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  1. Tbh another reason I'm annoyed with the wait for Sonic news is because it's gonna be that much more of an "ugh" moment if the game doesn't look good

    1. azoo


      this too. I'm ready to get it out of the way, so we can finally have an idea on what it is. no more waiting, if it looks bad then it looks bad and if it looks good then it looks good and that's that. we can see it, we can accept it, and we can stop worrying about it. why it has to be continuously prolonged for no reason is beyond me

    2. Forte-Metallix


      That's why I've trained myself to have no expectations. It helps cushion the blow when another disaster is announced.

    3. Tracker_TD


      There's nothing to suggest it's been prolonged for "no reason;" could well be that's just when it'll be ready for, whilst in the proximity of an event. That and it does make some sense to hold it for a Sonic event. 

    4. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Oof, good point.

    5. azoo


      but it makes no sense for it to be held off from sonic's birthday. not only that, but one extra month hidden isn't going to make some big substantial difference on how it looks when it's presented, so why wait that long?

      the other thing to tie to this is how much it's been hyped and how much it's been dragged on. by this point we'd been dragged along for over half the year, and that's not even counting the two years of discomfort fans already felt from Boom's presence. how else are fans supposed to feel?

    6. Speeps


      I wish I could train myself to have no expectations.

      I'm not gonna have any tears left to cry anymore if I hear Sonic make a hygiene joke in the reveal.

    7. Dejimon11


      After Sonic Boom I've learned never to get excited for a Sonic game ever again. 

    8. Tracker_TD


      SEGA Japan effed up a birthday reveal by scheduling two titles for that day; whilst Sonic's going to get his spotlight, anniversary and all, a Sonic game announcement would drown out release promo for DIVA FT and Mario and Sonic, small as those titles may seem to you. 

      Essentially, blame SEGA Japan here; though I still think there's a chance we'll get a small teaser of some kind on the 23rd

    9. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Deji that is far too pessimistic, Boom's a side thingy anyways

    10. azoo


      on TOP of that we're being pushed to be excited and amped for the announcement, whenever everyone already feels so much discomfort and annoyance with the way the series has been handled that the intent to "wait for this totally cool party where we announce this SUPER GREAT new sonic game" doesn't feel exciting, it feels grating.

    11. Dejimon11


      @Gambling Idol Luka Ok fine Sonic Colors disappointed me when I first played it. I was so excited for it since people told me it was the best sonic game to date and then when I played it I was like....that's it? I love it now but it took a while it to grow on me. 

    12. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I don't like Colors much either hehe

      I've been excited for all of them. For whatever reason, Heroes and Colors are the only ones that disappointed me. :V

    13. azoo


      there's nothing to be that excited about this whole ordeal, besides the prospect of getting it out of the way (unless it actually looks good).

      i'm impatient cuz we've been in an uncomfortable spot, dragged on a chain for months (only to be blue balled multiple times over and then poked at for it), and then talked to and confronted as if there's nothing fans should be worried about when we're on a decade plus long long track record of knowing otherwise

      it's exhausting and boring.

    14. Tracker_TD


      Given Aaron's outright acknowledged multiple times that most fans aren't enthused with Boom, I don't think he'd hype it up to the degree he has if he didn't have the utmost confidence in it. Perhaps wishful thinking, but SEGA seem far more aware of their screw-ups; and given their re-commitment to quality, I've got faith that'll stand for their biggest series. 

    15. Ferno


      I was excited from the first lost world trailer because the environments looked so trippy that I thought they finally "cracked" the 3d momentum platforming thing and that to do it the trippy layouts were needed.

      then i was wrong once more trailers and gameplay footage came out.

      So now im gonna be on the fence even when a trailer that looks good comes out for the next game.

    16. azoo


      i have no reason to believe it til i see it. sega's claimed they understood their failures with sonic hundreds of times and either miserably failed to, or got it right with a significant misunderstanding somewhere down the line.

    17. Gregzilla


      Right now I think the things Sega's been saying, like being sorry for disappointing fans and wanting to bring the series back to a respectable quality, are very nice things to hear, and it makes me wish for the best.

      That said, this current situation is basically just a last chance in my eyes.  That's a great attitude to have, and I hope it amounts to great games, but if they fuck it up, that's pretty much it.

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