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  1. Still hyped for Mania but gotta be honest, I think I'm done with 3D Sonic.  I've had enough Boost gameplay, and it doesn't seem like anything better is coming any time soon.  Unless Forces somehow completely surprises in the end, I think I'm officially jumping the Sonic ship.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I kinda have the same opinion. I'm tired of Sonic Team only making their main 3D Sonic games where you play as different versions of Sonic and nobody else... IMO it's worse then just pure solo Sonic.

    2. Gregzilla


      I'm alright with Sonic-only games, but goddamn, they cannot just make a polished game.  It's always gotta be something.  Wisps, 2D and 3D, parkour, Werehog, etc.  They keep supplementing Boost gameplay with other shit because the Boost gameplay is too shallow on its own, but they stick with Boost gameplay because, if Lost World is an indicator, Boost is pretty much the best they can do.

      I don't wanna get worked up over a freakin' blue hedgehog anymore lol, just gonna enjoy Mania and bow out.

    3. Soniman


      gens was six years ago

    4. Gregzilla


      I just don't see any potential in the Boost gameplay style :/ Gens was pretty much the peak I think.  The way Sonic controls doesn't lend itself to much other than hallway level design.

    5. TCB


      See ya


      Join the Kirby Train choo choo

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