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  1. Finished Gurren Lagann.  Still think the first half was stupid to the point of obnoxiousness, but by the second half I was into it.  It got a lot more interesting and gave me way more reason to give a shit, which made the crazy moments more special.  Won't go down as one of my FAVORITE shows, but it was at least interesting, and I can respect that.

    and playing the theme song during the final battle is a quick way to my heart

    1. Wolfy


      I always think of TTGL as a show that's growing exponentially as it goes on and while the first half is kinda slow and stuffs, I can get how it needs to be there for the second half to feel that much more grand and for you to have a personal connection to how the world is at that point.

      I tend to enjoy watching it like from the moment Simon gets over his grieving onward though

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

      I thought some parts in the first part were a little annoying, what with the "lolbewbies" moments and some of the obnoxiousness of some of the characters (As likeable as he is, I actually got a little tired of Kamina's speeches after a while) but it made up with fun fight scenes and art style/animation.  I can appreciate that at certain moments you could tell the show was maturing, even if it was slightly.

      I'm in the same boat with those who preferred the second half, as it was much more grandiose, had much higher stakes, all leading up to quite possibly one of the craziest final battles

      Yeah, it's not a perfect show, but If it's crazy action and animation, then it's a pretty fun ride. 

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Don't ever watch Kill La Kill, it's nothing but the first half :U

      I think the hype for this show is actually it's biggest undoing, tbh. Because of the "Best Anime of All Time" title it's so often associated with, it sort of sets up pretty large and wildly different expectations for the first half of the show than when it first started out, or was intended to have.

      Like Tracer said, it grows as it goes along, and changes from one thing with relatively cool stuff, to another thing with insanely cool stuff. I, personally, came into it with nothing but avatars driving me to watch it, so I followed the series along as it went with little to go on. And rather than being underwhelmed at the start but satisfied at the end, as I'm sure I would've if I had read the general public opinion on it, I started out mildly entertained with the "popcorn anime" bits and always looking forward to any action it contained, and went to utterly immersed in the world and its characters as it and they grew, and psyched for what was to come. That wouldn't have been possible if the first half didn't exist, and yet also wouldn't have if I had caught onto the hype it had going for it.

      Because of the fact that you have to actually settle into the first season for the following development to have the same weight, I really think this series could do with a lot less "OMG THIS IS THE BEST ANIME EVER YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT IT'S CRAZY GOOD", and a lot more...

      "Dude, you need to see this

      It's a wild ride but


      You gotta see it for yourself to really get it"

      Sorta like Undertale or the like. You can't just sum it up with "It's the saddest game I've ever played :'(" and expect people to have the same reaction as you; The sadness comes from the investment, and the investment hinges on expectations you go in with. You should just say it's a ride you need to experience for yourself and leave it at that.

      ... Dunno if it would've effected your watching of it or not, of course, but this is my big gripe I have with the popularity behind it, is all. :S

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