.

    4. Gregzilla


      Well if that's the case then I'd be very relieved too.  I think it's better to encourage better on-screen UI design than relegate stuff like maps and random features to a second screen.  I hope the NX focuses on using its controller in more non-intrusive ways than the Wii U did.

  8. "knock knock"

    "who's there"

    "not the NX"

    "why tho"

    1. Shikushi



    2. Lime/Key/King/Spica
  9. The Magic School Bus Explores the Human Butt

    1. ShroomZ


      The permission slips for that trip would be great 

    2. Failinhearts


      Lemme guess...

      It's Arnold's.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      The most hands-on prostate exam of all time.

    4. Sean


      "Oh, so we're going to Uranus?"


  10.  I'm messing around with Toon Boom, come on by if ya feel

  11. i want this in Mania

    1. BenderTheBatman


      Could pass as the credits theme.

    2. Azoo


      SymphonicGames is a hell of a rad musician. Love that guy, he did some work for worldrunner back when that was a thing


  12. I really do hope the throwback levels in Mania get creative.  Aside from the new boss bit, Green Hill basically just looks exactly like it did in Sonic 1.  Studiopolis looks amazing and that makes me super hyped for new levels, but I'm still worried the retro levels will hold the game back from feeling like a true sequel.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I have that concern as well. A little surprised they didn't do much to make GHZ look visually different - it's apparent that they did freshen up the spritework a fair amount, but it takes far too much inspection to really notice it. As far as level design goes, I think it was a clever choice to start you off in the GHZ you know and love, but then introduce new paths halfway through the first act. I can only imagine how fun Act 2 will be as the original Act 1 and Act 2 were used already. 

      I recall Taxman saying that GHZ is the 'lightest' of the level remixes, so I expect any following level remixes to up the ante significantly. Still hoping that &Knuckles is represented by a Death Egg 2 of sorts, tbh.

      Also, I hope it's 1 remix level per 2 original levels; so I'd predict one remix per classic game (4-5). A 12-15 Zone S3K experience would be nothing but a good thing. 

      (5 if counting Sonic CD and if Sonic 3&K are separate; 4 if counting CD and 3&K are together or if not counting CD but 3&K are separate, etc etc)

      please read my wall of text Gregzy, i love you

    2. Gregzilla


      I'd also like to know how many levels there are in general.  If there's enough new levels to fill up an actual Classic game on their own, then the throwback levels won't bother me as much.  If that's not the case then I'll be bummed.  Looking at the old games, I'd hope for six brand new zones MINIMUM so as to still feel new, if not more so that it's closer to the level of 3&K.

      As for the returning zones themselves, my biggest wishes are 1: make them look more visually new and upgraded from the originals, and 2: please don't use the levels from Generations again.  Let's get some Quartz Quadrant and Ice Cap up in here.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Quartz Quadrant is delicious. Though I'd actually wanna see a remade Hydrocity Zone over Ice Cap Zone, but I'm not terribly picky at this point. Any Sonic 3 level that isn't Angel Island will do me nicely.

    4. BenderTheBatman


      Regarding the re-imagined stages. A long as act1 is like Mania's GH; starts off will original design and then branches into new routes and in act2 goes full-fucking crazy with completely new design and maybe even a change background to show progression/transition like in 3&K, then we could have something special.

      I'm still amazing they've been allowed to remake a stage from Sonic 3. If they can do this, surely Sonic 3 Remastered is more likely.

      *As long as

      *still amazed

    5. Tracker_TD


      Yeah, Tax said GHZ is the "tamest" but eh.

      Saying that; Act 1 of GHZ basically combines Acts 1 and 2 into one level, plus the new underground bit, which means Act 2's either going to base Act 3 or be completely original.

      Also regarding an S3 stage... they could just use a stage that MJ didn't compose the music for :v 

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      There's an above ground bit in Act 1, too.

    7. Tracker_TD


      Oh aye, true

    8. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Now, I wonder if there'll be a "story" act similar to Sky Chase or Hidden Palace.

      S3K boasts 14 Zones, but one of those is a short boss level akin to the third act levels in Sonic CD (but with cutscenes) and of course, Doomsday Zone being a mini game boss of sorts. 

      Maybe Mania will incorporate a couple of those, too.

  13. Just saw Blair Witch.  Shitty jumpscares in the woods.  Save yer cash.

    1. Stasis


      Glad you agree. I've never been that fucking bored since Paranormal Activity 2

    2. Gregzilla


      The whole movie felt like Paranormal Activity, which I hate.  Tons of non-diegetic jumpscare sounds despite allegedly being found footage, plus I swear they did the fake out "jumpscare but it's actually just your friend jumping in front of the camera" like ten times.  Absolute garbage.

      Doesn't help that we got an actual GOOD movie about a witch in the woods earlier this year, The Witch, which is the polar opposite of shit like this and is probably my favorite horror movie at the moment.

    3. Briraka
    4. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      @Briraka Don't distract me from the kitty. HAI KITTY!

    5. Gabe


      Common consensus from reviewers seemed to say it was a mediocre rehash of the original film as it is.

      It's apparently better than that reportedly horrendous Book of Shadows sequel that was made years ago, but that's not saying much.

    6. Stasis


      Too many scenes are as you say basic jump scares where someone turns to the camera or moves in front of the camera, but the worst part of the movie is when things start to happen. The volume cranks up to 11, the screaming, banging, wailing, whatever sound effects they on file they have all play at the same time and I was like "what the actual fuck is going on?" And yes, it is a rehash of the original.

    7. Gregzilla


      I haven't seen Book of Shadows but I hear it's very stupid.  I'd take stupid over this shit.  This was just a worse, audience insulting version of the first movie.  It has no reason to exist.

      When the movie got louder and noisier I actually felt kinda relieved since they couldn't pull the loud jumpscare noise schtick while it was going on.

  14. After playing Abzu and finding it pretty good, I went back and replayed Journey.  I was worried I wouldn't like it as much as I used to, since I'm becoming more cynical of games with minimal gameplay, but I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it just as much as I did before, if not more so.  I do think it's a lot better than Abzu actually, it explores much more interesting ideas through minimal gameplay, where Abzu is more just a pretty sightseeing tour.