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  1. The Switch Pro Controller feels REALLY good, I was getting used to the Joycons but now I imagine I'll be using the Pro whenever I can.  Definitely recommend it if you plan to play the Switch in console mode a lot.

    1. BlueTidalGamer


      I'll get one when it doesn't cost a fortune to buy it. It is a really good controller from my experience, but so many games are coming up so it'll have to wait. 

    2. Speederino


      As soon as scalpers stop snatching them up, I'll get one for sure. The Wii U Pro Controller was one of my favorite controllers ever and this looks like it fixes my only complaint with it (the placement of the right joystick).

    3. Nix



      I don't know what the Pro Controller feels like, but I don't think anything can beat this.

    4. Solly


      It's easily one of my favorite controllers, despite the digital triggers. 

      @BlueTidalGamer I don't know when it's gonna come down in price, considering it has all the expensive technology the joycons do. 

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